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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
A chariot with vexilla - Van Buren concept art

Caesar’s Legion is a huge, powerful and merciless slaving organization, led by the charismatic and cunning Caesar. The legionnaires are a well-organized fighting force, that operates mostly east of the Grand Canyon. Caesar's Legion standard was black bull (the symbol of Venus symbol on red background and description "Legio X"[1].





  • in year 2238 mormon missionary Joshua Graham had encountered in Grand Canyon two Followers of Apocalypse; one of them later established slavers Legion and become its Caesar,
  • between year 2238 and 2241 - first tribute in slaves was given to Caesar by Blackfoot tribe,
  • after year 2238 - tribes taught by growing in power Caesar's Legion helped it to exterminate powerful Twisted Hair tribe, merciless raiders and slavers[2],
  • in year 2249 a lucrative slave trade was established between Caesar's Legion, Blackfoot tribe and ghouls in the Reservation; since that moment the Legion acquired wide access to weapons, ammunition and armors produced there (things start to fall apart in the NCR)[3],
  • before year 2251 the Legion tried to invade Hoover Dam, but failed - Caesar had Joshua Graham burned and thrown into Grand Canyon by tribals; sometime earlier the Legion had destroyed Fort Aradesh,
  • after failed attack on Hoover Dam, but before October 2253, the Legion moved to the east.

War against the New California Republic

Caesar attempted to destroy the New California Republic's presence in the east, and succeeded in destroying Fort Aradesh, NCR's far outpost located east of the Grand Canyon and one of NCR's major fortifications[4]. The next stronghold controlled by NCR on the east was Hoover Dam, but when Caesar attempted to take it, his Legion were badly defeated. Since that time, Caesar has moved east of Texas, past the legendary cyclones that rage for most of the months of the year. There were left packs of his legionnaires, that still operated in the southwest, collecting tribute from tribes in the form of goods and slaves[5].


Organizations, that gave some patterns for the Legion development could be Slavers' Guild - for slavery as commercial activity, Twisted Hair tribe - as a slaving and raiding tribe, Followers of the Apocalypse - for medical and agricultural knowledge, subversive thinking, possible military science[6] and Mormons - for medical and preacher knowledge[7] and may be for some Vault knowledge also[8]. Caesar's Legion was comprised mostly of reconditioned tribals and their young offspring[9].


There is no certain information about Caesar's Legion structure and organization in Van Buren sources. It is significant, that it was named after military unit, rather after than an state-like organization. It was possible to move Ceasar's Legion to the east, so its main resource were people. Talking about numbers, the Caesar's Legion should fairly exceed three hundreds of Blackfoots, to be assessed as a huge organization[10].

The Legion had specific titles, makeshift costumes and traditions. Some information concerning quasi-Roman organization features appears with two Legion's officials holding ranks of centurion and vexillarius and commanding small detached slaver packs present on the southwest. Both officials carried more responsible duties in fact, being Caesar's representatives in the Reservation and Denver. Caesar's Legion pack encountered in Denver was called a squad[11], however it is not certain if pack or squad was formal name for its the smallest military unit[12]. It is possible, that slavers' experience acquired in northern California included cooperation of Caesar's personal guard[13] with some freelance slavers, as well as dealing with the hostile New California Rangers. It is possible also, that reconditioning and slaver experience resulted with appearing more as tough officers and seasoned warriors as centurion Caius Drusus or Joshua Graham[14]. That reconditioning could be connected with promotion of some superiority prejudices its members[15].


The Legion had specific titles and/or ranks. The Prisoner was able to talk about them with Terrence. Known ranks were:

  • Legionnaire or Soldier - simple slaver in Legion ranks,
  • Vexillarius - the only appeared was a pack leader[16],
  • Centurion - the only appeared was a pack leader[17],

The commander-in-chief of the Legion was Caesar. There was position of Caesar's right hand man also, held somewhat by Joshua Graham[18]. Outside of Legion ranks were subjugated and allied tribes as well as some cooperating freelance slavers[19].


