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A map of the Capital Wasteland.

The Capital Wasteland is the general name given to the ruins of Washington, D.C. and the region immediately surrounding it. It stretches from Raven Rock in the northwest to Rivet City in the southeast, with the Potomac River dividing the Wasteland roughly in two.

Before the Great War, this area was part of the Columbia Commonwealth and contained the District of Columbia as well as the major cities of Arlington, Annandale, Bethesda, Springvale, Germantown, and Olney. During the events of 2077, the city of Washington, D.C. was hit by a bombardment of nuclear bombs that completely destroyed the White House, ruined the city, and irradiated the surrounding area.

Some missiles in this bombardment also targeted nearby Fort Bannister. Not only did the fort suffer a direct hit, the bombs also decimated the surrounding countryside, an area that as of 2277 is a lifeless and barren desert on the western edge of the Capital Wasteland that contains large pockets of radiation.

The nuclear holocaust turned Bethesda into a Raider-infested ruin, Olney became Old Olney, an area overrun by Deathclaws, and Annandale has become Andale, a town of inbred cannibals. Arlington is nothing more than Mama Dolce's and the national cemetery, Springvale is a bombed-out, deserted town, and Germantown is now a home for Super Mutants.

Many historic landmarks of the former United States of America such as the Capitol Building, the Museum of Technology, the Museum of American History, and the National Mall are now Super Mutant infested ruins or, like the White House, just radioactive craters. However, new towns such as Megaton, Rivet City, Tenpenny Tower, Underworld, and Little Lamplight, as well as smaller settlements: the Republic of Dave, Oasis, Big Town, Arefu, Andale, the Temple of the Union, Canterbury Commons, and Girdershade, have since risen out of the ashes of war.

The most influential factions of the region include the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, with their base camp located in the Citadel, built into and beneath the ruins of the Pentagon, the Enclave, who secluded themselves in Raven Rock, Super Mutants, emerging from Vault 87, slavers, operating from Paradise Falls, Brotherhood Outcasts of Fort Independence, the Talon Company mercenaries, controlling the Fort Bannister remains, and raiders, who have numerous small camps in the area, the largest being Evergreen Mills.


The Capital Wasteland appears only in Fallout 3.

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