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Written by  Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil
Music by 
Lyrics by 
Publisher  Mad Muppet Melodies

Cabin Fever is a production number in the Muppet musical adventure, Muppet Treasure Island.

When the wind drops, and the Hispaniola begins to drift, the crew go stir crazy out of boredom. The human pirate twosome, Calico Jerry and Easy Pete, are the first to succumb to cabin fever, and the rest of the crew quickly follow suit. Some of the lead characters, including Fozzie Bear and Gonzo, dress up in Spanish-style costumes, and dance around the ship playing maracas.

Long John Silver, Captain Smollett, Mr. Arrow and Jim Hawkins are not seen during this number, so they may be unaffected by the fever.

An extended version of the song is included on the Muppet Treasure Island soundtrack.

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This article is about the episode. For the magazine issue, see Cabin Fever!. For the sickness, see Temporal displacement.
"Cabin Fever"

May 8, 2008
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Episode transcript
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"Cabin Fever" is the eleventh episode of Season 4 of Lost, and the eighty-third produced hour of the series as a whole. It originally aired on May 8, 2008. Locke, Hurley, and Ben trek through the jungle in search of Jacob's cabin and answers, while tensions run high aboard the Kahana as Keamy prepares to return to the Island. Flashbacks reveal a lifelong connection between Locke's destiny and the Island.





Locke's mother and grandmother

A girl plays a record of "Everyday" by Buddy Holly and dances around her room. She is in front of the mirror applying lipstick when her mother walks in angrily. They argue about the fact that the girl is going out for the night. Her mother asks if she is going out with "him" and says that she does not approve. The girl, identified as Emily, says that she is in love with him. Emily runs out to meet the mysterious "him", but as she does she is hit by a car. Emily wakes up in the hospital being rushed through a hall on a gurney. She tells a nurse that she is pregnant. After giving birth to her child, the nurse tells her that it is a boy and rushes him away saying that he is too young to be held, despite Emily's pleas. Before being wheeled out, Emily asks the nurse to name him John.

Richard stands at the window watching baby Locke

Later, Emily and her mother are standing over John, now in an incubator. The nurse enters and is overjoyed at the fact that John is the youngest premature baby to survive at the hospital. Emily's mother, Mrs. Locke, seems less than thrilled at this information. At the prospect of holding him for the first time, Emily becomes upset. She runs out of the room crying, saying that she cannot do it. Mrs. Locke then casually asks whom she should speak to about adoption. Before getting an answer, she is surprised to see a man at the viewing window. The nurse asks if he is the father of the baby, and she responds by saying that she doesn't know who he is. The man is Richard Alpert, who looks the same age as he does on the Island in the present day.


The 6 objects

Five-year-old John is playing backgammon in a living room when his foster sister Melissa rudely knocks the pieces off the board, taunting him. His foster mother Florence scolds her before telling John that there is a man there to see him, and that he should be on his best behavior. Richard Alpert walks in the house and sits down at the table across from him. He introduces himself as Richard and tells John that he runs a school for special children and has reason to believe that John is one of them. Richard asks John if he minds if Richard shows him a couple of neat things, to which John shakes his head (indicating he does not mind). Richard notices a drawing on the wall of the room of a man lying on the ground while a mass of black springs from the ground and hangs over him, resembling an attack by the smoke monster. When asked by Richard if he drew the picture, John nods his head. The two walk to another table and sit down. Richard tells John that he wants him to look at a few objects, think about them, and tell him which of them are his. The boy thinks Richard means "to keep" but Alpert clarifies, "Which of these things belong to you already?" He lays out on the table a baseball glove, a book entitled "Book of Laws" (possibly referring to the holy text of the Bahá'í faith), a small container of granules, a compass, a comic book entitled "Mystery Tales", and a knife. John immediately claims the container of the granules and inspects and claims the compass. John starts towards the "Book of Laws", at which point Richard looks hopeful. Instead, he picks up the knife, to which Richard seems disappointed and angry. He asks John if he is sure, and after he nods affirmatively, Richard snatches the knife from his hand and takes the other items away. He puts these back into his bag and stands up quickly. Florence enters the room and asks how John did. Richard responds sternly that John is not quite ready for his school and walks out of the house. Florence scolds John, asking what he did wrong, as he looks down dejectedly.


