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Final Fantasy Enemy
HP Attack Intelligence
7,968 44 55
Agility Accuracy Evasion
20 80 5
Defense Magic Def Cagnazzo (Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls - GBA)
20 180
0 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Ice Dia
- Weak Resist Misses
Japanese カイナッツォ
Romaji Kainattso
GBA Name Cagnazzo
PSP Name Cagnazzo
Location Hellfire Chasm
Item Dropped Light Curtain
Abilities {{{Abilities}}}
Resistant to Quake, Time, Stone, Poison, Death
"You're just in time, my little playmates... I get so lonely here... Won't you keep me company?"

Cagnazzo is a boss in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy. The party finds him on the fifth floor of the Hellfire Chasm, and must defeat either him or Scarmiglione to continue through the dungeon. His sprite is identical to that of his incarnation in Final Fantasy IV.


Cagnazzo's location.

Unlike his appearance in Final Fantasy IV, Cagnazzo does not draw of torrents of water or enter turtle defense form in this game. This means Thundaga will do decent damage to him, and your Black Wizard should cast this spell after your physical attackers have been buffed with Haste and Temper. Cagnazzo likes to use his special attack, Tsunami, nearly every turn, which deals about 200 in Water damage to the entire party. Your White Wizard should Healaga this right away. Later in the fight, he may begin casting Haste on himself to boost his physical attacks, and may even cast Curaga on himself.

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