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Biographical information



32 BBY, Kamino[2]

Physical description

Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color

Black;[2] Blond (bleached)[3]; Blue (dyed)[4]

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[5]

"The name's Rex. But you'll call me 'captain' or 'sir'."
―Rex to Echo, Fives, and Hevy(audio)Listen (file info)

CC-7567, nicknamed Rex, was a clone trooper captain during the Clone Wars, the galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Rex was in command of Torrent Company of the famed 501st Legion, a unit in the Grand Army of the Republic. Rex served under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and was a freethinking, tough, and aggressive trooper. Yet his noteworthy individuality aside, Rex followed his orders without question like the rest of the soldiers. Rex was also good friends with Commander Cody.

Under General Skywalker, Rex would go to many different planets throughout the galaxy. Rex assisted High General Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Skywalker during the Battle of Christophsis, when he worked with Commander Cody to root out a traitor, and later led Torrent Company during Confederacy General Whorm Loathsom's multiple counterattacks. Rex also met Skywalker's new Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, after she arrived on Christophsis. Rex also participated in the Battle of Teth, where he was one of the few clone survivors before reinforcements arrived. During inspections of Republic listening posts, Rex and Cody encountered a squad of droids on the Rishi moon, and led a group of rookie clone troopers to retake the base.

Rex participated in the Battle of Bothawui, and later assisted Skywalker and Tano during a mission to destroy a Confederacy listening post—and was one of the few clone troopers, along with Sergeant Denal, to survive the mission. After rescuing Jedi General Aayla Secura from defeat by the Confederacy with Skywalker and Tano, the Jedi and clones, including Rex and Commander Bly, crash-landed on remote Maridun, and Rex stayed with an injured Skywalker while the others found help. After Confederacy General Lok Durd arrived on the planet to test a new weapon, Rex and Bly helped to defeat the Confederacy and save the inhabitants of the planet. Rex would later be an asset during a short war on Orto Plutonia, and would also help halt the release of the deadly Blue Shadow Virus. Rex also helped Skywalker and Tano during the Battle of Ryloth and retrieving a stolen Jedi holocron.




Clone trooper captain

Rex was one of the many clones of bounty hunter Jango Fett, bred on Kamino by the Galactic Republic to fight in the Republic's clone army. The soldiers were bred to fight against the separatist planetary and sectorial governments seeking to leave the Republic, known as Confederacy of Independent Systems, in the coming war. Rex served on Geonosis alongside Denal and was promoted to the rank of captain, he was also in command of Torrent Company, a unit in the famous 501st Legion. Rex was assigned to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and would participate in many missions alongside the Jedi Knight. Rex also developed a friendship with fellow clone trooper Commander Cody.[5]

Battle of Christophsis

"What's our plan of attack, sir?"
"Follow me."
―Rex and General Anakin Skywalker before they ambush Separatist forces on Christophsis — (audio)Listen (file info)
Main article: Battle of Christophsis
Anakin Skywalker, Rex and Torrent Company on Christophsis.

After the CIS invaded the planet of Christophsis, High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Skywalker, Commander Cody and Rex arrived on the planet to assist the planet's inhabitants. However, after a failed ambush on the Confederacy, the Jedi suspected that there was a traitor in their midst, and the Jedi left to scout behind enemy lines, while Rex and Cody stayed to find and apprehend the traitor. An impending investigation revealed that Sergeant Slick himself was the traitor, and after he severely damaged their weapons depot, Rex and Cody apprehended the traitor in a brawl, and he was taken to lock-up.[6]

The Confederacy commenced their first attack, and the Jedi and the clone forces were able to drive them back. Believing the battle to be over and Christophsis now under Republic control, Rex rested at a makeshift forward aid station where clone Sergeant Coric was administering first-aid to an injured trooper by the name of Ged, who had taken a spray of shrapnel to his shoulder. After offering a few words of sympathetic concern, Rex checked the casualty list for the battle on his datapad and found the list to be relatively short. He was discussing the dwindling number of medical supplies and the soon expected return of the cruiser Hunter with Coric, when the droid army returned in full force.[5] Rex rushed out to fight again alongside Coric and Ged, joining Cody and Generals Kenobi and Skywalker on the front line. Rex would lead Torrent Company with Skywalker to destroy the advancing tri-droids. After the enemy retreated again due to the Republic's heavy artillery, Skywalker's new Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, arrived in place of the expected reinforcements. Rex was a little perplexed, as Skywalker had stated that he would never have a Padawan.[3] As Rex and Tano spent some time talking together, Rex taught her that fear was natural in war—and that the clones were unique individuals, despite all having the same appearance.[5]

While they talked, the two discovered that the Confederacy had deployed a deflector shield, which would make the Republic's long-ranged artillery useless. After some planning, Rex and his troops held the line, while Kenobi "negotiated" with Confederacy General Whorm Loathsom, and Skywalker and Tano went to disable the shield generator. Once the shield was down, Rex ordered their cannons to quickly finish off the enemy advances. Grand Master Yoda arrived with reinforcement troops just in time, and Rex had a gunship retrieve Skywalker and Tano.[3]

Rex and the troopers scale the cliff, with an AT-TE close behind.

