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A Camper in GTA London 1969 and GTA London 1961.
A Camper in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Camper is a camper van featured Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.




The Camper is evidently designed as an large 1960s van based on the Volkswagen Type 2 T1 in all its appearances in the series. Whereas the GTA London rendition is depicted with a design proportionate to the Volkswagen Type 2's, the GTA San Andreas rendition is features a narrower body and lower ground clearance. The GTA London rendition also comes with only one color scheme (orange with a white top), whereas the GTA San Andreas rendition may be found in a variety of two-tone or three-tone color schemes.

The GTA London rendition comes with a front-mounted spare tire while the GTA San Andreas rendition sports more variety in the kinds of accessories featured. For GTA San Andreas, a variant of the Camper a with pop-top, a peace symbol on the front (where the Volkswagen logo on the actual van would be) and a bed inside is available. Open curtains may also been seen on non-pop-top Campers, while pop-top Campers feature closed curtains.

Like most vans in GTA San Andreas, it cannot be modified at any car shop.


In comparison to its predecessor, the Love Wagon, the Camper's performance in GTA London is slightly more acceptable with a moderately good top speed, slightly below average acceleration and handling, average weight. While valued as £400 in mint condition, the van cannot be exported as it is "too big".

Like the Volkswagen Type 2, the Camper in GTA San Andreas runs on a flat-4 cylinder engine. Acceleration and speed are among the worst in the game, as are handling and braking, which are also inferior with poor hill climbing capabilities but match the vehicle well due to the weak engine and bulky chassis. Also, despite its size and resemblance to a Volkswagen van, the Camper is capable of carrying only 3 people, including the driver; probably the only vehicle that can only carry two other people.


The Mothership

The Mothership is a variant of the Camper in GTA San Andreas owned by the marijuana-growing hippie The Truth. The differences between the Mothership and the other Camper vans are the psychedelic hippie paintjob and, when it is first introduced in the mission Are You Going to San Fierro?, The Truth mentions the fact that the engine block is held together from a macramé hammock and it runs on 15-year-old cooking oil. The Mothership's numberplate reads "EREHTTUO" which is simply the phrase out there flipped around (a clear double pun from the saying "The Truth is Out There").

The Mothership is notoriously difficult to obtain; other than appearing in "Are You Going to San Fierro?" and "Riot", the Mothership is not otherwise found in game. In addition, the van does not have its own index number and internal name, making the Mothership difficult to obtain using simple trainers. Garages are also notorious for not saving paintjobs, so saving it in a garage will eventually cause it to lose its paintjob. To ensure the Mothership retains its paintjob, the player must save the van in a garage which adjoining safehouse will not be used to save games; the player will have to use another safehouse instead.

Khaki brown Camper

A unique GTA San Andreas Camper with khaki brown paintwork is obtainable during mission "Jizzy". The van is made available when the player is required to rush to the bottom of a highway intersection near Foster Valley to rescue one of Jizzy B's prostitutes from two abusive clients. The van, parked close to all three individuals, can easily be taken and stored in a garage, to which point the player may either choose to complete the mission or fail it.

Unlike the Mothership, the khaki brown Camper will retain its body color as it doesn't utilize texture-based paintjobs. The combination of colors on the van may vary between each attempt in the mission, including a red-brown-black design or a brown-white design, but generally adopts brown in all its combinations.

Of interesting note is that the van's lights will remain on during the mission as long as the player doesn't store it in the garage, regardless of time and weather.


  • Sometimes, the Camper will have a black, yellow, and red paintjob, thus resembling the German flag where the Volkswagen Type 2 was made.
  • The Camper in GTA San Andreas plays the radio station K-JAH Radio West by default when entered.


In GTA London, the Camper is commonplace in street traffic, and hence is more easily available to the player to commandeer.

In GTA San Andreas, however, it is rarely encountered on streets, although it has some spawning points across San Andreas, such as the summit of Mount Chiliad or it sometimes is parked in the Gant Bridge visiting center. It can also be seen occasionally around in Hashbury, San Fierro, due to the district's "hippie" lifestyle, as well as Ganton, Los Santos. The Camper may also be imported at the Import/Export crane at Easter Basin, San Fierro.

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Gorman Vandrayk
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Arkanian (offshoot)[1]



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Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[2]


The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania (Formerly)[4]

"This guy's idea of radiation shielding is probably a good hat and a disarming smile."
Zayne Carrick

Dr. Gorman Vandrayk, better known as Camper, was an Arkanian mechanic who was for a time a companion of the fugitive Jedi Zayne Carrick. Like many of his people, Camper was a brilliant inventor and engineer. Though he was Arkanian, he was a member of a genetically engineered subset of the Arkanian race giving him five fingers and Human-like eyes. In his old age, he claimed he could not remember his real name.



Early life

Gorman Vandrayk, while in employment of Adascorp.

