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Byblos' in-game portrait
Sprite(s) Byblos' in-game sprite
Japanese ビブロス
Romaji Biburosu
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Byblos
Affiliation None
Final Fantasy Tactics Character

Byblos is a playable creature from Final Fantasy Tactics. He appears in the Midlight's Deep and resembles a Reaver but has different coloration and abilities. It serves as a guest during the battle with Elidibus; if it survives, it joins Ramza Beoulve's party, though its never explained why.

The Byblos has these innate traits: Cannot enter water, Ignore Height, Secret Hunt, Counter, weak to Fire.


PSP/PS1 Name Description
Energize Heal an ally by sacrificing HP. The ally is healed by double the HP you sacrifice.
Parasite Use negative power to inflict status effects.
Vengeance Attack with the power commensurate to the damage received.
Manaburn Inflict damage equal to the target's MP.

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