Battle of Teth

"I don't like this place. It gives me the creeps."
―Rex as he enters the B'omarr Monastery(audio)Listen (file info)
Main article: Battle of Teth

After a meeting with Yoda, Skywalker and Tano were given the mission to rescue Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure's son, in order to win the crime lord's favor for access to space lanes through Hutt Space. Rex accompanied the Jedi to the planet Teth. Tracking the Huttlet to a cliff-high monastery, the Republic forces were forced to commence a vertical assault to enter the monastery. They were successful,[3] but half of Torrent Company was lost on the way up.[5]

Skywalker and Tano rescued the Huttlet while Rex and his men secured the monastery. The arrival of more Confederacy battle droids forced the Republic forces to barricade themselves inside the monastery. Skywalker and Tano left to find a rear exit to search for medical attention for the ill Huttlet, while Rex stayed to command the forces. Once the droid army entered, a few of the troopers were killed, however Rex feigned death to spy on the commander of the droid forces, Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress. Rex attempted to shoot the Dark Jedi, but she pulled his blaster out of his hand with the Force and choked him. Ventress demanded Skywalker's location, which Rex refused to give, and she employed a mind trick to force Rex to contact the Jedi.[3] However, Ventress underestimated Rex's mental strength—Rex contacted Skywalker, but addressed him as his first name, "Anakin," instead of his usual "General Skywalker", which warned the Jedi of something amiss.[5] Ventress left to confront the Jedi herself, while the battle droids held the six surviving clones captive.[3]

Rex shoots at Asajj Ventress.

Rex and the other remaining troops broke free of their captors, stole their weapons, and―using a fallen AT-TE for cover―reignited the battle with the droids. Skywalker and Tano escaped the monastery, and found an aged freighter, using it to head back toward the courtyard. However, because of their mandate to safely return the Huttlet to his father, Skywalker and Tano were forced to find medical attention for the Huttlet, and were unable able to give Rex assistance, to which he understood. General Kenobi and the 212th Attack Battalion soon arrived to reinforce Rex and his men, and the Republic forces were able to beat back the Confederacy.[3] By that time, though, only five other men from Torrent Company were still alive. Later, Rex mused to Cody that the whole operation had been handled poorly, with the lack of air support and incorrect infantry application.[5]

Inspection of the Pastil Post

"All right, this is a Code Aurek alert."
―Rex sounds an alert in the outpost

Rex was later assigned to inspect several Republic listening posts with Commander Cody. During an inspection of a Pastil outpost, Rex commented that the station was very clean, and trooper Stripe told them that an MSE-series droid nicknamed "Rodent" was the reason, commenting on its odd behavior of being "glitchy". Seeing a serious red flag, Rex called out for a Code Aurek alert, ordering all clones to find the droid and destroy it. At first, the clones believed Rex to be paranoid; however, when Rex shot at the droid, he revealed a spy droid in their midst, as the four wheels of the destroyed body started spinning off independently in an attempt to escape. Three wheels were eliminated before Stripe stopped the fourth by throwing a thermal detonator before it could escape. Somewhat amused, Rex ordered the troops to "clean the mess up."[7]

Battle of the Rishi moon

Rex: "All right, listen up. There's only one target of interest in this sector: Kamino. It's the closest things we clones have to a home. Today, we fight for more than the Republic. Today, we fight for all our brothers back home. Understood?"
Echo, Hevy and Fives: "Sir, yes, sir!"
―Rex to Echo, Hevy and Fives — (audio)Listen (file info)
Main article: Battle of Rishi moon
Rex takes aim at a disguised droid commando.

When Rex and Cody's shuttle arrived at the outpost on Rishi moon, the two were met by a clone trooper claiming that the station did not require an inspection. Rex and Cody noticed a droid attack signal flare being fired, and Rex promptly fired a blaster bolt in the droids head, much to Cody's initial shock. However, after Rex removed the helmet of the "trooper", it was revealed to be a BX-series droid commando. Their cover blown, the droids commenced an attack on the two clones and deployed several explosives. Rex and Cody were able to escape; however, with the shuttle destroyed, they had no way to contact the Republic.[8]

Rex and Cody met the rookie clones who had manned the listening post, Echo, Fives, and Hevy, shortly before its invasion. Rex declared them "shinies"—a derogatory nickname for rookie troopers, for their clean armor that had not yet seen action—and led them to take back the outpost. After doing so, an approaching Confederacy fleet, under command of General Grievous, revealed that Kamino, the planet home to the Republic's cloning facilities, was at risk. In addition, the droids had hot-wired the "All Clear" signal to keep the Republic unaware of the attack. Rex devised a plan to blow up the base; the destruction of the base would stop the signal and warn the Republic of the impending attack. After Rex discovered a malfunction with the remote detonator, Hevy took over while the other clones left to take shelter. The four learned that Hevy was being attacked by the droids, and rushed back to help him. However, against Rex's wishes, Hevy sacrificed himself and manually detonated the explosives. The Republic fleet arrived in the system, under command of Generals Kenobi and Skywalker and Admiral Wullf Yularen, and was able to drive Grievous' fleet out of the system. Rex inducted the survivors, Echo and Fives, into the 501st Legion for their bravery, and acknowledged Hevy's sacrifice.[8]

Respite aboard Leveler

"Suddenly everyone wants us to take a day off."
―Rex aboard RAS Leveler

At the request of General Skywalker, Rex agreed to take Ahsoka with him for a three-day respite on a shakedown cruise aboard Captain Gilad Pellaeon's Acclamator-class assault ship, Leveler. Accompanying them, were seven other clone troopers: Sergeant Coric and six new clones by the names of Ross, Boro, Joc, Hil, Vere, and Ince. Fresh from Kamino, the six were among Torrent Company's replacements following the devastating losses at the Battle of Teth. Aboard the shuttle they were using in transit to Leveler, Rex did his best to comfort Ahsoka, laying to rest her fears that Skywalker had wanted her away because she was bothering him. He also found himself with the task of getting the six stiff rookie troopers to relax, open up, and bond with each other. Theorizing that they may have been nervous about being a part of the 501st now, Rex was concerned that if they didn't begin to show those individual signs of uniqueness that helped one clone recognize another among a sea of identical faces and armor, he would have to resort to using his tally sensor to see who each of them were, a prospect he looked upon as disrespectful. With a bit of humorous teasing, he encouraged them to loosen up and talk amongst themselves, and found with some satisfaction that Trooper Ince had a decent sense of humor.