Mimicking the ancient traditions of the Roman Empire, the legionnaires dressed in segmented football pad armor and decorated football helmets[20]. Caesar's Legion had access to firearms, ammunition, leather and metal armors produced by the Reservation[21]. Appeared and mentioned pieces of equipment used by legionaries were:

  • Shotguns - a simple[22] and accurate[23] weapon suitable for reconditioned recently tribals, legionaries appeared in the Reservation were probably armed with it and possible examples of shotguns were: ordinary double-barreled shotgun, used by slaver master Metzger from Den, pump-action shotgun used against legionnaires[24] and sawed-off shotgun, appeared among Van Buren demo sprites,
  • Hunting Rifles - decent quasi-sniper weapon[25] used by slavers during slave raids from Den[26],
  • Assault Rifles - possible to purchase in the Reservation, used probably by legionaries appeared there[27],
  • heavy environmental suits, worn by legionaries in the Reservation[28],
  • at least some equivalent of Leather Armors,
  • an anti-dog repellent, sprayed by legionnaires around their camp in Denver[29],
  • there were possible also some other single small arms, like a big .45 handgun carried by Caius Drusus[30],
  • possibly some other slavers' specific equipment, like Cattle Prods.

Strange chariot concept art can be source of speculations concerning its use and its background, eg. other possible self propelled vehicles or presence of hippodrome at the Legion headquarter. It is not mentioned at Van Buren design documents however.

Relations with other organizations

Casear's Legion is a truly brutal group, hostile towards many factions present in the south-west.

  • Caesar's Legion have open hostilities with the NCR and the NCR Rangers over the issue of slavery. The Followers of the Apocalypse are touchy about their connection with the Legion, because Caesar was formerly a Follower[31].
  • Legionaries don't hesitate to enslave or kill Mormons, despite the fact that most tribals and other organizations leave them alone, knowing that they often voluntarily give medical assistance or other aid[32]. Mormons are ashamed that from their ranks came Joshua Graham, one of the Legion's founders.
  • The Daughters of Hecate reserved a special hatred for Caesar’s Legion, because Caesar's Legion had destroyed Hecate's original tribe - Twisted Hair. The Legion should has hostile relationships with Vipers, too[33].
  • The Blackfoot tribe is tributary to Caesar. Most of the Blackfoots fear the power of Hecate and her Daughters, but unlike Caesar, they see being under the influence of Hecate as a necessary evil, since she has "proven" time and again that she controls the tribe's fertility. During Van Buren's development, the Hangdogs were merged with the Blackfoots. It was planned for the Hangdogs to promise to deliver Blackjack to Caesar's Legion, and they would be severely punished if this promise wasn't fulfilled. According to leaks, the Hangdogs were planned to be in league with Hecate.
  • Other tribes were probably neutral or absent, like the Jackals or Scaven Pickers, or were potential victims, like the Ciphers and Twin Mothers.

Game plot

October 2253

During Van Buren gameplay the Legion presence finally was planned in:

  • Denver, at temporarily transit camp prepared for the slave transport on the way to the east; it seems, that vexillarius Terrence, Caesar's Legion official in Denver, was planned to be important Caesar's representative on the southwest, known as Caesar's Legion agent,
  • the Reservation, where some slaves were been sold[34],
  • Fort Abandon - however in Van Buren's first vision it was planned to be the NCR rundown fort[35],
  • hostile random encounters[36].

Legionaries packs presence in Denver and in the Reservation wasn't permanent - Denver was visited once a year and the Reservation was visited once a month. Except one planned event (appeared as effects of Handogs punishment, when Blackjack wasn't delivered) there was no Legion members presence at Blackfoot village. It seems that two packs of Legionaries, some freelance slavers and allied Blackfoot tribe was enough, or had to be enough, to secure Caesar's business on the southwest. Caesar and accompanying him part of his Legion should have some base, abandoned probably while the Legion moved to the east[37]. The only known the NCR military action against Caesar's Legion at Van Buren plot was take over of Fort Abandon. It was planned to do by the NCR army renegades accompanying Dr. Presper. There is no information about any the NCR retaliation actions after failed attack on Hoover Dam.

Both packs of Legionaries took slaves from somewhere on the southwest. Some of this slaves could be taken from Blackfoot tribe. Some - from freelance slavers. It seems there was no serious demand on slaves on the southwest. In fact only the Reservation was interested in some significant shipments. Blackfoots sold some slaves to another tribes also, but the only other known tribe dealing with slavery were Hecate's people. So significant part of caught slaves were exported once the year to the east, by Denver camp.

