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Car'das smugglers
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Jorj Car'das

Notable members
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Around 20 BBY

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Founded by talented young smuggler Jorj Car'das, the Car'das smugglers, often referred to as simply Car'das, was a band of criminals whose power was compared to that of Black Sun cells. They controlled many smuggling operations in the galaxy and also engaged in small-scale piracy and other criminal activities. Though not usually considered to be violent criminals, its hardened members weren't afraid to shoot their way out of a hard situation. But the greed and ambition of Jorj Car'das ofter found its way down to individual members, and many of the Car'das members simply left the organization to make fortune for themselves.



Before the Clone Wars Jorj Car'das was in control of a smuggling ring, that gained some notoriety in the Outer Rim. Shortly before the end of the war he disappeared for several months and returned a changed man, seeming to have precognitive abilities. Using his new insights and intuition, he began to expand his criminal empire throughout the Outer Rim and beyond. At some point he consumed the organization of Booster Terrik, who was sent to Kessel.

Car'das was one of the major smuggling syndicates in the galaxy. Its members had access to private shadowspaceports, where they could lay down and make repairs until the attention of the authorities shifted to another target. Car'das smugglers usually received the best cargoes with high profitability, as well as the access to numerous resources that made smuggling easier. Other criminal organizations, like the Black Sun and Hutt clans, disliked Car'das' ability to move on their turf and tried to harm the organization.

Car'das were strongly present on Tansarii Point Station where they served as law enforcers. With the help of a star-hopper, they managed to defeat Black Sun in the Battle of Tansarii Point Station.

When Jorj Car'das disappeared again around 0 BBY, the organization was taken over by Talon Karrde.


The Car'das were organized into smaller cells that operated in particular sector and regions throughout the galaxy. Though each cell was operating semi-independently, they still reported to the central organization, led by Car'das himself. The cells consisted of individual ships and their crews, each ship having its own captain and hierarchy. Since the majority of Car'das operations involved smuggling, most of its members were high-skilled mechanics and pilots, although slicers, hired blasters and other criminals were also a common sight in the organization.

The Car'das were more concerned with turning a profit rather than engaging in a violent criminal activity. Its members were required to be as intelligent as they were bold, for Jorj Car'das had little tolerance for non-intelligent actions of fools, who very quickly got kicked off the organization.




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