Rex could often be found accompanying Padawan Commander Ahsoka Tano.

Once the shuttle docked with Leveler, Rex could only stand back and watch in silence as Ahsoka and Captain Pellaeon argued over her revealing attire and Pellaeon's requirement that she cover up in naval fatigues. When the Padawan finally relented and retreated back into the shuttle to change, Pellaeon greeted Rex cheerfully and invited the man for a drink. Ahsoka, however, asked Rex to go show her Leveler's new armament of concussion missiles. Rex obliged and the missile bay was where Pellaeon found the two of them after making his rounds about the ship. With his helmet off, Pellaeon was surprised by Rex's blue-dyed, stripe-cut hairstyle which he had adopted in support of his favorite bolo-ball team making it to the finals. The two captains were discussing Leveler's recent upgrades when the alert sounded that enemy vessels had come out of hyperspace in the Fath system. It was at that time that Rex found his helmet's HUD was unable to patch in to the ship's operational and tactical data, another in a growing list of glitches being tallied following Leveler's refit. Ahsoka felt a disturbance in the Force, and although Pellaeon was skeptical, Rex vouched for her intuitive abilities and went to gather his men should they be needed as Leveler moved toward the Separatist fleet activity.

Rex found Ahsoka and his men in a bunk compartment, Coric laying out the schematics of the ship's targeting array for the rookie troopers. Without their helmets, Rex could see that each of them had their uniform meticulously trimmed black hair, and he felt somewhat guilty for his own novelty haircut; he shaved it off shortly after, in retrospect considering it a "dumb fad" and undignified for an officer. While in the compartment, the troopers discussed gossip of Pellaeon's private life, specifically his relationships with women. When Ahsoka spoke up about the danger of attachments, it became an open debate among the her and the men as to just what the Jedi's feelings on love, sex, and attachment were, and why. At the point when Ahsoka looked to be a bit overwhelmed, Rex tactfully stepped in and opened a window in the conversation for her to subtly excuse herself from the compartment before admonishing his men for being a bit rough on her. On the other hand, though, Rex could see that the rookie troopers were coming together and settling in well and decided he no longer needed to worry about them.

After instructing his men to prepare for action should it be required, he decided to comm General Skywalker to apprise him of Leveler's latest activity. Since Pellaeon had warned Fleet Ops, Rex suspected that Skywalker may be questioned about it later. While he didn't know that Skywalker was secretly spending time with Padmé Amidala at her Coruscant apartment, Rex knew there could be harsh consqences were he to be caught being out of the loop. Skywalker was grateful, and although Rex thought it unnecessary, decided to rendezvous with Leveler as soon as possible. Not long after, Rex was on the bridge when the freighter Wookiee Gunner, in service to Jedi Master Djinn Altis and his Jedi sect, dropped out of hyperspace and requested Leveler's aide in extracting a Republic Intelligence agent whose distress beacon the Jedi had picked up, coming from JanFathal. Pellaeon hesitated at first, wary of a fake message and a potential ambush, but upon getting confirmation from Republic Intel that they did indeed have an agent operating on JanFathal in need of an extraction, he authorized Wookiee Gunner to dock and asked Rex if he and his men were prepared to extract the Intel agent. As the only ground troops embarked aboard Leveler, Rex quickly replied that they were. Moments later upon finding out the identity of the agent, Pellaeon announced to everyone on the bridge that he had a personal interest in the mission: Agent Hallena Devis was "a very good friend".

Once Jedi Master Altis and his Jedi companions Callista Masana and Geith Eris were on board, Pellaeon assembled them along with Ahsoka, Rex, and his men in one of Leveler's meeting rooms to plan the extraction. When Pellaeon alluded to the posibility that he would personally go and participate in the rescue of his lover, Rex objected. He stated that it was his and his men's responsiblity since there were no other embarked troops, and declared that this rescue would be done his way so as not to repeat the tragic loss of life on Teth. He knew that it wouldn't be a battle―there was nothing they could do in the face of overwhelming CIS forces―and there were no reinforcements on their way, save Skywalker, so all his team could do was try to rescue Agent Devis and get out. Rex came up with a plan as to how they would carry out the extraction, but until a location for Devis could be pinned down, they couldn't plan for the where. Geith suggested that the clones leave the job to the Jedi due to their abilities to locate others through the Force, but Rex insisted, stating that neither he nor his men would feel right to sit the mission out while others went in their place.

