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This article is about the gaming term. For other uses, see Camp (disambiguation).

To Camp in a MMORPG is to stay at a respawn location, waiting for a monster (or group) to respawn. This does not happen on GuildWars because of the way the game works - GuildWars uses Instances (separate, parallel copies of the game world) so that there are not hundreds of players in one zone all waiting for the same monster. Monsters do not respawn for you until you leave the zone, or (in the case of some foes) are Resurrected by a team member.

In PvP camping may be when a team waits around an enemies' resurrection shrine for them to spawn so that they can be killed again. This has the same basic meaning of the traditional term camp but applies to players rather than mobs.

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There is more information available on this subject at Camping on the English-language Wikipedia.
A player camping in an Infection game.

Camping is the act of voluntarily keeping out of firefights by staying in one place. The act of camping is generally frowned upon in the gaming community and often considered a newb tactic.



The name "camping" is derived from the real-life recreational activity of the same name. In the same way that outdoor campers set up and occupy a small camp, video game campers lie in wait in a small area.

Campers typically hide in areas that are easily defended or where they are unlikely to be noticed, while shooting from a distance or sneaking out from behind a corner to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting player passing by. They typically lie in wait with powerful weapons; depending on their strategy, they may use ranged weapons like the Sniper Rifle. Rocket Launcher, or Spartan Laser; or close-quarters weapons, like the Mauler, Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, and Shotgun.

Some campers hide where they won't be noticed, using their stealth to snipe unaware players without being detected or counter-attacked. Others use guerilla tactics, hiding around corners or on ledges, and waiting to ambush passing players. Still others will wait in a small, easily-defended area -- often an area with a single entrance that acts as a choke point, allowing the camper to decimate any forces that try to retaliate.

While some instances of camping are dependent on stealth, other campers -- often those that camp in easily-defended areas -- will happily announce their position with Spartan Laser blasts and by grenade spamming. Campers that depend on stealth will rarely camp with an objective, such as the Oddball or a flag, as said items are marked with waypoints.

Although camping is a legal and legitimate strategy, and may actually be encouraged by certain survival-oriented game types (such as variants of Infection), most players complain that it takes away from the inherent fun of the game. It is often stated that it is a "noob" strategy, as it allegedly takes little "skill" and is a cowardly way to play. Though this is not necessarily true, although many people frown upon this strategy.

Although on occasion, camping is vital, such as in Halo 3: ODST. In firefight, the player may rely on higher difficulties to camp and take out enemies quickly rather than lose precious lives. Although some people still frown upon the tactic, even though in ODST, it cannot be used against the player.

Strategy and Counter-Strategy

Corner Camping

Many campers rely largely on close-quarters ambushes, or "corner rushing", to take down their enemies. Popular places to corner-camp are sharp, blind corners, where a camper may hide with a powerful short-range weapon (such as the Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, or Shotgun) and cut down anybody who turns the corner. Once a corner-camper's location has been determined, however, it is generally quite easy to take him out. The usual strategy for these situations is to throw a grenade into his hiding spot to kill him or at least flush him out. With the advent of Halo 3's Mauler, which spawned rapidly and commonly on numerous multiplayer maps, corner-camping became a severe balance issue, so much so that Bungie decreased the number of Maulers in multiplayer.

Target Camping

In objective games, such as Assault, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag, it is relatively common practice for a player to hide out of sight near the objective and target anybody who attempts to claim or defend the objective. Unlike most other forms of camping, this is not generally frowned upon, and is indeed rather commonplace. Nonetheless, like all forms of camping, it is potentially an unsporting strategy.

Weapon camping is a form of target camping that is especially prevalent on smaller maps. Campers may hide near a powerful weapon, killing anyone who arrives to take it. This became a major focus of the Halo 3 multiplayer map Snowbound; players would hide near the Shotgun spawn and slaughter all the myriad enemies who attempted to claim it. This became more important than anything else on the map, so much so that Bungie removed the Shotgun from Snowbound and replaced it with a Beam Rifle.

This has also taken place on the map The Pit, where the Energy Sword spawn is to the side of the map. The small room where the Energy Sword spawns is ideal for camping, since to either side of the entrance, there are sharp corners, where campers can lie in wait and attempt assassinations or noob combo kills with a Mauler.

Spawn Camping

Spawn camping is a tactic in which a player locates a series of Respawn Points inside of a specific map. The player will, during gameplay, camp with a power weapon in a position where they can kill opponents the moment they respawn. The victims of such a tactic are caught unprepared, ill-equipped and possessing only the default weapons, which are often terrible. Determined spawn campers that use a Sniper Rifle may even be able to headshot a victim within seconds of their respawning.

