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Calvert Mansion

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: Calvert Mansion
leaders: Desmond
quests: The Local Flavor
Walking with Spirits
Hearing Voices
Thought Control
cell name: DLC04Mansion01
ref id: xx002881

The Calvert Mansion is a location in Point Lookout which was added to Fallout 3 in the Point Lookout add-on.



The Mansion is one of the largest on the island, the other being Blackhall Manor. The mansion itself, while being in excellent condition compared to buildings from the capital wasteland, is still in bad shape, a good amount of the wood is rotting, and various parts of the floor will break when you step on them.

It is inhabited by a single ghoul called Desmond with his two dogs, Freki and Geri. He has been attacked numerous times by a group of Tribals, whose aim is to burn the mansion to the ground. According to Tobar, the building holds hidden treasures.

The place is filled with ammunition, and medical supplies, set up by Desmond, though most of it will go into surviving the tribals. In the numerous cupboards are various pre-war outfits, hats, and bonnets, although the quantity is so vast, they almost become worthless.

Inside Desmond's corner is a good amount of weapons, ranging from a sledgehammer to a flamer, as well as a punga experiment that will light a light bulb.


  • In the 'return to Desmond' part of Thought Control, the mansion explodes. After the explosion, walking east will reveal a small hatch in the ground that leads to Desmond's Panic Room. Desmond is in there grieving how the brain killed his 'pups.' The room itself is filled mostly with food and ammunition, including a Nuka-Cola Quantum.
  • If you walk around the ruins of the mansion, you will find a few pieces of rubble, one good spot is the cliff behind the mansion, opposite the lighthouse, with a piece stuck in the tree, a piece down the cliff, and one on the island the lighthouse is on.
  • To the west of the mansion is a greenhouse, with a makeshift bed, couch, television set, and hidden Chinese bunker. Entering the bunker requires the Cryptochromatic Spectacles (see The Velvet Curtain). This portion of the mansion grounds remains intact after the explosion, providing a unique vantage point to watch flaming debris. This area can be used as Fallout 3 player housing.


The Calvert Mansion appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

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