While the anonymous shuttle the rescue team would use during the mission was being prepared, Rex spoke with Pellaeon about their infiltration procedure and Ahsoka's unease around the new Jedi who possessed beliefs different then the core of the Jedi Order. When Pellaeon expressed his doubts of the young Padawan's ability, Rex was quick to defend her, stating "She's a lot more competant then she looks." He also opted for the protection and communication capabilities of his armor rather then changing into civilian clothing, despite the considerable target the brilliant white armor and blue stripes made. He comforted the worried naval captain when it became obvious Pellaeon was thinking of Hallena. When the Jedi had finished getting a referencial feel of Agent Devis' impression in the Force from a stylus of hers that Pellaeon had kept―determining that she was both alive and strong―Rex and his troops boarded the shuttle with Ahsoka, Callista, Geith, and Master Altis while Leveler moved into range for shuttle launch.[9]

Extraction on JanFathal

"Locate, confirm she's alive, have one team ready to distract while the other extracts, and then we exfil."
―Rex, on how they would carry out Agent Devis' extraction from JanFathal

As the anonymous shuttle carried Rex and the rest of the extraction team from Leveler toward the surface of JanFathal―Sergeant Coric at the controls―Rex took comfort in the thought that this time would be different then Teth, and that it was "only half as insane" as trying to take a heavily armed mesa from the ground up. When it became clear that Ahsoka was still troubled by Master Altis and the other Jedi of his sect, Rex did his best to ease her mind and get her to focus on the mission at hand, asking the Jedi to set aside their theological differences for the time being. He also had to deal with the rookie troopers' unfulfilled expectations of Jedi from training on Kamino, now that they had contact with actual Jedi who didn't behave as they had been led to believe. Once in the planet's atmosphere, Altis took up the role of navigator for Coric and led them over JanFathal's capital, Athar, in search of Agent Devis' location. Rather then stay in the air longer then necessary and risk being seen, Rex ordered Coric to set the shuttle down somewhere out of sight, eventually settling near a repulsortruck factory. Troopers Boro and Joc took up defensive positions around the shuttle while the others ran for cover.

Now on foot, Ross deployed a small remote probe for reconnaissance. At Altis' request, Ross removed his helmet and handed it to him, effectively allowing the Jedi Master control of the probe. Rex was amused by the odd sight of a Jedi with what appeared to be the head of a clone trooper and savored the image. With the Force-guided probe at his disposal, it wasn't long before Altis located the building in which Agent Devis was being held. When Rex explained the plan for how they would get her out, Ahsoka offered to take the roof, however Rex thought it better that she and Callista provide cover from the street in case battle droids should show, insisting that he wasn't just saying that to keep her safe from the action. The battle droids would in fact come marching toward their position and it was up to the two of them to hold the droids there while Rex and the others carried out the rescue.

Rex ordered Joc, Ince, and Ross to cover the exit while the rest of the team accompanied him onto the roof. Altis would knock on the door, pretending to be nothing more then an old man looking for his lost daughter in the chaos of the battle. He managed to draw two of the hostage takers to the door before Rex and the troopers dropped through the skylight. Altis killed one, while blasterfire from the troopers killed the second. Inside the room, a third man held a blaster to Agent Devis' temple and attempted to bargain her life for his own as Rex stood with his own blaster to the man's head. Rex, however, simply pulled the trigger, killing the man instantly before cutting the agent's bindings. With the droid army closing, they needed to leave quickly so Geith leaped down the staircase and threw up his hands; Hil threw Agent Devis down to him and the two ran for the shuttle with Ince, Joc, and Ross. As they fled the building, Rex congratulated Altis on his performance. Outside, the battle droids had reached them, but Ahsoka and Callista and formed a makeshift barrier from downed droids. Rex gave the order for Coric to lift off when Agent Devis was aboard. Then he, his men, and Altis ran out to join the battle. Vere was hit by a droid's grenade and although Boro tried desperately to save him, he was already dead. Rex put aside his grief for the moment and was prepared to sacrifice himself in order to allow the others to get out alive when Master Altis and the other two Jedi used the Force to bring down large chunks of masonry from the surrounding buildings on top of the droids. As they prepared to go for the shuttle, Coric commed Rex to tell him that the shuttle was coming to them. When Rex reiterating his order to stay put, Coric replied that it was Agent Devis' idea to come back for them and that "An officer's missus always outranks him, so she's like a commodore. And she's in my face." After a fast-paced sprint down the open street, Rex and the others managed to safely get aboard the shuttle and lift off.

Once on board, Hallena Devis expressed her gratitude toward Rex for saving her life, and also offered her condolences for Vere. The remaining rookie troopers had cut off external comms, retreating to their own frequency for a moment of privacy that Rex didn't dare intrude upon. He watched as Altis, sitting next to Boro―who seemed to be hit hardest by Vere's death―quietly laid a sympathetic hand on the man's forearm and was touched by the Jedi Master's kindness. It was around that time that General Skywalker arrived in a V-19 Torrent starfighter, but at the same time, a Separatist light cruiser first identified as Discord but proven shortly after to be the far deadlier destroyer Reaper, moved to attack Leveler. Rex figured that if a ship as well armed as Reaper hadn't already tried to destroy Leveler when in range, it was interested instead in disabling the ship. The shuttle was almost within docking range when Coric announced to the others that Leveler was gone. Rex refused to believe that Pellaeon had run, suggesting the possibility that he had switched off his transponder, but nevertheless had to plan for another option. He tasked Boro―who Rex believed needed a distraction from his grief―with getting an estimate for how much oxygen they had left, and whether or not they could make it to Kemla; Boro calculated enough oxygen for halfway, with more if they could limit their consumption. So, as it was, Rex saw three options: wait for Leveler to return, reduce the number of people breathing the hard way, or head back planetside where there was sustainable oxygen. Although Altis informed him of the Jedi ability to put themselves into a deep trance that reduced the amount of oxygen they consumed, it was eventually decided to return to JanFathal―specifically Athar.

