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A Cadava Potion

The Cadava potion is used in the Romeo & Juliet quest and is unique to the quest. The Apothecary in Varrock can make you this potion during the quest by giving him Cadava berries. It is used in the quest to fake Juliet's death so Romeo can meet her (more details at the Romeo & Juliet quest guide). Cadava berries in RuneScape knowledge are known to be very poisonous.

Players cannot make this potion using the Herblore skill. It has one dose. This potion is harmless as it does not actually poison players when drunk.

In the past, it was possible to obtain the potion even after completion of the quest.


Right clicking the potion gives you five options.

  • Look-at: You look at the potion and text appears in the dialogue box "This looks very colourful, but you remember what Father Lawrence told you about it, probably best not to drink it".
  • Drink: If you are outside the Apothecary's "establishment", text will appear in the dialogue box "You dare not drink this outside of the apothecary's establishment. At least there the apothecary may be able to help you if you need assistance". If you are in the apothecary's establishment, you will be given a second chance to drink it or not. If you do, you will do the same emote as if you died ("Oh dear! You are nearly dead!") and will wake up and then the Apothecary will tell you that you've been knocked out.
  • Use: used in the Romeo & Juliet quest.
A player drinking a cadava potion


  • If you haven't finished Romeo and Juliet, you can repeatedly make cadava potions by giving the Apothecary more cadava berries. He will still accept them until the quest is over. You still keep the potions even after the quest is over.

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