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From The Vault

uses: Rock-It Launcher ammo
weight: 1
value: 5
quests: Some Assembly Required (Broken Steel)
base id: 00034062

The Camera is a mechanical device used for shooting photographs. The camera is identified as a twin-lens reflex camera with a fixed focus. The user of the camera would frame a photograph by looking through a viewer lens at the subject. The user would then press a button for shooting the photograph through a camera lens. Exposure time is controlled by a shutter arm. Illumination is provided by a flash bulb held in a flash holder. These cameras are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.

A Codac R9000 camera is mentioned in Fallout, and might or might not be the same model as this one.

Kenny's Cave in Point Lookout is a constant source of cameras, as Kenny always has one set up for him to shoot at as a target.

Unmarked quest: Some Assembly Required (Broken Steel DLC)

Scribe Rothchild seeks cameras in the effort to rebuild Liberty Prime after its destruction. The cameras are required to salvage their optical assemblies so that Scribe Rothchild can fabricate a replacement optics system for Liberty Prime. He pays the Player 100 caps per camera. The Player also earns 25 XP.

Behind the scenes

This camera's appearance resembles the classic Kodak Duaflex IV. This camera first appeared on the market in 1947.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

The camera icon in GTA Vice City.
The camera used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories.

A camera is a device used to capture images, either as still photographs or as sequences of moving images (movies or videos). The term as well as the modern-day camera evolved from the Latin camera obscura for "dark chamber" for an early mechanism of projecting images where an entire room functioned as a real-time imaging system.


Rockstar Games added camera functionality in Grand Theft Auto, starting in Vice City. In Vice City you could only use it once for a mission. The device is also available in San Andreas, albeit with more functionality, allowing the player to use it freely. It can be used in San Fierro to collect snapshots, which is required to achieve 100% completion.

In GTA IV you are equipped with a camera phone during the mission Photo Shoot. The camera is used in certain missions where a picture is required. Outside of missions, snapshots can be taken, but there is no way of saving them. Accessing the camera function of the phone when in a cable car or train allows for first-person view. In a player-controlled vehicle however, the car will stop immediately when the camera is selected, no matter what speed (this glitch was fixed in the PC version).

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, after you recruit someone, you can give the camera to him by walking up to him and pulling the left trigger. After that, you'll see a first person view from your gang member and you can have your picture taken. You can also aim the camera at your girl and CJ will say something related to photo-shooting and she will wave. If you aim the camera at a gang member, CJ will say something like he says to his girlfriend, but the gang member will not respond or wave unless you have recruited him.

Prominent appearances in missions

Wikipedia has an article on:

GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories



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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The Game controls are the methods by which the human player interacts with the game. In RuneScape, the controls are mostly point-and-click, though the context menus (usually obtained by right-clicking the mouse) will almost certainly be necessary, and keyboard controls will be very useful.

A player walking via clicking

The basics of the game controls are covered in the tutorial, which all new players must complete before gaining access to the main game.


Mouse controls

In all likelihood, most players use a mouse as their pointing device. This will include the ability to position an on-screen pointer and two (primary and secondary) buttons to perform actions. The primary (usually left) button performs actions, and the secondary (usually right) button accesses a context menu listing possible actions to perform.

Primary button

A player clicking on a keg of beer to drink it (the default action for the item)

Pressing the primary mouse button results in the default action for the situation.

A few examples:

  • On a character that can be attacked, and is not a red level: Attack.
  • On an NPC: Talk to.
  • On an item in the inventory: Wear, wield, bury, eat, or "use with" if no other action applies.
  • On an item on the ground: Take the most expensive (in shop value) item from the pile.
  • In the bank, on the bank screen or inventory: Transfer one item.

If there are many characters or items in one spot, the default action may not select the desired object. A particular example includes when someone is standing in the same spot as a fire while the player is trying to cook fish. If only left-clicking, the game may try to use the raw food on the other player, rather than the fire.

Secondary button

Right-clicking a pet fish offers various options for interaction.

Pressing the secondary mouse button offers a list of all possible actions that players can perform, or options to deal with more than one item.

In the example above, left-click the raw fish, then right-click the spot containing the player and the fire and select "Use with fire" from the menu.

In the bank, players can avoid the usual dialogue with the banker by using the secondary click option "Use-quickly bank booth" or (usually) "Bank banker".

Another time players must right-click is when combining two food items that are both edible (since left-clicking would eat one of them), and some other situations where they would otherwise eat or drink an item instead of handing it over.

If the mouse only has one button, players can set the Mouse Buttons option to One, so that every mouse click will be treated as a secondary mouse click. That way, a context menu will be displayed for every action performed, and it will be impossible to eat a food item accidentally.


Players can run if they have enough energy.

Holding the "Control" (Ctrl) key with any mouse click target means the player will run to a location (if they have enough energy).

Running may also be permanently selected using the Options screen, where-upon all movement will be made at a run until walking is selected again, or the player's energy falls to zero.


Camera panning

The arrow keys are used to pan the main view and minimap, rotate, and raise or lower the viewpoint. You may also click north on the compass to instantly turn your camera north.

While it can be useful to see items on the main view by rotating the map, keeping the map pointed north while trying to navigate is highly recommended, as it is easy to forget the map angle and set off in the wrong direction if you do not.


The keyboard is used to enter amounts, perhaps most commonly-used for coins. Using the 5, 10 or All options for other items is quicker, even if players have less, or do not have room to carry all.

Short keys

Note: The short keys were reorganised on the 8th of July along with the minigame, Mobilising Armies and notes interface.

  • Home: return to main quick chat menu
  • Page up/down: scroll through quick chat options
  • Enter: select quick chat option
  • Escape: exit quick chat menu
  • Tab: Reply to sender of last private message

Additionally, the letters and numbers preceding each quick chat option can be pressed to quickly select them.

There are no longer any keyboard shortcuts for clan chat, the statistics screen, the Quest List, the summoning screen, the friend list or the ignore list.


The keyboard can also be used for chat with other players. It is not used to talk to NPCs in the game, as any responses are selected from a menu.

Available options are Public chat, Private Chat, Clan Chat and Trade.

Players talk in public chat simply by typing via the keyboard.

Chat effects

Main article: Chat effects

In the chat box, players can type a word followed by a colon, which changes the colour or movement of their public chat text.

Players can combine a colour and an effect. For example: purple:wave:This text will be purple and flow in a wave pattern.

Note that if players combine a colour and an effect, they must always insert the colour first, or else it will not work.


  • Purple: - colours text purple
  • Red: - colours text red
  • Green: - colours text green
  • White: - colours text white
  • Cyan: - colours text cyan (light blue)
  • Yellow: - no effect (text is already yellow)
  • Flash1: or Flash2: or Flash3: - text flashes different colours
  • Glow1: or Glow2: or Glow3: - text glows different colours


  • Wave: or wave2: - text makes a wavy action
  • Scroll: - text scrolls from right to left
  • Slide: - text slides in from the top and slides out to the bottom
  • Shake: - text shakes

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