Skywalker, determined not to repeat his forced abandonment of Rex on Teth, saw the shuttle descending toward JanFathal and was quick to figure out that Leveler had jumped to hyperspace and they were now lacking both oxygen and options, following closely after them. Rex warned the general that there was little he could do for them in this situation, but Skywalker refused to leave. Rex's respect for the Jedi Knight was redoubled, and although there had been no transmission from Leveler before she had jumped, Rex still believed that Pellaeon had a plan. Coric set the shuttle down in the shadow of a viaduct and Skywalker landed his fighter nearby before rushing to join them. Introductions were made and Skywalker sent Ince and Boro to locate one of the Confederacy's CR-20 troop carriers so they could commandeer it as a way off planet. At the same time, Altis received word from other members of his Jedi sect that they had found Leveler which was experiencing some technical problems and would be returning as soon as possible. When they found a CR-20, Altis devised a plan where he would again play an unassuming old man who, with the help of Ahsoka, was looking for aide for his wounded granddaughter from the ship's Neimoidian owners. As he went off toward them, carrying Ahsoka in his arms, Rex and his men took up support positions not far away with Callista. After several moments of theatrical wailing and subtle mind influence that fully absorbed the attention of the Neimoidians and their droids, Skywalker and the other Jedi, along with Devis made a dash for the transport while Rex and his men opened fire at the same time Altis and Ahsoka shed their deception and attacked. Within moments, they had killed the Neimoidians and destroyed the sentry droids outside and the Jedi pressed forward up into the vessel, eliminating the battle droids inside until they secured the ship. With Skywalker in the pilot's chair and Altis beside him as co-pilot, they lifted off and moved the ship to extract Rex, Callista, and the troopers who were under droid fire.

Ince was down, having been shot in the leg, and Hil tried to keep pressure on the femoral artery as Rex and Callista continued to lay down cover fire. When Skywalker landed the ship, everyone but Rex and Ross rushed Ince inside, Callista using the Force to help slow his bleeding. The two soldiers held off a Vulture droid, eventually destroying it before scrambling aboard the CR-20 and taking off. By then, Leveler had returned and the warship became the target of their escape. Rex and Ahsoka manned the troop carrier's cannons while the others tended to Ince, desperately trying to stop the bleeding from his leg and save his life. Skywalker managed to land the carrier inside Leveler's hanger and the waiting medical teams rushed Ince to the ship's medbay. While Ahsoka and Callista ran to repair the ship's concussion missile array, Rex remained at Ince's side and that was where Pellaeon would find him still when the battle had ended. He informed the naval captain of Ince's failing kidneys and massive loss of blood while he watched grimly from the side. It wasn't long after that Ince finally succumbed to his injuries, and Rex stormed out of the medbay, grimacing that there now "two troopers he had to replace" as he hid his face beneath his helmet.

When Ahsoka found the grieving captain, he was in Leveler's Chief Petty Officer's mess. At first he thought she was there to try to make him feel better, but she had actually come to him for council with her own problem―one surprisingly similar to his own: doubt. When she asked how he coped with days like that, he could only reply that he was a soldier and it was what soldiers do, but then revealed that he felt cheated by his limited place in life. Rex was surprised when Ahsoka held his hand and asked if it was true that the clones were being used, and she was guilty of using him. Thoughts like those had bothered Rex for some time but despite it all he chose to put it out of his mind, believing that if he dwelt on thoughts like that, he wouldn't be able to do his job. They talked about the differences between Master Altis and the beliefs of those who followed him in comparison to those of the more orthodox Jedi―specifically on the subject of attachment―and Rex began to suspect that Ahsoka might have had feelings for someone. In the end, Rex realized that clone troopers and the Jedi were not entirely dissimilar, both "in a spot they didn't choose, and making the best of it" and that all he could do was focus on looking out for his brothers and friends, taking out the enemy before they got him.[9]

Rex confers with Kenobi, Skywalker and Tano.

Battle of Bothawui

Ahsoka: "Rex, old boy, it's time to join the party."
Rex: "With pleasure, sir!"
―Ahsoka and Rex before the Republic's ambush on Bothawui(audio)Listen (file info)

Rex was later stationed with General Skywalker and Commander Tano to protect the planet Bothawui. After the Republic's defeat on the planet Falleen, General Grievous and his Confederacy fleet headed to attack Skywalker and his fleet of three Venator-class cruisers,[10] including his flagship, the Resolute.[11] General Kenobi contacted Skywalker, advising him to retreat; however, Skywalker planned to stay and fight.[10]

Skywalker dispatched Rex to command a brigade of AT-TE walkers from several asteroids, aiming to trap Grievous once the general arrived. Grievous' fleet of several Munificent-class frigates easily fell into Skywalker's trap, and the cyborg general fled aboard his fighter as his fleet was ripped apart from both in front and behind. Skywalker pursued Grievous in his own fighter, along with his astromech droid, R2-D2. Skywalker's ship was severely damaged by flying debris, and Rex managed to save him. However, when Skywalker awoke in the medbay of the Resolute, he discovered that Artoo had gone missing.[10]

Skywalker and Tano left aboard the Twilight to search for Artoo aboard a nearby scavenging ship, but were unaware that the ship's captain, Trandoshan scavenger Gha Nachkt, had already pilfered the droid and promised him to Grievous. After they returned, Skywalker left with replacement droid R3-S6 in his fighter to scout ahead for a Confederacy listening post. However, the droid "accidentally" activated the fighter's tracking beacon, and Tano and Rex hurriedly gathered a squad of troopers and departed aboard the Twilight to assist Skywalker. Arriving out of hyperspace, they arrived in time to save Skywalker from two Munificent frigates under Grievous' command, and escaped out of the system.[10]

Mission to Skytop Station

"Next time, you're lugging this astromech around."
―Rex insists that he will not carry an astromech again — (audio)Listen (file info)
Rex insists that he will not carry an astromech droid again.

