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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

The Circle of Sages giving the canoe to the Light Warriors.

The canoe (カヌー Kanū) is a recurring transport in the Final Fantasy series. It allows the party to travel across shallow waters.



Final Fantasy

The Circle of Sages gives it to the Light Warriors in order for them to cross a river and land at Mount Gulg.

Final Fantasy II

After the party presents Scott's ring to Princess Hilda, Minwu joins the party, bringing a canoe with him.

Final Fantasy III

The canoe is obtained in Castle Sasune after the party talks with the King. It can only travel over shallow water. The canoe is used to cross the small river blocking access to the Sealed Cave on the northern side of the continent. You also use it to cross the rivers around Amur to reach Goldor Manor. Later, when the party gets the Airship, the canoe becomes a mostly obsolete item.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Kytes finds a fold-up canoe in the Galbana. Using this canoe, the party can travel over shallow water on the world map.

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From Lostpedia

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One on Hydra beach, two docked at the main Island

The outrigger canoes are wooden dugouts with wooden outriggers that are used in the waters around Island. They are large enough to comfortably hold at least six people and contain enough oars for that many.

First seen in "Not in Portland", one of the canoes was used by Kate, Sawyer, and Karl to escape Hydra Island.

Karl rushes to the beach camp to warn the survivors. ("Greatest Hits")

Alex told Kate and Sawyer she had a boat to help them escape Hydra Island, but she would only let them use it if they rescued her boyfriend, Karl, first. After they rescue Karl and return to the beach, they were accosted by Pickett, who was shot by Juliet. Juliet then said she would let Kate, Sawyer and Karl go, but that Alex must stay behind, claiming they both know her father would never let Karl live unless she stayed on the second island. Alex said goodbye to Karl before the three left for the main island. ("Not in Portland")

Karl later utilized the outrigger to travel to the survivors' beach camp to warn them Ben was planning to attack them earlier than expected. Charlie and Desmond also took the craft for their mission to the Looking Glass station. ("Greatest Hits")

Charlie jumps from the outrigger to the Looking Glass. ("Greatest Hits")

The outrigger was used by Desmond to return to the beach to inform the group of Charlie's fate and his message. ("The Beginning of the End")

Bernard and Jin went fishing in the outrigger and discussed married life. ("Ji Yeon")

Three canoes were later found by survivors on the Hydra Island beach after Flight 316 crashed there. Frank Lapidus and Sun left in one of them during the first night. ("Namaste")

Locke and Ben dock the outrigger they were using, next to Frank and Sun's outrigger, on the main Island. ("Dead Is Dead")

Locke and Ben took the second of the three canoes to travel to the main Island, where they docked it in front of the first one, before meeting up with Sun and Frank at the Barracks. Frank left the Barracks some time later, presumably using one of the two docked canoes. ("Dead Is Dead")

After subduing Frank, Ilana's group paddled a canoe to the main Island, bringing with them Frank again and a giant metal crate from the cargo of the plane. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

Survivors inspect the canoes. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")

A pair of outriggers were found at the abandoned beach camp on the main Island by the timeshifted Sawyer, Locke, Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, and Juliet. Inside one of the canoes, Sawyer found a water bottle with an Ajira Airways label on it. When they realised the Zodiac was missing, the party took one of the canoes to travel to the Orchid; soon thereafter, paddlers in the other canoe pursued them and shot at them. They skip through time again before the other boat can catch up. ("The Little Prince")

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A player creates a canoe.

A Canoe is a boat that can be made by members to allow faster transportation on the River Lum. You need to use the woodcutting skill to make them. Hari can teach you about canoes.

How to make canoes

To make a canoe you need a hatchet. Then, find a canoe tree. These trees can be found at canoe stations, and appear larger and leafless compared to regular trees. These stations are located in the following places.

  • Lumbridge: On the east side of the river a bit south of the house where Goblins respawn. Barfy Bill is at this canoe station.
  • Champions' Guild: On the east side of the river west of the wheat field. Tarquin is at this canoe station.
  • Barbarian Village: South of the eastern bridge on the east side of the river. Sigurd is at this canoe station.
  • Edgeville: On the east side of the river near the guard post and the grand exchange shortcut. Hari is at this canoe station.
  • Level 35 Wilderness: At the lake south of the Moss Giants. Players cannot return by canoe from this station, as there is no canoe tree. You cannot teleport from here, due to its depth in the wilderness.

When the player has found a canoe tree at one of these stations they must cut the tree down. The player has to click on the fallen tree and select what type of canoe they want to make. When they've made the canoe they want, they can click on the canoe to push it in the river. When in the river, the player can click on the canoe and select where they want to go. You can not take a canoe if you have a familiar.

Canoes can only go to a certain number of stations away, before sinking (Note that this only happens when players exit a canoe, and not while they're sitting in it). Higher level canoes can go farther than lower level canoes. It's recommended that players make the highest canoe they can make, as this helps train Woodcutting. A uncommon but efficient way of training woodcutting is by making waka's and traveling back and forth. (For maximum XP profit, use an Inferno Adze or Dragon Hatchet

Canoe types

Canoe Level Experience Notes
Log 12 30 Can travel to one station away from where the player made it. Cannot enter the wilderness.
Dugout 27 60 Can travel up to two stations away from where the player made it. Cannot enter the wilderness.
Stable dugout 42 90 Can travel up to three stations away from where the player made it. Cannot enter the wilderness.
Waka 57 150 Can travel to any station
A player paddles in a "Waka" canoe.
Wikipedia has an article about:


  • The "Waka" canoe is the only canoe that can travel into the wilderness. This makes it very useful for accessing certain Treasure Trail locations.
  • Previously, an animation as seen on the picture to the right was used, but it has since been removed. When going to most locations you'd seen grassy shores with bullrushes, while going to the Wilderness pond you'd see the canoe paddle in a cave.
  • When you have travelled to a station, 'A Sinking Canoe' appears and if you examine it, it will say, "Glug, glug ,glug".
  • Waka means Canoe in Māori.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A boat on Drexel II

While many in the galaxy required the need to travel between the stars, those constantly living in one place on their home planets required less sophisticated varieties of transport. For use across the water masses, many cultures on various worlds employed simple boats - primitive wooden handmade watercraft.


The boats of Somov Rit varied in size, but seemed to follow similar, simple designs. The people of Somov Rit used longpoles to push the boats through the marshy waters.

The elder Governor Quarg of Drexel II exiled a number of technos on the boat to be left adrift, thinking they would perish at the sea; instead, they became the first dragon lords.

On Naboo, both Gungans and the Human colonists developed a variety of sophisticated aquatic vehicles. Nevertheless, simple fishing rigs were still used by the fishermen, such as ones in the Solleu River in Theed.

Simple wind-blown boats and canoes were also used by people of Cerea, as well as Ewoks.


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