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Microsoft Excel 2003 or better
some experience with Microsoft Excel

Use of this calculator

To calculate what you could make or lose from doing things, examples are below.

  • To buy ores to make steel bars and sell them
  • To Merchant
  • And more

The ratio converter

That stranded cell below the one cell in the C column its a ratio converter. Basically it tells how much percent your earning or losing. Simple. (E.G) 1.25 means 25% more and 0.25 means you lose 75% Very simple Hope you love your new sheet

How to make this sheet

These are the steps to make this calculator

  1. Highlight A1 to A8 then colour it << background green
  2. Highlight B1 to B8 then colour it << background Red
  3. below those 2 columns colour those 2 cells a colour like greenish blue to warn you NEVER TO EDIT THOSE
  4. in the A9 type this following code for it to add up the stuff in the green
    1. =SUM(A1:A8)
  5. type the following code in B9
    1. =SUM(B1:B8)
  6. then below those cells colour them yellow in background
  7. inside the cell on the left put the code as
    1. =B10
  8. then in cell A11 put
    1. =A9*A10
  9. and in cell B11 put
    1. =B9*B10
  10. For those 2 cells make the background colour the same as the warning colour of no editing.
  11. in cell C11 put
    1. =A11+B11
  12. then make it the same colour as the cells on the left
  13. then in the cell below it put the code in
    1. =A11/B11*-1
  14. then colour that cell as no edit colour
  15. then your done!!
  16. use the sheet after saving.

Cant make the sheet on your own?

Here is a download page

  • Download page/ article -- Leads to a userpage

This article uses material from the "Calculators/Money Calculator" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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