Teenage Locke

Sixteen-year-old Locke, now a high school student, bangs on the door from the inside of a locker calling to be let out. A teacher opens the door and John finds everyone laughing at him when he exits. The teacher suggests that he come to the nurse's office with him because his lip is bleeding. Soon after, the two sit in an office where John says that he does not want to talk about what just happened despite the man's prodding. The teacher tells John that he got a call from Portland on behalf of Mittelos Laboratories who work with chemistry and new technologies. When he mentions speaking with a Dr. Alpert, John looks up. The teacher tells him that Mittelos is looking for bright young minds, and they want John to go to their summer camp. When Locke asks how they knew about him, the teacher suggests that they sent a representative to a science fair where John had presented a "display at Costa Mesa". John gets upset and tells the teacher that he is not a scientist, but the type of person who is interested in sports and cars. The teacher kindly tells him that even if he wants to be more like the popular boys at school, it is just not who he is. He says that John simply can't be a super-hero, to which he responds, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" He hands him back the pamphlet and walks out.


Abaddon comes to speak to Locke

Adult Locke struggles to walk while undergoing physical therapy at a rehabilitative center. The trainer gives praise to Locke's good work and tells him enough for the day, waving an orderly to bring over a wheelchair. The orderly helps Locke into the chair and pushes him towards the elevator, talking with him and being revealed as Matthew Abaddon. He tells John that surviving an 8-story fall was a miracle and suggests John take an Australian walkabout and learn who he truly is. Abaddon tells Locke that he's "much more than an orderly," and again urges him to go on the walkabout, saying purposefully that when they meet again Locke would "owe him one."

In the jungle

Horace in Locke's dream, with nose bleeding

Hurley, Locke and Ben make camp in the jungle overnight. The next morning, Locke awakens to the sound of an axe. He follows the sound and finds a man in a DHARMA jumpsuit cutting down trees. Locke asks him who he is, and he informally answers that his name is Horace and that he is building a getaway for his wife, and that he needs a break from the DHARMA Initiative. Seeing the confused look on Locke's face, Horace asks if he makes sense, to which Locke replies that he does not. Smiling, Horace turns to Locke, bleeding from his nose, and replies that it is probably because he's been deceased for twelve years. John is told that he needs to find Horace in order to find Jacob. Strangely, Horace then finishes cutting down the exact same tree he just toppled over, which has strangely reappeared. Horace repeats several of his previous sentences, and then begins to cut down the tree for a third time. The last thing he says to John is "Godspeed." John then awakens, revealing that he was simply dreaming, to find Ben awake and looking at him. Ben seems to know what has happened, and says only "I used to have dreams," before Locke orders camp to break.

Ben, Hurley and Locke at the mass grave

Locke leads Hurley to the mass grave of approximately 100 people of the DHARMA Initiative. As Locke begins searching the bodies, Hurley asks Ben about his killing these people, to which a seemingly offended Ben states that he didn't kill them and that it wasn't his decision - it was the decision of the Others' leader. Hurley says that he thought Ben was the Others' leader. Ben responds, "Not always." Locke rummages through the bodies, reading the names on the jumpsuits until he finds a decaying body clad in Horace's jumpsuit. He opens the pocket on the jumpsuit and finds blueprints to a cabin and a map to it. Locke offers Hurley a chance to return to the beach, though it would be at night and alone. Instead, Hurley remains with them and as he moves out of earshot, Ben commends Locke's ability to force Hurley's choice. Locke denies being manipulative, stating to Ben, "I'm not you." Ben sarcastically agrees.