The act of camping at a Respawn Point is spawn camping; the act of actually killing players that respawn at the point is spawnkilling.

This became unfortunately common in Halo 2's Matchmaking, especially on smaller, symmetrical maps, such as Midship and Sanctuary. In Halo 3, the issue of spawn camping was addressed specifically by multiplayer designers, who engineered a complex algorithm to govern respawns. This algorithm not only assured that respawns would take place in a helpful manner, but also reduced the likelihood of respawning at a location with enemies nearby. Although spawn camping remains an issue to some extent, it is far less common.

Another type of spawn camping is to drive a vehicle rapidly around your enemy's base. Although this tactic will allow many players to escape their spawn points unharmed, it will also grant the player a considerable number of kills as they simply splatter newly-spawned foes. This is not generally considered a serious form of camping, as it relies on motion and has a considerable level of risk involved. This tactic is especially popular in Halo: Combat Evolved, as even the slightest touch from a moving vehicle will kill an opponent.

Spawn camping may also refer to camping at the spawn locations of weapons, equipment, etc. in order to have a monopoly on the item. For more information on this tactic, see Target Camping, above.

Lift Camping

Lift camping is the practice of ambushing and killing players who are in uncontrollable motion. It takes its name from the Gravity Lift and other similar lifts that often adorn levels.

Players in a Gravity Lift are unable to control their movement in any way, making them easy targets for campers. On the Halo 2 map Lockout, for example, the Gravity Lift launched players clearly into the open with a loud, recognizable noise in full view of the Sniper Rifle spawn, turning them into easy prey. This has also become a commonplace tactic in the Halo 3 map Construct, where players will camp at the top of the lifts with the Energy Sword or Flamethrower and lay waste to those ascending through the lift. A well-timed Plasma Grenade can also kill ascending players.

The lift camping strategy can largely be undermined by throwing a grenade or Power Drain into a lift before you enter it, although this is admittedly not always practical. The best counter is often to take a different route up and flank the camper, as they are often unprepared for attacks from the side or back. Such campers often utilize close-range weapons, an effective strategy in Lockout.


Named for its use of Teleporters, tele-camping is usually -- but not always -- performed in an open map that is big enough for a vehicle. The basic strategy is to get a turret (such as the ones found on Warthogs) into a position where it has a view of the end of a Teleporter. Ideally, the turret would also be protected from any open fields of fire, such as classic sniping spots and bases. A variant of this method involves waiting behind the turret, so the vehicle does not show up on the Motion Tracker as an enemy.

The camper then gets in the turret and waits for an enemy to go through the Teleporter. As soon as the enemy arrives, the gunner tears the foot soldier to shreds. Another strategy, which is good if there are snipers about, is to drive a vehicle, such as a Warthog or Ghost, to the Teleporter, and stay in the driver seat. Such a setup would allow a camper to splatter anyone who uses the Teleporter.

The latter method of tele-camping is very popular in Halo PC's map Blood Gulch, as the level is wide open, but the Teleporters are fairly concealed. The method doesn't work in other games, however, as the vehicle would block the Teleporter, preventing its usage.


  • In Red vs Blue episode 39, a Red gets killed by a Blue who was camping. The red soldier screams hateful vulgarities at the blue for camping as he dies. The blue soldier runs away, yelling the now-infamous quote, "It's a legitimate strategy!"
  • Many people will camp if they have the Energy Sword or Shotgun due to the weapons' fairly short range.
  • In the Arby 'n' the Chief episode "Showdown", an MLG Gamer called Craig was playing a 1-on-1 against Master Chief. In the beginning of the game, Craig camped with the Energy Sword and Rocket Launcher, getting multi-kills against Master Chief.

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Beach camp
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"Beach" redirects here. For other uses of "Beach", see Beach (disambiguation).
"Camp" redirects here. For other uses of "Camp", see Camp (disambiguation).

The beach camp was the Island home to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. It has also been referred to as the Midsection Beach.


First camp

The middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 initially set up their camp on the beach where the plane crashed. During this time, they generally sought shelter under parts of the fuselage or slept on the open sand. Eventually, the survivors used tarp and plane wreckage to construct more comfortable shelters.

Second camp

Charlie and Sayid build the dining table. ("The Whole Truth")

Around Day 22, the tide changed and began sweeping away the wreckage and the shore. The survivors moved up the beach to an area abutting a sparse pine wood, and began setting up more permanent shelters. Using a combination of tarps, materials scavenged from the plane, and native materials like palm fronds, bamboo, and tree branches, the survivors were able to create a more comfortable living space. Construction increased heavily in the middle of Season Two.

