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Cannonball smithing calculator

The following table uses live Grand Exchange Market Watch prices to calculate the profit from smithing cannonballs. Although the second option gives a much higher profit, consideration should be given to the extra time taken to first smelt the raw materials. Consideration should also be given to the experience you get from smelting each of them, which is 691.2 exp per inventory. (With an ammo mould and 27 steel bars.) It takes approximately 6 2/3 seconds to smith a steel bar into 4 cannonballs. That's 3 minutes for 1 full load of cannonballs. (27 steel bars). A round trip takes 3 minutes and 45 seconds in the Falador furnace using the west bank. 3 seconds to take out steel bars, walking to furnace, 3 more seconds to click furnace, walking back to bank, and 3 seconds for banking cannonballs. If buying steel bars, the profit is 162,432 gp per hour, excluding time to walk to the Grand Exchange, but including time to walk to bank and furnace in Falador.

Market prices

If the market prices are outdated, please use the "Update" link for updating the prices.

  • Iron ore: 206 coins update
  • Coal: 269 coins update
  • Steel bar: 958 coins update
  • Cannonball: 339 coins update


Method Raw materials Raw cost Makes Sale value Profit
Buy ores, smelt into steel bars, and smith into cannonballs 1 x 206
2 x 269
Coins  744 4 x 339 Coins  1,356 Coins  612
Buy ores, smelt into steel bars, and smith into cannonballs at Blast Furnace
(prices to un-note ores are not included)
1 x 206
1 x 269
Coins  475 4 x 339 Coins  1,356 Coins  881
Buy steel bars, and smith into cannonballs 1 x 958 Coins  958 4 x 339 Coins  1,356 Coins  398

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