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CNA is the fundamental genetic material of the Transformer species in some continuities.

CNA is the genetic material that determines what Transformers are like. Tinkering with it can be dangerous and can have long-lasting, negative effects.

References to it, however, are very scarce in Fictions, and thus like the far more commonly-referenced sparks can only be said to definitively exist in continuities where it is actually mentioned. To date, the specific nomenclature "CNA" has only been used in one continuity.



Transformer genetic material. Eat your hearts out, Watson and Crick.

Generation 2

The existence of Transformer genetic material is mentioned and seen when Perceptor and others are analyzing the Swarm. They note that its genetic material and cellular structure are identical to that of the Transformers species.

Beast Wars

Megatron was able to create a sapient clone of Dinobot with simply "a speck of [his] DNA", seemingly indicating that both the robotic and organic "genetics" were present in the DNA sample. Although the clone possessed a semblance of the original Dinobot's personality, his voice and possibly his memories, the clone did not however have a robot mode it was capable of transforming into, a fact which has unclear implications.

Beast Machines

After being reformatted by the Oracle, the Maximals in Beast Machines became Technorganic Cybertronians. What effect this had on their genetics specifically is unknown, but was doubtlessly profound.


Out of malevolent curiosity, Jhiaxus altered the CNA of Arcee to introduce gender to the species. That's not going to come back to haunt him, no siree... Spotlight: Arcee

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