Denver affairs

The Legion pack encountered in Denver was responsible for transport of the slaves to the east, where the new Caesar's headquarter was located. Legion pack appeared there once a year on their way back to Caesar. Than every couple of weeks a pair of fast guys out east scout, if the radioactive dust storms had subsided for the season. Once they did, they headed out. This pack was led by vexillarius Terrence. Under his command were 5 generic legionaries - Cruz, Wierzbowski, Thunderfoot, Ivory and Marco. One of them could be a sniper[38] and two of them were scouts[39]. They were well armed, as far as wastelanders go. If the Prisoner was in alliance with the Blackfoot tribe, he had in with the guys from Caesar's Legion. They mainly wanted to keep away from the "primitives and assholes" who lived in this part of the continent. After an unsuccessful dialogue Terence and his slavers would attack the Prisoner. Among the slaves the Prisoner could encounter Daniel[40], supermutant Blackjack and captured Ciphers. Blackjack could be sold there by Alexandra, CNPC bounty hunter. The Reservation didn't buy supermutant and ghoul slaves, so if there were any, they were transported to the east[41]. Acting as Caesar's Legion agent Terrence could purchase or get Ciphers slaves, Blackjack[42] and information about gentle Twin Mothers tribe, for 1000 caps[43].

The legionnaires in Denver were camped out in a hotel in southern part of the town with some slaves they've rounded up. They had the lower floors secured with chain link fence and barriers made of junk. They kept the dogs away with chemical repellent sprayed in the area, resprayed every year when they return there. They were alert. They stayed on the 2nd level, though they were watching their surroundings and might have a sniper hiding out on the ground floor. They kept the slaves locked in rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor[44]. The Prisoner had to deal some way with the Legion slavers, if he wanted to repair klaxon station on the 2nd floor of the hotel and drive with all of the dogs out of the city. It had never been a concerted slavage effort until the NCR slavagers arrived to Denver, however probably Caesar's Legion had made by slaves some basic salvage and building works concerning its camp.

Trade with the Reservation

Experienced centurion Caius Drusus was in charge with slave supplies there. Members of Caesar’s Legion were the main suppliers of the slaves for the Reservation. There were other slave traders, but most slaves came from Caesar’s Legion. Caesar’s Legion enjoyed trading human slaves for firearms, armors and ammo. Trade was luxurious, however the Reservation didn't buy supermutant or ghoul slaves.

Caesar’s slave traders came once every month to sell slaves to ghoul Horatio. Should the Prisoner wasted the Slaver Caravan in the Slaver Caravan random encounter, Caius and friends would never show up again to sell slaves. This would concern Horatio, but he would not lose sleep over it since there were other slavers in the wasteland, eg. ghoul slaver Ingmar or slavers from Slaver Caravan random encounter[45].

Caesar's Legion needed ammunition such as 12 ga, 5 mm, smaller amounts of .45 bullets and may be .223 FMJ. However it is not certain where the Legion weapons shipments go, if there were any. Travel to the east was possible once a year only and there is no information concerning Caesar's Legion weapons caravans.

Delivered slave number estimations - if average long term slave workers number on the Sub-Level 2 was two dozen[46]:

  • there were form 47 to 58 groups of slaves delivered by the Legion on constant monthly basis until October 2253[47]; number of slaves per month was unknown, there could be some fresh slaves at the slave market also,
  • since 2249 year ghouls have lost from 47 to 58 slave workers[48],
  • with 98% slob waste rate, during 2 years after Belle was born the Reservation wasted ca. 13 slobs, for creation of 4 Born Ghouls between 2227 and 2251 year were it was used c.a. 200 slobs,
  • there were from 60 to 71 lost slave workers and slobs together, from 2249, which is rather contrary to c.a. 50 monthly slaves shipments.

