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Series: Enterprise
Author(s): Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Publication information
Published: Paperback - 1 January 2002
Pages: 252
ISBN: ISBN 0743448715
Date: 2151


Introduction (blurb)

In their first few weeks in space, Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise have already discovered several new species and explored strange new worlds. But each planet brings new discoveries... and new dangers.

The Fazi, whose ultraregulated culture ranges from strict conversation protocols to unvarying building designs, inhabit half of a planet discovered by Enterprise. But after a disastrous first contact with the ruler of the Fazi, Archer must depend on Vulcan science officer T'Pol and communication specialist Ensign Hoshi Sato to help him mend relations with the people of this planet, and unravel the mystery of the other creatures living on the world.



Regular characters

Jonathan ArcherCharles "Trip" Tucker IIIT'PolPhloxMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoTravis Mayweather

Recurring characters

Elizabeth CutlerEthan Novakovich

Other characters

James Anderson • Daniels • Draa • Jamal Edwards • PointerWilliams

Fictional characters

AbeBerthaMr. DoomDr. MeanHorsemanRustUnk






Referenced only 

Races and cultures

DenobulanFazi • Hipon • HumanVulcan

Referenced only 


coffeecookie • Councilman • first contact • jasmine • mess hallPorthosPrime DirectiveRPGRustsandwichuniversal translator

Related stories


  • Ensign Hoshi Sato is referred to as Ensign Hoshi (it should be Ensign Sato).
  • Elizabeth Cutler is referred to as an ensign (she is an enlisted crewmember).
  • Novakovich is given the first name of Alex twice in Chapter Three (it should be Ethan).


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By the Book was a fanon series of loosely-related missions exploring the adventures of three inhabitants of Naboo during the Thrawn campaign of terror.

The events of the campaign took place in 8 to 9 ABY. The campaign revolved around two conflicts: an evil cult in Chommell Sector and Moff Panaka's attempt to reannex Naboo to the Empire. The campaign exists in the same fanon continuity as other campaigns of which Justin Gann was gamemaster.




  • Gabriel Vadney as the Defel



Droid models

Flora and fauna


Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

Weapons and technology


Behind the scenes

The campaign used the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game d20 system.

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