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Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[1]

"Thire. Rush not into fights. Long is the war. Only by surviving it, will you prevail."
Jedi General Yoda to Thire — (audio)Listen (file info)

CC-4477, also known as Thire, was a clone trooper commander in charge of the elite shock troopers known as the Coruscant Guard for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.




Clone Wars service

Thire in Phase II armor.

Early in the war, Thire, serving as a lieutenant in the Grand Army of the Republic, was assigned, alongside troopers Jek and Rys, to escort Jedi Master Yoda to a diplomatic mission to Rugosa. When their transport was shot down by a Separatist Munificent-class star frigate, Yoda and the troopers landed on the moon's surface in an escape pod. The clones helped Yoda to get past a whole battalion of T81 Division's B1 battle droids along with Armored Assault Tanks, sent by Asajj Ventress to intercept them as a challenge to the competency of the Jedi and the Republic's forces, in order to secure a treaty with Toydarian King Katuunko. Thire was wounded by a super battle droid during the mission when the droid fired a rocket, intended to hit Rys, but still continued to fight alongside Yoda until their task was successfully completed.

After promotion to Commander, Thire led Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's shock troopers during the height of the Clone Wars. As the war intensified, Thire's shock troopers were tasked with the protection of the capital planet, Coruscant.

Together with Republic Intelligence Director Armand Isard, the two founded Homeworld Security Command in an effort to centralize and streamline the defense of Coruscant should an attack ever come. A part of Thire, however, always felt as though the Republic would never be able to muster a reliable defense of Coruscant.

Thire's worst fears were realized when General Grievous launched a surprise attack on the capital in the early hours of the morning. Thire's men, in conjunction with Commander Appo's 501st Legion, did their best to keep the Confederacy's droid forces from taking the Senate District. While they were able to halt the Separatist advance, they were powerless to stop the abduction of the Chancellor by Grievous and his MagnaGuards.

Order 66

Thire wearing a pauldron and a kama.

The execution of Order 66 and the 501st Legion's assault on the Jedi Temple brought about the end of the Clone Wars and the Declaration of a New Order. After an epic battle in the Senate Rotunda between Emperor Palpatine and the Jedi Master Yoda, the Emperor tasked Commander Thire and his men to scour the bowels of the Senate, looking for any sign of the diminutive Jedi, ironically forcing Thire to hunt down the very Jedi Master who saved his life on the Coral moon. Although Thire's increased efforts to find Yoda had failed, the Emperor was far more concerned with the status of his newest apprentice, whom he sensed was in grave danger. Thus, Thire and his shock troopers accompanied Palpatine to Mustafar, where they brought the medical capsule to gravely injured Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader.

Rise of the Empire

As the Empire's noose around the galaxy tightened, Thire saw his shock troopers transformed into the dreaded Coruscant Guard, and he went on commanding his forces on Coruscant.

Behind the scenes

Thire was voiced by Temuera Morrison in Revenge of the Sith and he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Ambush.


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