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Average height

1.8 meters[1]

Hair color

Brown, golden


Snouts, memnii

Average lifespan

Up to 89 years[1]

Famous members

Elegos A'Kla, Releqy A'Kla, Eg'Ros Akala, Allynic E'Kles, Ylenic It'Kla, Surenit Kli'qiy, Eeshrin Ot'Hyne, Ves Volette

"If the wind no longer calls to you, it is time to see if you have forgotten your name."
Elegos A'Kla

The Caamasi (pronounced /kɑɑ'mɑsi/) were a species of furred humanoids known for their compassionate and peace-loving nature; indeed, the name Caamasi came to mean "friend from afar" and "stranger to be trusted" in some languages across the galaxy.


Biology and appearance

Caamasi had a spicy, woody body scent that was similar to that of Corellian whiskey. They had long arms with thin, three-fingered hands[1]. They also had extremely acute senses of smell.

Caamasi had the interesting ability to share vivid memories called memnii with their near relatives and Jedi. A memnis was as vivid to one who received it as it was to the one participated in the event remembered.


A Caamasi baring claws and fangs

Caamasi possessed great moral strength and respect for others. They were among the galaxy's finest diplomats and mediators, often solving severe conflicts in a matter of days. Senior Anthropologist Hoole witnessed the Caamasis' prowess firsthand when they negotiated peace between the Kubaz and the Verpine.

Unfortunately, the Caamasis' pacifism was at odds with Emperor Palpatine's New Order, and they suffered greatly under Imperial rule. A few months after the end of the Clone Wars, the surface of their homeworld, Caamas was bombarded, killing millions. After the destruction of their planet's environment, many refugees moved to Alderaan, Kerilt and Susevfi.

The bombardment was aided by a group of Bothans who sabotaged Caamas' shield generators. The Caamas Document detailed their involvement. Although many demanded that the Bothans purchase an uninhabited planet and terraform it according to Caamas' specifications, the Caamasi chose to forgive those who had betrayed them.

It was said in ancient legend that at the dawning of their age of existence, the Jedi came to the Caamasi for instruction on how to dictate the moral use of their powers, which could explain why the teachings of the Jedi Code have a great deal in common with the oft-inherit wisdom of the Caamasi, and perhaps another reason Palpatine felt it necessary to eliminate them.


Eg'Ros Akala is arrested on Coruscant.


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