Christian in the cabin

Though Ben is doubtful of their ability to locate the cabin, Hurley finds it. Locke lights a lamp and enters alone, leaving Ben and Hurley to wait outside. Inside Locke sees the shadowy figure of Christian Shephard seated in the corner, who introduces himself as Christian and says he can speak on behalf of Jacob. Christian reaffirms Locke's notion that he found the cabin because he was "chosen," and tells Locke not to worry about Claire, who is found to be reclining in a chair in a corner of the cabin without Aaron but nevertheless appearing relaxed and nonchalant. Christian says that the people from the freighter are returning and tells Locke to ask the one question that really matters. Locke asks how he can save the Island. Christian and Claire both smile in satisfaction.

Hurley and Ben split an Apollo bar outside before Locke emerges from the cabin. Ben asks if he knows what they're supposed to do next, and Locke replies, "He wants us to move the Island."

On the Kahana

Keamy and his team arrive on the freighter. Sayid wakes Desmond and tells him of the helicopters return. Up on deck, Keamy tries to question Sayid about the whereabouts of everyone on the Island, before noticing Gault and asking who gave his name to Ben.

Captain Gault takes Keamy to the brig, where Michael is handcuffed to a pipe on the wall. Keamy kicks the legs out from an adjoining bed so that it falls on Michael's leg, causing him to scream in pain. He asks Michael if he knows his name, and when Michael indicates that he does, Keamy asks if it was Michael who told Ben his name. When Michael says yes, Keamy pulls out his gun, holds it to Michael's head, and, despite Gault's protests, pulls the trigger. The gun does not fire. He pulls again, and still nothing. Keamy checks the gun's magazine and sees that it is still loaded. The captain tells him that he can't kill Michael because Michael is the only one who can fix the engines, since he is the one who sabotaged them in the first place. Frustrated, Keamy strikes Michael in the face.

A little after this, Keamy goes to Captain Gault and asks for the key. When Gault refuses, Keamy steals the key and runs to a filing cabinet and opens a safe. When Gault asks what he is getting, Keamy responds by saying "Secondary protocol". He says it's how they are going to find Ben, indicating that Charles Widmore knew where Ben would be going and now so does he. The protocol has the DHARMA logo on the front page. Keamy then asks the captain to fix his gun.

Sayid on the Kahana's tender

Desmond notices that the mercenary teams wounds are not caused by gunshots and wonders what has happened. Sayid is sure they won't let it happen again, the next time they go back. Captain Gault walks to Desmond and Sayid and tells Omar, who stands guard, that Keamy wants him in the armory. Omar says he isn't supposed to let them out of his sight, to which the captain replies, "I'll watch them." Omar leaves, while grabbing his phone, after hearing sets of beeps come over it (Morse code). The Captain then tells Desmond and Sayid to hide in a pantry under the galley. Sayid asks if Michael is dead, to which the captain answers no, but not through lack of trying - and that is exactly the reason they have to hide. Doc Ray can be seen in the background. Sayid asks for the ship's "Zodiac raft," saying the only way to save their lives is to get their people off the Island and on to the boat.

Keamy shows the device on his arm

Michael is lying on the floor of a room on the freighter with a bloody lip. Frank helps him up, asking why Michael hadn't told him he was a survivor of Flight 815, citing the fact that he was one of the few people who would have believed him. Michael tells Frank it was because his boss had staged the wreckage, which Frank dismisses as a conspiracy theory. He begs Frank not to bring Keamy back to the Island, saying "He's going to kill everyone...everyone." As Michael and Frank leave the room, they notice Keamy at the end of the hall, wearing a heart rate monitor transmitter around his chest and having a device attached to his arm by Omar. Keamy notices them and Omar slams the door shut.

Gault meets Sayid and Desmond at the ship's tender, but Desmond tells Sayid that, after three years of being stranded, he will not set foot on that Island again. Sayid departs alone, and Desmond remains in hiding on the Kahana.

