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"It’s cactus central out here!"

The Cactuar Nation is as its namesake represents in Final Fantasy X-2. Founded in the middle of Bikanel Desert, it is home to a large number of Cactuars and their matured form, the giant cacti. It is the location for the Cactuar Search mission.


The Cactuar Nation is founded by the cacti that have watched over the sands of Bikanel Desert ever since "the dawn of time", as mentioned by their leader Marnela. Marnela, the largest of the cacti, leads the giant cacti, including the Cactuar Mothers of the Ten Gatekeepers.

Recently, the Cactuar Nation had managed to establish diplomatic ties with the Al Bhed excavation camp in Bikanel. Benzo, a young Al Bhed who understands the language of the Cactuar, acts as their interpreter. It is through him that Marnela presents their plight.

In ancient times, the cacti of the Nation had managed to seal a Angra Mainyu deep within the desert, but it had awaken recently, and Marnela fears that it might target the Cactuar Nation to exact its revenge on the cactuars that had sealed it. The Ten Gatekeepers are able to summon a magical barrier called the Great Haboob that steered fiends away from the Nation.


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