Early in his life, Gorman Vandrayk was a brilliant student graduating out of the Arkanian universities. Adascorp hired him immediately due to his skills dealing with technology and biology.[5] At some point he did work for the Vanjervalis Systems.[6] He helped Argaloh the sixth Lord Adasca design the Arkanian Legacy during the Great Sith War.[4]

With the discovery of the creatures that he and other Arkanian scientists called the "exogorth", Vandrayk became fascinated with the creatures. At one point, he took a team of scientists into one such creature and studied the brain of the creatures, unveiling many of its habits.[5] Despite knowing of what Lord Adasca was planning for the exogorths, he still studied them due to his fascination with the creatures.[7]

In 3,993 BBY, Camper fled from Adascorp sometime after discovering that Adascorp released diseases into the offshoot areas of Arkania in order to drive them out of their society. Ever since he ran, he hid from what he vaguely referred to as "the Company."[8]

While running, he met a friend and future constant traveling companion, Jarael. Also an offshoot, she was a teenager running from the Crucible slaving organization and called Camper Perero, an Arkanian term meaning "honored elder." This was in return for him having rescued her and she in turn swore to protect him from those who were hunting him.[9] The pair eventually settled on Taris in the Lower City's Junk Junction. Though, by this time, Camper's mind was slowly slipping away, he was still a master mechanic. Because of this, he made an excellent no-questions-asked contact for underworld types.[2]

On the run

Around 3,964 BBY, he and Jarael were caught up in the attempted arrest of Zayne Carrick and Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph. Camper and Gryph were previously acquainted through their work together to smuggle the fugitive Zovius Mendu to Corellia a few months before Gryph was captured by Zayne. Camper successfully converted an an old escape pod into a shipping container, in which Mendu was hidden. Therefore, Gryph decided to call on Camper for help in his plan to get off Taris. Initially, Camper was angry at Gryph for his nonpayment for the Mendu job and refused to help him.[2] However, when an arrest squad led by Sector Constable Noana Sowrs and Jedi Master Lucien Draay arrived, Camper was forced to make a decision. He ultimately decided to take them inside his modified starship, the Last Resort, and attempted to leave the planet. He would later take the Last Resort to rescue Zayne Carrick when he was taken by the Jedi Covenant.[10]

While on Vanquo, Camper was able to steal supplies from the Republic mining camp by broadcasting a transmission of Jarael, disguised as Q'Anilia, being "attacked" by Mandalorians. When Jarael was taken and attacked by the actual Mandalorians, Camper attempted to rescue her himself due to his promise to protect her. However, Zayne and Elbee were forced to carry him off however the Last Resort was stolen as they were boarding it.[11]

Though a sickly Arkanian man, Camper proved to be a fierce opponent against Rohlan.

Camper was able to get away from the three and take on the hijacker, Rohlan Dyre, himself. Using Jarael's shockstaff, he stunned him and threw him out of the cockpit where Zayne and Elbee subdued him. He reluctantly accepted his help in rescuing Jarael from the Mandalorians on Flashpoint Station.[12]

With Jarael rescued, the crew of the Last Resort needed money. Gryph had a legal account on the banking world of Telerath which was frozen due to the Padawan Massacre. Camper disguised himself as "Baron Hyro Margryph," a disgruntled official who wanted his account unfrozen. He promised the two Arkanians that he would give them credits to find another junkyard to hide. He and Jarael (disguised as "Chantique") claimed that the similarities in the names caused the freezing. However, Camper forgot to bring along the 30-digit code that would allow them access. Fortunately he was able to recite the code as if from memory. The ruse was a success. However, their banker was captured by the Moomo Brothers shortly afterwards.[13] The banker was none other then Arvan Carrick, Zayne's father. Camper disguised himself as Zayne (since Jarael had since refused to pretend to be a Jedi ever again) and was brought to the Moomo Brothers by Gryph. This caused the the brothers to get into another fight in an attempt by both to capture "Zayne", allowing Arvan to escape with the real Zayne.[14]

Trip to Arkania

Jarael and Camper say goodbye.

With Camper's health deteriorating still being on the run from Adascorp, Camper and Jarael parted ways with Zayne and Gryph. However, a crate brought in by Elbee split open. Inside was an assassin droid called HK-24, hired by Adascorp to bring Camper to them. HK-24 was able to subdue both T1-LB and Camper and faced off with Jarael, only to be destroyed by Demagol, who was impersonating Rohlan Dyre after putting him in a coma at Flashpoint, whom had stowed away aboard the Last Resort. Later, Camper felt seriously ill, and so Jarael took the Last Resort to Arkania, the homeworld of the Arkanians, determined to find a cure—despite the fact that hybrids like her and Camper were despised by "pure" Arkanians.[3]

Jarael went onto the Arkanian surface to find help but was captured by Lord Argaloh's grandson, Arkoh. He promised to Jarael to help her cure Camper was his illness.[3] The Last Resort was taken in by the Arkanian Legacy and Camper was taken in immediately to be treated. He and Jarael were informed that he was exposed to a disease known as the Balinquar's Virus when he was working for Adascorp and it began to take effect in his old age. While Jarael was kept informed that his condition remained unstable, he was actually cured of a nonfatal ailment from whatever was growing in the Last Resort and on Taris. Camper was ordered, while surrounded by HK-24 units, to finish the project he had started on.[1]

Camper was finally able to get in touch with Jarael after sneaking away from his guards. He sent her a transmission, apologizing for not telling her about his past and also Adascorp's involvement in releasing the diseases into the offshoot areas. Jarael was discovered speaking to him by Arkoh, however, and Vandrayk was forced back to work.[7]

After Zayne Carrick freed Jarael, Camper threatened to launch his guards out the airlock with a reprogrammed HK-24 unless they let him free. He then got onto the Last Resort and lead the exogorths in an attack on the Arkanian Legacy, killing Arkoh Adasca. He then sent a farewell transmission to Jarael before setting out to lead the exogorths into Wild Space where he believed they belonged. To make sure he isn't followed, Vandrayk would have to make several jumps and later remove the exogorths' cybernetics.[15]


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