Later, Keamy and the troops start boarding the helicopter. Omar tells Doc Ray that the Morse code message he received from the beach said that the Doc was dead, which greatly confuses Ray. Frank refuses to take Keamy and his team to the Island. Keamy responds by slitting Doc Ray's throat and throwing him overboard. Keamy asks Frank again and he still refuses. A gunshot rings out and it's Gault, stating that he has "fixed" Keamy's gun. Gault tells Keamy to stand down or he will shoot. Keamy then shows Gault the device on his arm, and when Gault turns his head to ask what the device is, Keamy shoots him through the heart. Gault falls dead and Desmond scurries away from his hiding spot. Keamy asks Frank again and this time Frank concedes. As Keamy and his men prepare to board the copter they do not see Frank hastily adjust his satellite phone, wrap it in clothing, and stow it in canvas bag.

At the beach

Jack retrieves the sat phone

Back at the beach camp, Jack is searching and indulging in food in the kitchen when Juliet appears and scolds Jack for being out and walking around so soon after his surgery. Jack grins and says he's hungry. Juliet exclaims lightheartedly that doctors are always the worst patients. The noise of a helicopter is heard. The entire camp runs to the shore to watch the freighter's chopper pass directly overhead. As they watch stunned and shocked, a package is dropped from the chopper as it flies above. Jack runs over, opens the bundle and finds a new satellite phone, it appears to be tracking the helicopter. Jack states, "I think they want us to follow them."



A Geronimo Jackson poster and photograph of Sir Richard Burton in teenage Locke's locker.
A map found in Lapidus' bag
  • The SAT phone lands on Claire's tent.
  • This is the first episode since "D.O.C." to solely feature pre-crash flashbacks of an Oceanic 815 survivor. However it does not feature a singular narrative, but rather multiple events throughout Locke's life. It is the only episode of season four to feature only pre-crash flashbacks from a Oceanic 815 survivor, as the other 815 survivors to receive flashbacks-Jin and Michael-either had only post-crash flashbacks (Michael) or shared the episode with a flashforward (Jin).
  • A Geronimo Jackson poster and photograph of Sir Richard Burton, explorer are visible in teenage Locke's locker.
  • Horace Goodspeed, in Locke's dream, mentions that he has been dead for 12 years. This places the date of the Purge on December 19, 1992 (December 19 being Ben's birthday).
  • Ben and Hurley share an Apollo Bar while they wait for Locke to come out of the cabin.
  • Christian, who usually appears in a suit, wears clothes that look more like what the Others and Jacob might wear, as he did when he first appeared to Claire in "Something Nice Back Home".
  • The second protocol Keamy grabs from the safe has the same DHARMA symbol that Ben's parka had in "The Shape of Things to Come", which is the symbol of the Orchid station (see below).
  • A solid black centered logo appears in this episode on a corpse in the pit.
  • Horace repeatedly chopping down the tree which continually reappears, as well as his repetition of his name and other phrases, are reminiscent of residual style hauntings, in which memories of events play themselves over and over in a specific place.
  • When Richard Alpert visits young Locke we can see pictures of birds on the living room wall. These appear to be the same birds that Walt saw in his book in the episode "Special".
  • Horace makes a reference to his own name when he says to Locke "I'm Horace. Godspeed, John."
  • As Locke walks into the Cabin, Claire can be seen in the bottom left of the screen sitting in the shadows, a couple of minutes before she is revealed.
  • In the November 6, 2006 Official Lost ABC podcast, a forum user "Marvolo815" asked "...does the Island move? ..." Damon Lindelof responded with "I think that's a fascinating thought." Damon and Carlton went on to joke that "...if we were to reveal something so ginormous as if the Island were moving... They would fire us instantly. And also, it would be much cooler if they would reveal something like that on the show." Carlton Cuse added his sentiments: "Exactly."
  • One of the items removed from Lapidus's bag is a map of Tarawa Atoll, a group of islands northwest of Australia.