Jack decided that the caves would be a more suitable living space for the survivors: it had an unlimited supply of freshwater and shade from the sun. Initially some of the survivors moved to the caves, but all of them have returned to the beachfront camp, as have the tail-section survivors who encountered the raft crew on the other side of the Island. The best-known alternative residence was the Swan, where a few survivors, such as Locke, had settled on a temporary basis. After the Swan implosion, the survivors all resided at the camp. This was until the survivors split into two factions in "The Beginning of the End".

In "Because You Left", the survivors discover that the camp is gone. When Daniel returns from the raft, he explains that it "hasn't been built yet". They travel again to 2008 where they discover the camp in a state of disrepair, with the food supplies either stolen or consumed. A pair of outrigger canoes are on the beach, leading them to speculate that other survivors had fled attack. ("The Little Prince") En route to the statue Locke's impersonator brings a group of the others to the wrecked camp to rest, Sun discovers Charlie's ring in Claire's old shelter.("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")


Charlie attempts to construct the church without Eko. ("Two for the Road")


Charlie and Eko were building a church somewhere near the camp outskirts. Eko gave up on building the church to push the button, while Charlie continued construction on his own for a while. Part of the frame of the church was used to house Locke's sweat lodge. ("Further Instructions") Currently, the church is supposedly unused by the survivors. It can be briefly seen in some episodes, such as "Exposé", "Greatest Hits", and "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1". Rose was at the church when Ben turned the frozen wheel. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")  ("Because You Left")


The survivors have added several elements to the camp for recreation and enjoyment. The ping-pong table from the Swan was found shortly after the implosion, and the survivors brought it to the camp. Hurley and Sawyer had a ping-pong tournament for Sawyer's stash. ("Enter 77") Jack and Sawyer also played each other. ("Catch-22")


The survivors also created a makeshift graveyard for deceased islanders. Seven of the original survivors (Scott, Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, Nikki and Paulo) of Oceanic Flight 815 are buried in the graveyard in a wardened off area near the camp. Ethan Rom was also buried by in a field near the campsite by Charlie and Hurley. Jack buried Edward Mars in the woods a short distance from the camp. Arzt was never buried at the camp, since he was destroyed by the dynamite. Eko is buried between the camp and the Pearl station.

Beach camp kitchen

The camp kitchen stocked with an array of packaged goods

The survivors have a kitchen stocked with DHARMA food collected from the Swan pantry, the pallet drop, and pillaged fruit from the jungle. The kitchen also has a dining table built by Sayid and Charlie and is used for eating and cutting boar. The camp includes several water troughs that deliver a water supply channeled from the caves or from rain, that Steve brings to the camp every morning. ("Left Behind") Peanut butter, Apollo candy bars, Ranch composite, Dharmalars, apple cider, tuna, whole corn, green beans, carrots, apple sauce, peaches, and nutribars are some of the food that was found in the Swan and pallet drop. Charlie and Sayid also constructed a dining table with large bamboo sticks and leaves. ("The Whole Truth") The dining table is frequently used by the survivors to cut boar, slice fruit, and a place to sit down and eat. ("Left Behind")  ("Ji Yeon")


The survivors have constructed many tents and shelters spread throughout the beach camp. The tents have been contructed using tarp, leaves, bamboo, palm fronds, and various other materials. All of the survivors have a shelter of some sort.