The Twilight received a message from R2-D2, and Rex and the clones were able to track the signal. On Skywalker's order, the group headed to the location of the transmission—Skytop Station, the Confederacy listening post that the Republic had been searching for. Upon entering the station, Skywalker left to search for Artoo, while Tano, Rex, Sergeant Denal and the four other clone troopers were to plant explosives around the station.[12]

R3 attempted to open a door protected by a ray shield, but two patrols of battle droids arrived, and Tano and the clones were caught in a crossfire. Rex utilized several EMP grenades, and the droids were immobilized. However, General Grievous himself appeared, and knocked Tano aside before attacking the clones. Rex and Denal were knocked unconscious, and the other clones were killed. Grievous attempted to deal a death blow to the unconscious Rex; however, a revived Tano quickly stopped Grievous' blow with her own lightsaber. Tano engaged the cyborg general alone, allowing the clones to complete the mission. Upon revival, Rex reported their losses to Tano, and also protested to her intention of engaging Grievous alone, but complied when she gave a direct order.[12]

Tano saves Rex from General Grievous' killing stroke.

Rex and Denal arrived in the hangar bay and rendezvoused with the Twilight, Skywalker and R3-S6. Skywalker had rescued Artoo, but was alarmed when he learned that Tano had engaged Grievous alone. As the group attempted to find and assist Tano, R3 revealed his true allegiances—to the Confederacy—and sealed the group inside the hangar, and also activated several Vulture droids. Super battle droids arrived, and Skywalker and the clones took cover behind several crates. Skywalker ordered Rex to trigger the explosives, and Rex complied. Tano soon arrived, and Rex noticed several fuel cells next to the crates. Skywalker hurtled one at the droids with the Force. Rex placed a well-aimed shot on the crate, and it exploded, destroying the droids. Artoo was able to open the door from a set of outer controls, as well as destroy R3-S6 in a duel, and after the Republic forces departed aboard the Twilight, Skywalker went to retrieve the droid in his fighter.[12]

Mission to Christophsis

At some point during the Clone Wars, Rex, along with Senator Padmé Amidala, R2-D2 and protocol droid C-3PO, was sent to Christophsis to investigate crystals being stolen from the planet by the Nightsisters. Rex was injured in a fight, and the four were captured and imprisoned. A Jedi team of two, along with clone troopers led by Commander Gree, were sent to Christophsis to rescue them. The Jedi managed to find the prisoners, and the four escaped to Gree's gunship, which had a medical console on standby for Rex.[13]

Battle of Quell

Rex: "Hey, kid!"
Ahsoka: "I know, I know! I'm hanging on."
―Rex and Ahsoka Tano, during a typical crash landing
Main article: Sky Battle of Quell

Later, Rex participated in assisting Skywalker and Tano rescue Jedi General Aayla Secura, whose forces were on the verge of defeat by Confederacy forces. Skywalker and his forces arrived in the Resolute, and used several gunships to land on Secura's cruiser, the Liberty. However, after Skywalker went on ahead, Tano and Rex's gunship was attacked by one of the Confederacy rocket droids, and they were forced to crash-land on the cruiser. Tano, Rex and their forces met up with Skywalker, Secura and Commander Bly, and proceeded to escape the cruiser via a Republic frigate. However, a raging inferno caused by increased laser fire passed through the ship, and Skywalker sacrificed himself to save the others. Tano and Secura were able to bring the Jedi Knight onboard the frigate, but as they attempted to dock with the Resolute, an attack by Vulture droids engaged the frigate's hyperdrive, sending the frigate into hyperspace. The group narrowly avoided hitting a star, but crash-landed on a remote planet.[14]

Rex stayed to guard an injured Skywalker, while Tano, Secura and the rest of the clones left to find help. Skywalker awoke, and Rex was attacked by a mastif phalone—a birdlike, carnivorous creature native to the planet. Rex was able to fend the creature off with blaster fire, but after morning arrived, three more of the creatures returned. Despite his injuries, Skywalker insisted on fighting, and Rex incapacitated one of the creatures with a laser shot. Rex was knocked aside, and the return of Tano, Bly and Wag Too—a healer from the Lurmen colony on the planet—saved his life. Rex and Tano helped Too tie up the last creature, and the group returned to the colony with him, taking the injured Skywalker on a stretcher.[14]

Rex guards Skywalker on Maridun.

Battle of Maridun

Rex: "Commander Bly, we've got company."
Bly: "Friendlies?"
Rex: "Negative, sir. A droid ship. Coming straight our way."
—Rex and Bly

While Skywalker had his injuries healed by the lurmen, Rex noticed an incoming Confederacy C-9979 landing craft. Not wanting to let the Lurmen suffer for their presence, the Republic forces decided to hide, and Rex and Bly assited the still-injured Skywalker in their escape. A Confederacy recon droid came upon the group, and Tano, Rex and Bly chased the droid down before Secura impaled it. From a tree, the group noticed that the Confederacy forces had set up their base—and had brought a shuttle, which the Republic forces intended to steal to escape the planet. However, Skywalker noticed that the Confederacy general, Neimoidian Lok Durd, was testing a new weapon, and Rex and Bly ventured closer to investigate. The weapon fired a missile, which, upon landing, exploded and began to obliterate all forms of life within range. Unnoticed, Rex and Bly narrowly escaped, and the Jedi and the clones noticed that the Confederacy forces were heading back toward the Lurmen colony, the only possible reason being to test the weapon on the colony itself.[15]