Production notes

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • The single of "Everyday" by Buddy Holly and the Crickets was recorded in May of 1957, and it was not released until September 1957, over one year after Locke's birthdate of May 30, 1956. It would be impossible for Emily to have been playing this record the night of John's birth. (source: [1] [2][3])
  • Right before Horace introduces himself for a second time, we see a close-up of John Locke but his trademark scar is on the wrong eye.
  • When Alpert is placing the items on the table for young Locke to choose ones which belong to him, the compass changes rotation.
    • When he puts the first item down, there's something resembling a white coaster on the table. When he presents the second item, the white coaster is suddenly gone.
  • When Locke's Grandmother goes to light up in the hospital you can see lipstick marks on both ends of cigarette.
  • While talking to Hurley and Ben about the DHARMA Initiative, Locke is seen hacking away at plants with a machete. When Locke takes his backpack off, the blade is in it and not in his hand.
  • Right after Locke departs from Hurley and Ben to go into the cabin, one can see the shadow of Hurley's arm holding the torch appear on Ben's shirt. As the camera zooms in, Hurley moves his arm, perhaps to cover the fact that the light isn't coming from the torch itself. (The torch wouldn't cast a shadow if the fire atop it were creating the light.)
  • As Sayid leaves the Kahana to return to the Island, the captain tells him to be sure to follow the compass bearing of 305 degrees. This is incorrect. To go from the Island to the ship, one travels away from the Island heading northwest at 305. Traveling from the ship at 305 would continue to move northwest away from the Island. Instead, to go from the ship back to the Island, one must travel in the direction opposite of 305, namely 125 degrees.
  • As Frank releases Michael from where he is being held on the "Kahana" he has a bloody lip. However, when Michael walks out of the cabin with Frank his lip is no longer bloody.
  • Before Frank places the satellite phone in the bag, he wraps it yellow cloth; when Jack pulls the phone out of the bag, he does so without any motions of unwrapping.

Recurring themes

Recurring themes in Lost
Black and whiteCar accidentsCharacter connectionsDeceptions and consDreamsEyesFate versus free willGood and bad peopleImprisonmentIsolationLife and deathMissing body partsNicknamesThe NumbersParent issuesPregnanciesRainRebirthRedemptionRelationshipsRevengeSacrificeSecretsTime
  • Locke's eye is shown twice. (Eyes)
  • Keamy kills Captain Gault and Ray, and unsuccessfully attempts to kill Michael. (Life and Death)
  • Horace appears alive to Locke, but says he's been dead for 12 years. (Life and Death)
  • Keamy tries to kill Michael but the gun jams. (Fate versus free will)
  • Locke's mother gives birth prematurely. (Pregnancies)
  • Locke survives many illnesses as an infant. (Life and Death)
  • Locke shows an aptitude for backgammon as a child. (Games)
  • Locke's mother has issues with her mother. (Parent Issues)
  • It is raining when Emily rushes out of her house and is hit by a car as she crosses the street. (Rain) (Car accidents)
  • Locke's life is endangered as a baby, and he is put into an incubator, from which he later gets recovered miraculously. (Life and Death)  (Imprisonment)  (Rebirth)
  • It is raining when Richard comes to test young John. (Rain)
  • The men on the freighter hear the survivors' transmission informing them that they have found the doctor's corpse before he is killed on the ship. (Time)
  • Michael is being held in a room somewhere on the boat. (Imprisonment) (Isolation)
  • Captain Gault says that he will tell Keamy that Sayid stole the boat. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Locke meets Goodspeed in a dream. (Dreams)
  • Locke is given a reincarnation/rebirth test by Richard. (Rebirth)
  • Ben tells Locke that he used to have dreams. (Dreams)
  • Richard Alpert watches John and makes contact with him at different stages of John's life. Even so, he does not appear to age. (Time)
  • Locke is closed up in his locker as a teenager. (Imprisonment) (Isolation)
  • Ben tells John that destiny is a fickle bitch, and that the Island wanted him to get sick and it wanted John to get well. He thinks his time is over, and it's John's now. (Fate versus free will)
  • Christian Shephard tells John that Aaron is where he's supposed to be. (Fate versus free will)
  • Locke and Richard share a connection dating from Locke's birth and childhood. (Character connections)
  • Keamy won't reveal his true orders and intentions to Frank. (Secrets)
  • Emily is in a relationship with a man her family strongly disapproves -- it's presumably Anthony Cooper, who's Locke's father and a criminal. (Relationships)
  • Richard Alpert tried at least twice to draw Locke into what he was supposed to be in his early years, but was turned down both times by Locke stubbornly choosing a very different path, though not being aware of it. (Fate versus free will)

