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Calca and Brina
Sprite(s) Calca in Final Fantasy IVBrina in Final Fantasy IV

Calca's portrait Brina's portrait Calca in The After Years Brina in The After Years

Japanese Name Calca, Brina
Kana カルコ, ブリーナ
Romaji Karuko, Burīna
Job Doll
Skill Jive (Calca)
Dance (Brina)
Birthplace Dwarven Castle
Laterality Right-handed (both)
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character
"Male doll given life by the mechanical genius, Luca. She uses Calca and his counterpart, Brina, to assist her in battle and in airship repairs."
—Calca's Description
"Female doll given life by the mechanical genius, Luca. She uses Brina and her counterpart, Calca, to assist her in battle and in airship repairs."
—Brina's Description

Calca and Brina are enemies in Final Fantasy IV, and later are playable characters in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. They are the dolls of Luca, the dwarven princess of the Underworld.




Final Fantasy IV

Calca and Brina are fought in the Dwarven Castle when Golbez takes control of them. If left alive for long enough, the two can merge into the more powerful Calcabrina.

These dolls were originally harmless toys that belonged to King Giott's daughter, Luca. Later, she expresses frustration when she learns that the dolls were used for evil purposes.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Artwork of Calca, Brina, and Luca.

Calca and Brina return in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years to accompany Luca and Rydia on their journey to protect the remaining crystals. After becoming Cid's apprentice, Luca reconstructs Calca and Brina into full automatons to assist her on the maintenance of the Falcon.

After the Dwarven Castle is attacked they join the party to help Luca and Rydia to obtain the Dark Crystal in the Sealed Cave. After retrieving the Crystal the party is ambushed by the Mysterious Maiden, Calca and Brina jump in to protect Luca and Rydia from the attack being damaged in the process. Despite the sacrifice, the Crystal was stolen. Rydia and Luca decide to pursuit the Mysterious Maiden to Baron. However, upon reaching the Overworld, the dolls' circuits go haywire and attack the party. After crashing the Falcon near the town of Agart, Luca is forced to scrap Calca and Brina's bodies in order to repair it, however, Rydia instead gives her a Mythril Nut, a Mythril Bolt, and a Mythril Spring, and Luca is able to repair both the Falcon and the dolls.

They join Luca and the party who embark the Lunar Whale to stop the True Moon from crashing into the planet. Inside the moon, Luca and Cid repair them into their perfect forms. After the Creator is defeated, they are seen to remain assistants to Luca.

Equipment and Stats

Calca in battle.
Brina in battle.

Calca and Brina can only equip knives as weapons. They can also equip light and mage's head wear and armlets. As body armor, they can only equip clothes.

Additionally, only they can equip Final Outfit and the Phase Equipment which is strong against Giants and Machines.

Calca's Stats

Level Strength Speed Stamina Intellegence Spirit
1 4 4 4 4 4
5 6 6 5 6 4
10 8 7 8 8 5
15 11 9 12 11 6

Brina's Stats

Level Strength Speed Stamina Intellegence Spirit
1 4 4 4 4 4
5 6 6 5 6 7
10 7 8 8 5 10
15 9 11 11 7 12


Calca and Brina combined into Calcabrina in the mobile phone version of The After Years.

Calca is able to use Jive, which casts random enemy abilities on random targets. Brina is able to use the Dance, which casts random White Magic spells on the entire party.

Like the original Calca and Brina enemies, their true strength comes when they are fused to form Calcabrina. Calcabrina has effects ranging from powerful elemental attacks or status ailments that affect the entire group of monsters to spells that heals or bestow status enhancement on the party.

Calcabrina is formed by using the following band abilities:

  • Calca and Brinna: Calca (Jive) + Brina (Dance)
  • Go! Calcabrina!: Calca (Jive) + Brina (Dance) + Luca (Analyze)
  • Mystic Waltz: Calca (Jive) + Brina (Dance) + Edward (Bardsong)
  • Final Calcabrina: Calca + Brina + Luca + Cid (Event)


Main article: Calcabrina (Boss)

The Calca and Brina dolls are fought in the Dwarven Castle in Final Fantasy IV. They can merge into the Calcabrina.

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Calca and Brina are fought together in a scripted battle on-board of the Falcon upon reaching the Overworld in Rydia's Chapter.


Dancing Doll Calcobrena
Trouble with the audio sample?

Calca and Brina's theme is called "Dancing Doll Calcobrena", and it is played during the first part of the battle with Calcabrina and when the party meets Dr. Lugae. In The After Years, it is played again during the fight against Calca and Brina, and Ultros. It is also played whenever the band Mystic Waltz or the Lustful Lali-Ho is used.


Calcabrina is one of the Malebranche demons in Dante's Divine Comedy. His name means "he who can walk on brine."

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