Caesar, Hecate and Tribals

  • For over a decade since year 2231 four Brotherhood of Steel paladins under Andrea Brixley's command had explored "the east" from Maxson Bunker and had forged relationships with many of the tribes that inhabited the area[49].
  • Caesar's Legion, established after 2238 year, was comprised mostly of reconditioned tribals and their offspring.
  • Growing in power Caesar's Legion taught the tribes to fight back the Twisted Hair tribe. Hecate, the only Twisted Hair survivor, influenced this tribes and was going to annihilate them.
  • Caesar had executed Joshua Graham by tribals. This tribals feared and hated Graham[50], especially Graham was feared by Blackfoots[51].
  • Jackals had been moving east to the Boulder area because of pressure from the unified tribes, other tribes despise and fear them. Jackals were supported by a Daughter of Hecate called Crazy Bitch.
  • Other known tribes hosting Daughters of Hecate were Blackfoots with Hangdogs and Twin Mothers. Twin Mothers were not known to Caesar's Legion, they weren't a member of anti-Twisted Hair league and they couldn't harm Hecate. Ciphers and "Iron Lines" refused Hecate's care and because of it they were in conflict with Hecate's people. "Iron Lines" had remained largely immune to the plagues, that haunt other tribes, who went against Hecate’s wishes.
  • The only known tribe on the southwest allied with Caesar were Blackfoots. However they were supported by Hecate also.
  • Blackfoots sold slaves to other tribes and to the Reservation. The only other known slaving tribe in van Buren were Hecate's people - her Hounds aka Vipers. May be ghouls in the Reservation could be regarded as a some kind of "tribe"[52].

Possible explanations of contradictions is, that Caesar assimilated or took to the east his tribes also, and technically - tribes weren't implemented into Van Buren or were cut off. There is Van Buren first vision plot also - the Daughters of Hecate and Caesar’s Legion was thought to use them to build an army with Ciphers, Hangdogs, Vipers and Jackals tribes.

The new location on the east

Southwest - green, Midwest - grey and yellow, Texas - white

The east was the place, where the new Caesar's Legion location was moved. True power of Caesar's Legion could be seen there - huge, powerful, well-organized, absolutely merciless, truly brutal fighting force and slaving organization. Caesar had moved east of Texas, past the legendary cyclones that rage for most of the months of the year. The Legion pack encountered in Denver traveled to the east, in Kansas direction, when the radioactive dust storms subside for the season.

Tt seems, that the Legion moved east of Texas and the Midwest[53]. There is possible inconsistency however - Anton, hostile salvagers leader, was from the Midwest and fled to Denver to escape Caesar's Legion.

Music description

Caesar's Legion music description was melody evoking a Roman legions marching tune. It was musical background planned for Legion camp in Denver.


The Caesar's Legion concept authors were Chris Avellone during pre-production and then - J.E. Sawyer - One of the few big things I did on van Buren was taking an organization Chris invented and changing it (perhaps mangling it in the process) into a neo-Roman slavers’ legion with all the weird titles, makeshift costumes, and traditions of that group.

  • According to Chris Avellone's test pen-and-paper campaign The first fringe of the slaver band, Caesar’s Legion was planned to encounter and fight in the Circle Junction Train Yards.
  • According to Van Buren first vision the Daughters of Hecate and Caesar’s Legion was thought as the female and male polar opposites, which was supposed to allow the player, depending on gender, to rule either one and use them to build an army, Postman style.
  • Sharptooth, cut-off member of Hangdog tribe, was planned to be a spy for Caesar's Legion, reporting to their agents in Denver, only because Caesar holds Sharptooth's sister as a slave. If this became known, the other Hangdogs would demand to banish he and his family to the wasteland. Bares-His-Teeth would have no qualms about doing this[54]. Before being merged by designers with Blackfoot tribe Hangdogs tribe could be planned to live in northeastern Colorado, near Denver[55].
  • According to one of Van Buren screenshots the Prisoner, equipped with Fallout Tactics-like pump-action shotgun and some unknown grenades, together with his five CNPC party, could kill hostile pack consisted of Legion slaver and Legion vexillarius[56].

Appearances in games

  • The Legion was initially, when Chris Avellone still worked on the project, to play a significant role in Van Buren. It was mostly cut out because Van Buren was getting too big, although it was planned some minor appearances in the game, which don't affect endfilms[57].
  • It was planned to give the Legion a major role to play in Fallout 4 - You wouldn't see their true power until a sequel.
  • The Legion is present in J.E. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game.



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  2. There is some inconsistency connected with date of foundation of Ouroboros according to design documents. It was founded by Hecate, but after Caesar's Legion was created in 2238, but: Hecate was a young woman, when her Twisted Hair tribe was destroyed, she had spent several months in the Nursery, where she was taught by Diana, Jordon, captain of the Ouroboros elite city guard, was young unmarried man and had been raised there since the age of three years.
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Van Buren (Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3)

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