Cultural references

Cultural references in Lost
(direct references only)
ArtBooksCarsGamesMovies and TVMusicPhilosophyReligion and ideologiesScience
  • Everyday: this song by Buddy Holly is playing at the beginning of this episode. (Music)
  • Tibetan Buddhism: the test given to young Locke by Richard Alpert strongly resembles the Tibetan Buddhist ritual used to confirm a reincarnated tulku (the Dalai Lama being the most widely known). (Religion and ideologies)
  • The Bible: As the nurses wheel out Emily's premature baby, she yells out, "His name is John!" This is a direct quote from Luke 1:63, when Zechariah and Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist. (Religion and ideologies)
  • Mystery Tales: The comic book Richard Alpert shows young Locke is "Mystery Tales" issue #40, which was published in April of 1956 by Atlas Comics. The cover contains the text "What was the Secret of the Mysterious Hidden Land?" and "Does it Pay to Ignore the Voice of Warning?" (Pop culture misc. references)
  • The Myth Of Sisyphus - Horace Goodspeed is seen cutting down a tree, only to have that tree reappear uncut, which he then cuts down again in a seemingly repetitive loop. This is an apparent reference to the myth of Sisyphus, whom the gods punish by forcing him to push a boulder up a hill, only to have the boulder roll back down for him to push again in a eternally repeating loop. (Philosophy)
  • The X-Men: Richard Alpert's line, "I'm Richard, John. I run a school for kids who are... extremely special, and I have reason to believe that you might be one of them," is almost word for word a very common line spoken by Charles Xavier (Professor X) in the various incarnations of "X-Men" when recruiting young mutants. (Pop culture misc. references)
  • Mallomars: Hurley dreams of these chocolate-coated marshmallow treats.

Literary techniques

Literary techniques in Lost
ComparativeIronyJuxtapositionForeshadowing PlottingCliffhangerPlot twist Stock Characters:  ArchetypeRedshirtUnseen character
Story:  FlashbacksFlash-forwardsFlash-sidewaysRegularly spoken phrasesSymbolismUnreliable narrator 
  • Richard Alpert is present during Locke's infancy, and later attempts to recruit him into the Others. (Plot twist)
  • Locke says, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" (Regularly spoken phrases)
  • Locke chooses the knife, an instrument he will be good with in his future life. (Foreshadowing)
  • Locke was born 3 months early, and all of the women on the Island seem to die 3 months before they give birth. (Juxtaposition)
  • Both Ben and Locke have been "chosen" by Jacob; both had physiological problems with their spines, both have mothers named Emily whom they never really knew, and both were born prematurely. (Juxtaposition)
  • Ben tells John that he thought he was special, but ended up with a tumor on his spine and his daughter's blood all over his hands. (Regularly spoken phrases)  (Irony)
  • It is suggested that Abaddon had some prior knowledge of Flight 815's eventual crash. (Plot twist)
  • Emily Locke and her mother discuss Emily's relationship with a man only referred to as "him." This may or may not be Anthony Cooper, given Emily is in her sixth month of pregnancy. (Unseen character)
  • Abaddon suggests that a crippled man should find himself in a walkabout. (Irony)
  • It is suggested that the Island can be moved, literally or figuratively, with no clue to a real answer. (Cliffhanger)
  • Locke is born on the night his mother listens to a song by a man (Buddy Holly) who died in a famous plane crash. (Foreshadowing)  (Irony)
  • Locke misses his chances of joining Richard in his childhood and adolescence by picking the "action man" path (knife, sports, popularity) as opposite to the "science man" path Richard lays in front of him. Later, following Abaddon's advice of being an action man despite physically not being fit to anymore, Locke is finally reunited with Richard and finds his destiny in the island. (Foreshadowing)  (Irony)
  • Young Locke protests, "I like boxing and fishing and cars!" Although it almost certainly isn't what he meant, Locke would later work for a box company. (Irony)  (Foreshadowing)
  • Ben's comment that "Destiny is a fickle bitch" may refer to Juliet changing her mind about detonating the bomb in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" (Foreshadowing)

