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"Lady Yuna, are you going to bring us the calm?"
—Calli to Yuna

Calli is a minor character in Final Fantasy X. She is a young girl seen on the Mi'ihen Highroad, longing for the Calm. Calli is voiced by Cree Summer and Rio Natsuki.


Final Fantasy X

The player first meets Calli on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Yuna promises her that she will bring the Calm to Spira very soon, much to the girl's delight.

Final Fantasy X-2

Calli has now matured into her teenage years, looking for Chocobos to ride. The player can assist her in a Chocobo hunt along the Highroad in Chapter Two in a Mission called Cuckoo For Chocobos!, Calli will be attacked by the Chocobo Eater and the player has 2:30 minutes to reach her on the Old Road, although if Clasko was invited onto the Celsius earlier then he will buy YRP some time. You will receive the Selene Guard Garment Grid for completing the mission and if you return to the Highroad, you can invite Calli, Clasko and (possibly) a Chocobo to come aboard the Celsius. Calli will later reveal that she likes Brother, noting that his Mohawk makes him look like a Chocobo.

Calli can be implicated in the Chapter Four Mission "Detective Rin," if the correct evidence is found to support this scenario, this will initiate Episode Complete for the Highroad but you will miss the opportunity to watch Gippal's Sphere.

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