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The town of Canaan.
The town of Canaan on the World Map.

Canaan (カナーン Kanān) is the hometown of Cid Haze in Final Fantasy III. At first, the Warriors of Light cannot reach Canaan due to a large boulder blocking the way. It is located south of Castle Sasune and near Dragon's Peak.



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After they are able to destroy the boulder blocking the path to Canaan with Cid's airship, the Warriors of Light head to the town.

There they meet Ms. Cid, who is bedridden. The Warriors of Light use an Elixir to heal her sickness, and Cid allows them to use his treasure, which they take from his basement.

After healing Ms. Cid, the Warriors of Light find Salina, a heartbroken girl who saw her relation with Desch broken. This man also holds the last Mini spell from Canaan. For this reason, they head to Dragon's Peak as to find him.

After obtaining the Wheel of Time in Castle Argus, Cid is able to turn the Enterprise into an airship, and also tells the Warriors of Light about their origin. Ten years before the current events, Cid was transporting passengers, his Airship was engulfed by darkness and crashed. Then he found the Warriors of Light and had them to be raised in the nearby towns.

Later, Cid warns the Warriors of Light via Mognet that he has found a monster in his basement, and asks them to defeat it. After killing the Aeon, they find the Orichalcum, a rare ore that they had gained knowledge of thanks to the Legendary Smith.




Item Cost Att.
Mythril Rod 400 gil 12
Mythril Knife 500 gil 14
Mythril Sword 500 gil 17
Great Bow 1,200 gil 18
Iron Arrow 8 gil 12


Item Cost Def. Additional
Mythril Armor 350 gil 10 N/A
Mythril Shield 180 gil 3 Protects against some status ailments.
Mythril Helm 130 gil 4 N/A
Mythril Gloves 120 gil 3 N/A
Mythril Bracers 120 gil 2 N/A


Item Cost Effect
Potion 50 gil Restores 50 HP.
Eye Drops 40 gil Removes Blind.
Antidote 80 gil Removes Poison.
Echo Herbs 100 gil Removes Silence.
Gold Needle 100 gil Removes Petrify.


Item Cost Type LV Effect
Cure 100 gil White 1 Restores HP.
Thunder 700 gil Black 2 Deals Lightning damage.
Poison 700 gil Black 2 Deals damage and inflicts Poison.
Blind 700 gil Black 2 Inflicts Blind.


Item Location
Elixir Grass patch on southeastern corner.
Great Bow Cid's Basement.
Blind Cid's Basement.
20x Iron Arrows Cid's Basement.
Gold Needle Cid's Basement.
Phoenix Down Cid's Basement.
Phoenix Down Cid's Basement.
Phoenix Down Cid's Basement.
Gnomish Bread Cid's Basement.
Gnomish Bread Cid's Basement.
Potion Cid's Basement.
2,000 gil Cid's Basement.
2,000 gil Cid's Basement.
Orichalcum Defeat Aeon.

Enemy Encounters

Cid's Basement



The background music that plays in Canaan is "Hometown of Ur".


Canaan is the name of the land that the Biblical Hebrews settled in, but left for Egypt during a famine. They returned there in the Exodus after forty years in the Sinai Desert. It is modern day Isreal.

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Location Template Location Template
Kingdom of Canaan

Official Name
Kingdom of Canaan
Royaume du Canan


Star System






First appearance

Deathlok Vol .2 #22



History of location is unknown.



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