Storyline analysis

Storyline analysis in Lost
  • Hurley says, "I thought you were the leader," to Ben, and Ben says, "Not always." (Leadership)
  • Keamy takes over as de facto leader of the Kahana when he shoots Captain Gault. (Leadership)
  • Keamy coldly executes the doctor in order to coerce Frank. (Crimes)
  • The mercenaries are back on the Island to finish their job. (F-missions)

Episode references

The DHARMA logo on the handbook Keamy takes from the safe is the same one on the chest of the jacket Ben was wearing in Tunisia in "The Shape of Things to Come"

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
  1. Do not answer the questions here.
  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Cabin Fever/Theories
  • What is the purpose and meaning of each of the six items?
  • Why are Christian and Claire in the cabin?
  • Why is Claire so calm and nonchalant?

External links

  • ABC Medianet Press Release (04/21/08): Press Release

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Official quest description: It's war on the high seas as Bill Teach tries to make the journey from Port Phasmatys to the pirate enclave of Mos Le'Harmless!

With his crew heading for the hills he's looking to recruit anyone eager to become a pirate to help him sink the enemy before he ends up swimming home. He's offering a lot more than a shilling to join his crew. Have you got what it takes to be a pirate?

Release date: 7 February 2006 (Update)
Start: Talk to Bill Teach in the Port Phasmatys Inn.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short/Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed: None
Monsters to kill: None. (You will be attacked by Level 57 pirates when you board the pirate ship to complete the tasks set by Bill Teach.)


Help a pirate down on his luck

He tells you he needs a pirate to help him, but none will sail with him.
  • Tell him, "Yes, I've always wanted to be a pirate!" and then respond to his questions.
Although he doubts your pirating abilities, he accepts your help and then tells you a bit about his problem: His crew has deserted him, and as soon as he leaves port, he will come under attack. He needs one more crew member to help on his ship.
  • Agree again to help him, and he tells you to meet him on his ship.
  • Go to the Port Phasmatys docks, and board the easternmost ship, The Adventurous.
Note: If you ever need to return to port, select the Return Home option with Bill Teach to sail back Port Phasmatys. Speak to Teach aboard his ship to pick up where you left off.

Fight like a pirate

The Adventurous taking on water.
  • As soon as you leave port, you see a cutscene with an enemy pirate ship firing on The Adventurous, blasting holes in your ship's hull and destroying your cannon.
Bill Teach tells you to take care of the enemy's cannon. He suggests you grab some fuse from the gun locker and a rope from the repair locker.
  • Go to the ship's bottom deck (if you aren't already there), and in the south-west corner take the tinderbox.
  • Go north a bit, search the Repair Locker, and take several ropes.
  • Search the Gun Locker—which is catty-cornered from the Repair Locker—and take a fuse.
Note: Make sure you have at least two open inventory spaces each time you jump between ships. If you fail your jump, your weapon and shield end up in inventory, but if you have no space for them you will drop them.
  • Climb up the Ship's ladder to the main deck, and use the Climbing net to climb up the mainmast.
  • Use your rope on your Hoisted sail to swing over to the enemy ship.
Note: You will be attacked by level 57 Pirates. If you need to escape for a moment from the pirates, climb up the Climbing Net on the main mast.
  • Find the cannon on the west side of the deck, use the fuse on the Powder Barrel next to it, and use the tinderbox to light the fuse and blow up the barrel and the cannon.
  • Climb the mainmast using the Climbing Net, use the rope on the Hoisted sail, and swing back over to The Adventurous.
Note: If you forgot to bring a second rope, you can find one in the south-west corner of the main deck of the enemy pirate's ship.

Repair The Adventurous

  • Talk to Bill Teach again.
He tells you to fix the holes in the hull.
Each hole takes two planks, ten tacks, and one swamp paste to fix.
  • For each hole, use a repair plank and then a swamp paste on the ship hull to patch it up.
  • Climb back up the Ship's ladder.