Battle of Orto Plutonia

Rex in cold assault gear.
"We've got to hold out!"
―Rex during the Talz's ambush on Orto Plutonia

Rex went with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Orto Plutonia to investigate the destruction of a clone security base. After war was declared between the local Talz and the Pantoran dignitaries, specifically the arrogant Chairman Chi Cho, Rex was ordered to protect Chairman Cho at all costs. The Chairman then ordered Rex to attack the Talz when they approached them, but Rex stated that they were only there to protect him. However, he was forced to attack when the Talz attacked them, riding Narglatch, and the Chairman was severely injured. Rex carried him to safety, holding off the attacking Talz until the arrival of the Jedi and Senator Riyo Chuchi. Chairman Cho died from the injury, and Senator Chuchi established a peace treaty with the Talz.[16]

Battle on Naboo

Jar-Jar: "Ima gonna be trained!"
Rex: "I am not training him."
―Rex insists he will not train Jar Jar to use a blaster
Rex, and other clone troopers battle droid forces in Nuvo Vindi's laboratory

When Senator Padmé Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks were captured while searching for a secret Separatist lab on Naboo, it was up to Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Rex to rescue them. They succeeded, and also stopped Dr. Nuvo Vindi from releasing the deadly Blue Shadow Virus.[17] Unfortunately, Vindi's assistant droid took one of the virus containers and put it into a bomb. The droid then detonated the bomb, which quickly spread the virus throughout the bunker. Anakin and Obi-wan were outside with the scientist when the virus was released, so to save their companions, they went in search of an antidote on Iego. The virus almost killed everyone inside, including Rex, Ahsoka, Padmé, and several other clone troopers, but fortunately the Jedi found the antidote in time, and all infected were cured. As Rex was being led away on a strecher, he overheard Obi-Wan telling Jar Jar that Senator Amidala had recommended that they give him training to hone his skill with a blaster. Jar Jar was ecstatic, but Rex flatly said he wouldn't train him.[18]

Battle of Ryloth

Main article: Battle of Ryloth
"I wish General Skywalker had discussed this plan with us. The odds are very much against us."
―Captain Rex to Ahsoka
Rex and a navigation officer confer with Ahsoka

After Techno Union leader Wat Tambor gained control of Ryloth and its inhabitants, Rex was sent with Anakin, Ahsoka and Admiral Yularen to destroy the blockade and clear a way for the invasion forces to land. Unfortunately, after Ahsoka led a squadron of fighters, Separatist reinforcements arrived, and she disobeyed a direct order to retreat and aid the cruisers. The Resolute was damaged, and Admiral Yularen was severely injured, and Ahsoka finally returned, but lost half her battle group along the way. After the Republic forces had retreated, Anakin tried to console a dejected Ahsoka. Rex reported that General Mace Windu was requesting a progress report. Anakin then commented that they hadn't made any progress, but went with Rex to deliver their report.[19]

Even with only half his forces remaining, Anakin was ordered to continue his attack. Anakin sent Rex to find Ahsoka, who found her in the medical bay, apologizing to an unconscious Admiral Yularen. Anakin then devised a plan to pilot the Defender alone and ram it into the lead control ship, leaving only outmaneuverable droids in command of the blockade. Rex supported Ahsoka, who was still shaken but left in charge of retrieving Anakin in addition to destroying the rest of the blockade. While devising a plan of attack, Rex was hesitant about Anakin's plan, and tried to support Ahsoka's inexperience with command, but at the same time looked at the reality of the situation. Ahsoka, still hesitant, devised a plan to angle the hull of the Resolute toward the blockade, acting as a screen to launch the fighters, and the support of Admiral Yularen boosted her confidence when the navigation officer was doubtful of the plan's chance for success. The plan worked, and after Ahsoka led a successful attack on the remaining frigates in the blockade, the invasion forces arrived, and she dispatched Rex to send a shuttle to retrieve Anakin's escape pod.[20]

Shortly after the planet was liberated by the Grand Army of the Republic, Rex, Torrent Company, and their Jedi commanders were charged with ridding the planet of the remaining droid presence. Rex, along with sergeant CS-2207—Boomer—went on an AT-RT night patrol around the city of Resdin. The two clones eliminated a large number of battle droids, but were ambushed and taken captive by bounty hunter Cad Bane. Bane needed the clones alive to protect the gravity weapon he had recently stolen from the CIS, from the battle droids ordered to retrieve it. While they were unconscious, Bane had fitted the clones with binders wired with explosives and promised to let them go free if they cooperated with them, but threatened to kill them if they refused or tried to double-cross him. Under the circumstances, Rex and Boomer had no choice but to agree to the bounty hunter's demands. Together, they defeated several waves of attacking droids and a Separatist Vulture fighter, until Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano—having tracked Rex's signal—arrived to help.[21]

Bane attempted to hold the Jedi at bay, again threatening to detonate the explosives in the binders around the clones' wrists, but Skywalker masterfully cut the binders off with his lightsaber, removing Bane's only bargaining chip. Effectively captured, the Jedi ordered Rex and Boomer to disarm him. With the tables now turned, Bane was forced to cooperate, and with the hangar they had been fighting in about to collapse at any second, the Jedi and clone troopers decided to use his transport, The Sleight of Hand. Bane was forced to carry the weapon to the ship while the Jedi guarded him and Rex and Boomer went ahead to scout out an elevated position from which to provide covering fire and clear the way for them. As the two clones left the hangar, they traveled alongside a path that overlooked Ryloth's wastes. After destroying another Tri-droid roaming the wastes, the clones were assaulted by waves of battle droids coming down from a nearby hill. Leaving the hill, Rex and Boomer encountered a pair of Tri-droids emerging from within a tunnel. Using rocket launchers, the clones destroyed the massive droids and continued on. At the ship, the Jedi were ambushed by the Skakoan Kul Teska, the creator of the gravity weapon, and a fight ensued in which the Jedi were eventually trapped within an energy bubble until Rex and Boomer arrived for help. Faced with an ultimatum—save their Jedi commanders or kill Teska—the clones decided to chose to rescue the Jedi, allowing Teska to escape in Bane's transport, taking the gravity weapon, and Bane himself, with him.[21]

Rex in his armor.

