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The Corellian Engineering light cruiser was produced by CEC.


They were used by the Judicial Forces by 29 BBY as escort ships for Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers, and ten were said to be capable of destroying every settlement on Zonama Sekot.

Behind the scenes

It is possible that this ship class is the Consular cruiser or CR90 corvette, both CEC ships used by the Judicial Forces at the time. However, its weaponry is more powerful than either, and there is no notice of either being used as Dreadnaught escorts. Additionally, CR90s are always classified as corvettes, making Consulars the most likely to be the Light Cruiser, modified to include substancial weaponry.

It is also possible that these ships are the same as, or prototypes/early models of the Clone Wars-era Republic light assault cruiser.


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