Below is a list of residences at the beach camp

Shelter Used by Info
Claire, Aaron, and Charlie Claire and Aaron lived together in a large shelter. Prior to his death, Charlie lived with them. When Claire discovered the heroin in Charlie's possession she forced him to move away, and he set up a shelter next to Sawyer's tent. ("The Long Con") However, when they reconciled he moved back in with Claire. It was destroyed when a satelite phone landed on it. ("Cabin Fever")
Sun and Jin Sun and Jin share a tent near Sawyer and Hurley.
Libby Hurley helped Libby construct her shelter. ("The 23rd Psalm")
Juliet Juliet built her tent after coming to the camp from the Barracks. ("One of Us")
Arzt Arzt had a large shelter that is full of bugs that he has discovered on the Island, including the Medusa spider. ("Exposé")
Hurley Hurley lived in a covered shelter next to Sun and Jin. Naomi was also held in Hurley's tent, shortly after her arrival on the Island. ("Catch-22")  ("D.O.C.")  ("The Brig")
Sawyer (first tent) Sawyer's first tent at the camp was the same tent that Edward Mars died in. ("Tabula Rasa") This tent was initially used to store medical supplies, and to treat the wounded marshal, but Sawyer took the tent as his own. He later makes another tent, when the survivors move the camp because of the increasing tide. ("Whatever the Case May Be")
Sawyer (second tent) Sawyer lived in a large shelter in front of Claire's residence, although he spends much of his time in a first-class airplane seat from the plane wreckage that sits slightly outside his tent "on the porch". ("Maternity Leave") Sawyer also hid the guns inside of his tent. ("?") Sawyer's tent was destroyed once by a boar and again by Hurley during their fight, but he rebuilt the damage using bamboo and fronds. ("Outlaws")  ("Dave")
Kate Kate lives five tents away from Sawyer. ("The Brig")
Nikki and Paulo Paulo and Nikki shared a large shelter together. ("Exposé")
Shannon Shannon lived in a shelter separate from Boone. ("...In Translation")
Desmond Desmond built a shelter under a tree after he joined the survivors' camp. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")
Rose and Bernard Rose and Bernard share a tent together. Hurley was caught by Frogurt stealing wine from their tent. ("The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt")
Michael and Walt Michael and Walt shared a tent that was not taken down after they left on the raft. It presumably still exists. ("Abandoned")
Ana Lucia Ana Lucia built a covered structure, but it is unknown if it is still being used after her death. ("Fire + Water")
Eko Eko built a shelter after his arrival at the beach camp. Eko had a vision of Yemi appearing in his tent. After this, his tent caught on fire. After the fire was put out, it is likely that the damage was not repaired since Eko was killed by the Monster soon afterwards. ("The Cost of Living")
Sayid Sayid sometimes works on electrical equipment inside of his tent.
Charlie Charlie set up his tent near Sawyer when Claire kicked him out of her tent. ("The Long Con") Claire and Charlie later reconcile, and Charlie moves back in with her and Aaron.
Jack Jack's tent as seen in a deleted scene from "Further Instructions".

Other residences

Raids and infiltrations

When Flight 815 crashed on the Island, Ben sent Ethan Rom to infiltrate the survivors camp. ("A Tale of Two Cities") Ethan was able to infiltrate the camp, acting as one of the survivors. Ethan also gave Jack a bag full of medicine, showing his concern for Claire's pregnancy. ("Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack")

The survivors defeat the Others at the beach camp battle. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Juliet was sent by Ben to take tests of the women at the beach camp to see if they were pregnant. ("One of Us") She later told Jack what Ben had sent her to do. ("Operation: Sleeper")

Ben sent Ryan Pryce and his group of the ten best Others to raid the beach camp and capture the pregnant women in the tents that were marked. Jin, Bernard, and Sayid stayed behind to fight the Others. All ten of the Others were killed by the survivors in the battle. ("Through the Looking Glass")

The Hostiles attacked the camp, killing Neil and several other survivors when they flashed to 1954. ("The Lie")

Other residents

Current status

After the time shifts, all of the survivors were either killed (four redshirts at the Barracks ("Stranger in a Strange Land"), three redshirts on the freighter ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3"), presumable all the remaining redshirts in the flaming arrow attack ("The Lie") etc.), rescued (Walt ("Live Together, Die Alone") and the Oceanic Six ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")), living with DHARMA (Sawyer's group ("LaFleur")) or living in the jungle (Rose and Bernard ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")). By 2008, the Others and Sun-Hwa Kwon lead by "Locke" (Jacob's nemesis), walked past the beach camp on their way to the Statue of Taweret. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")


  • The filming location of the first camp is Mokuleia Beach.
  • The filming location of the second camp is Papailoa Beach.
  • Locke has spent the least time at the beach in comparison to the other survivors. Instead he has lived at the caves, the Swan, the Ruins, and the Barracks.
  • Claire has spent the most time at the beach in comparison to the other main characters. During Season 3 she spent the whole season at the beach camp, but is not seen there for the entirety of Season 4. Rose has spent the most time at the beach camp for the first four seasons in comparison with all of the survivors of Flight 815. Other than accompanying other survivors to the radio tower at the end of season 3, and following Hurley to the Swan at the beginning of Season 2, she has spent the rest of her time at the beach camp.
  • In Season 4, Claire and Locke are the only main survivors to not appear at the beach camp at all.
  • Claire has not been seen at the beach camp since "Through the Looking Glass", but still remains on the Island.
  • Sun,Sawyer and Locke are the only survivors to be seen at the beach camp during season 5. Although Sun is the only one seen there in present time, excluding time-travelling.

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  • - page about the filming location of the beach camp

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To camp a spot, creature, spawn point, or anything of value in game is to wait for its spawn, kill it or loot it, and then wait for it to spawn again. It is basically the same as farming, and is frequently just as unpopular.

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