Second Battle of Geonosis

"Next time, just tell me to jump."
"Now where's the fun in that?"
―Rex, to Skywalker, after being thrown off a wall and caught with the Force(audio)Listen (file info)

Rex was the officer for General Skywalker's force in a three-pronged attack on a Separatist shield generator on Geonosis. When all the gunships were shot down Rex, Anakin, and Ahsoka destroyed a heavily armed fortification and met with Generals Obi-wan Kenobi and Ki-Adi-Mundi and Clone Commanders CC-2224 and Jet. They then destroyed the shield generator. They then needed to destroy the droid factory the shield generator was protecting. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Obi-wan left, but Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barris Offee, joined the attack. The Padawans went into the factory via an underground network common in Geonosian architecture to blow the reactor. Meanwhile, Rex, Luminara, and Anakin distracted Poggle the Lesser's droid forces. A new tank design was unleashed by Poggle, but both Rex and the Padawans succeeded.

First Battle of Saleucami

"Rex is a smart man"
"Indeed, always thinking on his feet."
Cody and Obi-Wan Kenobi(audio)Listen (file info)

Rex along with Jesse, Kix and Hardcase were sent by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to try and find General Grievous. Along the way Rex got shot by a Commando Droid badly in the chest. Jesse told Kix to help Rex, but they couldn't do it in the open. In need of medical attention, the clones, carrying Rex on one of their speeders, went in search of shelter and eventually stopped at a small farm house where they were met by a Twi'lek named Suu at blaster point. Jesse said that they needed help and cover, which Suu soon granted them. While Rex was resting, he heard a noise; he grabbed his blaster, but was disarmed by Cut Lawquane.

Armor and equipment

Rex's armor used the color design that the entire 501st Legion had in 19 BBY, though the armor itself was still Phase I armor. He also wore a kama and pauldron, and his helmet displayed Jaig eyes. He carried twin DC-17 hand blasters but also utilized the more standard blaster rifles. His helmet featured a rangefinder, which was a tool more common among Advanced Recon Commandos. When required, Rex would also wear jetpacks or other mission-specific gear, such as customized clone cold assault trooper armor.

Personality and traits

Rex with smoking blasters
"In my book, experience outranks everything."
―CC-7567 "Rex" — (audio)Listen (file info)

Rex believed that experience outranked everything. An independent thinker, he wasn't afraid to voice his opinion to higher ranking officers, but still obeyed orders from his superiors. Rex was also very tactful, adept at diffusing tense or embarrassing situations. Because of his close relationship with General Skywalker, Rex learned to never underestimate the abilities of the Jedi, nor doubt their resolve. Trained in a variety of fighting styles and combat tactics, he was a skilled soldier, unafraid to place himself in danger if required for the line of duty. These characteristics enabled Rex to survive many engagements and lead his troops to numerous victories.[22]

Rex thought very highly of General Skywalker—who considered Rex a friend in turn—and also seemed to be friends with Ahsoka Tano, sometimes calling her by her first name and interacting with her in a more casual manner, unlike with Skywalker. He was able to deduce that Skywalker was in love with Padmé Amidala due to the clones' heightened sensitivity to minute personal details—such as overly long glances, a tendency to snap to attention at the mention of her name—developed by living among individuals who all looked the same. However, Rex believed the feelings were unreciprocated and had no idea that the two were secretly married.[9]

Rex was also an avid bolo-ball fan, partial to the Sullustan team, Bylluran Athletic. When first arriving aboard RAS Leveler, he had his hair dyed blue and cut into stripes in support of the team making the finals.[9]

Behind the scenes

According to the film DVD's commentary, the creators at first had decided to put in Alpha, the ARC Trooper known from the Dark Horse Star Wars comics, as the series' prime clone character. However, Lucas objected because his inclusion would make too much of an alliteration (Anakin, Artoo, Ahsoka, and now Alpha), so a different clone character was created.[3]

Rex has a scar just below his lip modeled after the one on Harrison Ford.[23]

Captain Rex is often mistakenly referred to as clone commander by official media. Examples include The Clone Wars: No Prisoners and Star Wars The Clone Wars Volume 2: Crash Course.


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Non-canonical appearances

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CC-7567, also known as Captian Rex was a captain in the Grand Army of the Republic. His first mission was in the Battle of Geonosis. He also fought in the battle of Christophsis, the Battle of Teth, the Battle of Rishi Moon, the Battle of Bothawui, the Mission to Skytop Station, and the Battle of Kamino. He saved the lives of four clones in the Battle of Kamino but sacrificed himself being killed by General Greivous. His body was cremated along with Ahsoka's. Many clones came to see his cremation. He also was an ARC trooper. His armor was a dark blue and had Jaig eyes on his helmet also he had a blue pauldron and a skirt.

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