Plunder the pirates' booty

  • Talk to Bill Teach again.
He asks you to plunder the enemy ship.
  • Climb down the Ship's ladder, search the Repair Locker, and take two more ropes.
  • Return to the main deck, climb the Climbing net again, use a rope on the Hoisted sail, and swing over to the enemy ship.
  • Climb down the Ship's ladder. Plunder the chest, loot the crate and ransack the barrel for plunder.
You need to wait for the plunder to respawn.
Note: Looting all three of these only provides you with 6 plunder, 3 being from the chest, 2 from the crate and 1 from the barrel. It can take anywhere up to 5 minutes for the plunder to respawn so training on some of the pirates may be advised.
  • After you have ten plunder in your inventory, return to the main deck, climb up the Climbing Net, and use your rope on the Hoisting sail to return to The Adventurous.
  • Climb down the Ship's ladder, and use your plunder on the Plunder Storage at the back of the ship.
Note: If you leave the ship or get taken away by a random event, you will lose the plunder and have to steal it all over again. Also, if you end up with more than ten plunder, you can only store ten, so Bill Teach will confiscate any left over in your inventory when you talk to him next.

Fire the cannon!

  • Speak again with Bill Teach.
He wants to give the enemy pirates a blast from the cannon.
  • Follow these steps to repair and then fire the cannon:
If you fail to clean out the cannon after each shot, it will explode.
  1. Climb down the Ship's ladder, search the Gun Locker, and take a Cannon barrel.
  2. Climb back up the Ship's ladder, and Select the Repair Broken Cannon option on the cannon to repair it. You should receive a Broken cannon in your inventory. It's useless, and you can drop it.
  3. Talk to Bill Teach again, then go below and search the Gun Locker for a fuse, ramrod, and a few Cannon canisters. If you dropped it earlier, pick up another tinderbox while you are below.
  4. Return to the main deck, and choose the Take-powder option from the Powder Barrel next to the cannon. Take a few gunpowder.
  5. Use a gunpowder on the cannon.
  6. Use the ramrod on the cannon.
  7. Use a canister on the cannon.
  8. Use a fuse on the cannon.
  9. Now click the cannon and select Fire!
  10. Use the ramrod on the cannon again to clean it out.
  • If you miss, use the ramrod on the cannon to clean it out and then repeat steps 5 through 9 until you score a hit.
Note: Clean the cannon with the ramrod after each shot; otherwise, it will explode from the previous gunpowder! If this happens, just replace the broken barrel with a new one from the Gun Locker.
  • When you hit, talk to Bill Teach.
He tells you to sink the enemy pirate ship by blasting three holes in its hull.
  • Go down below, and search the Gun Locker to take three cannonballs.
  • Up on the main desk, follow steps 5 through 9 again until you have hit the enemy ship three times.
If you kill a rat, you get a message saying you hit a pirate!
Mama and Bill chat.

On Mos Le'Harmless

  • When the cutscene is over the quest is complete. Congratulations!
  • Talk to Bill Teach in The Other Inn to receive 10,000 coins. He tells you he will bring you to Mos Le'Harmless any time you wish.


Cabin Fever Reward


Music tracks unlocked:


  • Cabin Fever is the same name as several movies, TV shows, albums, and songs.
  • If you have extra plunder left, Bill Teach will take it and refuse to give it back.
  • When the cannon punctures holes in The Adventurous, the water gushing in is similar to the water in Fishing Trawler.
  • On the day of release and through the days that followed, the pirate clothing purchased from Mike was traded for large sums of gold compared to its shop price and could be purchased and sold in the commonly used banks for 100,000 easily. This was due to a relatively small number of people having completed the quest to purchase them and the fact that all players had the capability of wearing them.
  • The examine text of the Gun Locker aboard The Adventurous reads, "Cannons. Lots of cannons." This may be a reference to The Matrix, in which Neo says "Guns. Lots of guns."
  • On 9 November 2009, Jagex modified the timing and sounds when hammering planks in the quest and added sound effects for opening various lockers and depositing plunder.

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