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Canyon City

map marker: Canyon City
leaders: Calculator
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Canyon City was a town near the Kansas-Colorado border, where the Calculator set up a robot repair station around 2198. It is in this station that damaged robots were mended and parts of destroyed robots were rebuilt and combined to form a whole.

When the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel discovered it, they decided that this repair plant must be permanently shut down. This station was too huge to destroy. It would take too much time and resources to reduce this station to rubble, so the Brotherhood disabled it instead, by destroying the power nodes. Canyon City terminals also contained some exclusive information about the Calculator and Vault 0. It was the warrior who successfully destroyed the power nodes and discovered the truth of what the Calculator is.

Mission walkthrough

Canyon City
chapter: 5
location: Canyon City
given by: General Dekker
main objectives: Destroy the power nodes
optional objectives: Find all the terminals
previous: Newton
next: Buena Vista

To simplify this mission, you should bring at least six remote detonation charges and a detonator. They can be found in the mission area and it can be done without them, but they do simplify the process.

From where you start, you should see an enclosed area with the first node. You can break it if you want, but it will repair itself unless you destroy all of the nodes simultaneously, so just leave a detonation charge at each node and detonate them all simultaneously by giving them all the same frequency.

To the west there is a large structure, and the path between the two areas is heavily guarded. You can get around these guards by going underground (there are many entrances to the tunnel around the map). The exit near the entrance to the main building has a few mines and a switch that will deactivate the turrets. Feel free to kill the turrets after you deactivate them, they each have 100+ explosive rockets to play with. All of the terminals for the optional objective are in this large structure, as well as two of the nodes. The tunnels stretch around the map and are an alternative to moving on the surface. There is a tank track robot that roams the main tunnel, but there are no other defenders underground.

The node in the southeast part of the map is also defended by turrets which can be deactivated by a switch on the outside of the southeast corner of the building.

The other nodes are straightforward, and there are no surprises or special loot on this map.

Appearances in games

Canyon City appears only in Fallout Tactics.


The only real-world Canyon City is in Oregon. The town we see in Fallout Tactics may in fact be a renamed Cañon City, given its location on the map (very) roughly corresponding with the real-world Cañon City.

Fallout Tactics missions

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