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Servant of the Prince of Stories

Abel (brother); Eve (mother), Adam (father)




Storyteller, fratricidal maniac

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The Bible lists that many thousands of years ago, the first man born of Adam and Eve, who was known as Cain, killed his younger brother Abel. This was the first murder in human history, and because he had introduced such an abominable idea to mankind, Cain was cursed to wander the Earth forever with a mark on his forehead.

Although Cain is by nature a character that exists more in thought than in reality, Final Crisis: Revelations establishes that the concept of Cain was based on ages-old supervillain Vandal Savage.


Abel, on the other hand, was brought into the Dreaming, the realm representing imagination, where he became a storyteller and was given the House of Secrets to live in, as the immortal Dream, Prince of Stories, knew that the tale of Abel's death would be told and re-told for many centuries to come. As one of the few residents of the Dreaming back in those early days, Abel grew lonely, and so Dream fashioned a version of Cain to live next door in the House of Mystery. Of course, being next door to his brother reminded this Cain of why he'd murdered him in the first place, and thus he killed Abel again, except this time Abel came back, and so this Cain resolved to kill him again and again, ad nauseum.

Cain and Abel, Circa 1970

In 1916, Dream was forcibly removed from his realm by the occultist Roderick Burgess, and held prisoner until 1989. During this time, the Dreaming fell apart. When Dream finally escaped his prison, Cain and Abel nursed him back to health.

Sometime later, Dream sought to rescue his former lover Nada from Hell, to which he'd condemned her centuries ago after she spurned his affections. Cain was sent ahead as an envoy to give Lucifer fair warning that Dream would be entering his realm and possibly invading it. Cain had been chosen as the messenger, as the mark upon his forehead would prevent him from being killed. Still, Lucifer and his minions subjected Cain to rough treatment, and the first murderer would later leave the realm deeply shaken by his experiences.

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Cain is incapable of dying, though he can be harmed.

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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel character
race: Ghoul
affiliation: Texas Brotherhood of Steel
role: Initiate \ Paladin
appearances: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The special main character is a ghoul by the name of Cain. Cain was a mercenary in Set's army in Necropolis. He's tall for a ghoul, but still bony - skeletal and stooped. When Necropolis was razed by the super mutants, Cain took it personally. In an attempt to get back at the mutants, Cain went to the Texas Brotherhood of Steel, looking to sign up. The Brotherhood is pretty isolationist and anti-mutant, so they may not have taken his request seriously, but Cain`s perseverance was fueled by a grim determination. Finally he was given an initiation test, sending Cain on what may very well be a suicide mission to prove himself and, against all odds, become one of the first ghouls to join the Brotherhood.


  • He can use very big guns
  • He can also use dual pistols


  • Isn't able to run while firing weapons instead he slows to a walk
  • Doesn't maneuver well with heavy weapons
Major characters of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Playable characters in the Fallout games

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

This article is about the little boy from Zone. For the little boy from Headmasters, see Kane.
Cain is a human in the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Shops in the same store Kicker gets all his clothes from.

Cain (カイン Kain) is a former resident of the planet Feminia. He is not a girl. After the Nine Great Demon Generals destroyed his homeworld, he moved to planet Zone to live and work with the Autobots. He is best friends with an Earth boy named Akira and has a talking pet bunny-bird named Emusa.



Zone cartoon

Voice actor: Eiko Yamada (Japanese)

By god, what horror. A poor boy, whose home has been lost. His people, his very world, devastated by the Decepticons. It is only thanks to his friendship with the Autobots that he could possibly find joy.

Cain, rescued by Victory Saber, and transported in Galaxy Shuttle, found himself on Zone, surrounded by technology and robots. Not that he minded, even if his pet rabbit-thingie did. This, it turned out, was still no safe haven. When the Decepticons attacked Zone, Cain was forced to leave that planet, joining the Autobots in pursuit of the Decepticons.

This took them to the planet Earth where Cain met a new friend, a young boy named Akira. He helped the Autobots to rescue Akira, and when the fighting was over admired the... beautiful scenery. What a wonderful world Earth was—almost as beautiful as Cain's lost home.

Zone comic

Wait. Emusa is BLACK?
Note: There isn't a major difference between the story of the anime version and the manga version.

Zone story pages

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • It is heavily implied that the relationship between Cain and Akira is a romantic one. So yes, that would make them gay.

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