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For the historical person, see Button Gwinnett (Wikipedia).
Button Gwinnett
race: Robot
affiliation: None
role: Protectron
location: National Archives
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Stealing Independence
karma: Neutral
base id: 00003A78
ref id: 00020122

Button Gwinnett is a Protectron robot who, for lack of any other authority, runs the National Archives in 2277. Due to a memory malfunction, believes himself to be the real Button Gwinnett.



The powdered wig, the blue coat, the metal mandible appendages- this must be Button Gwinnett, second governor of Georgia! Look closely, and you may spot some tiny discrepancies in this fellow: the pulsing brain module, the clanking sound Button makes, and the fact that this is actually a Protectron![1]


Button is the leader of the security robots in the National Archives basement levels.

Interactions with the player character

Built for the purpose of impersonating Gwinnett in the museum's reenactment gig, he is one of the three robots to have remained intact. Button Gwinnett has total control over all the robots in the National Archives and addresses them with motivational messages as the player progresses through the basement levels and gets closer to his quarters. When initiating dialogue with him, he will call you a redcoat, and claim that they are surrounded by redcoats.

During the quest Stealing Independence you can choose to deal with him in one of the following ways:

  • Assist him in forging a fake Declaration, to give to "King George." You will need to retrieve the Ink Container from the Arlington Library if you haven't already.
  • Pass a Speech Check to convince him that you are Thomas Jefferson, and have returned to claim the document. The check is difficult and requires a high skill level to reliably pass.
  • Disable him via the Robotics Expert perk during dialog.
  • Destroy him.
  • After you tell him to make a copy with the ink well, you can tell him to blow himself up, which will give you negative karma.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Button's Wig - Scrap Metal Archives Security Terminal


  • Unlike the other Protectrons, Button Gwinnett's voice sounds human. He speaks with a colonial accent.
  • You can also find his wig in the corner of the room he is guarding. Strangely, you can't loot the wig he is currently wearing.
  • If you convince him that you are Thomas Jefferson, he mentions that you should give his regards to "Sally". Sally Hemings was a slave with whom Mr. Jefferson is believed to have had children.
  • If you help Button Gwinnett by telling him the war is over, he will actually salute.
  • He will still believe you're Thomas Jefferson even if your player character is female.
  • The other two intact reenactment robots are a Thomas Jefferson bot and a backup bot, both to be found in pods in the room with the elevator.


Button Gwinnett only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Whilst the Protectron identified as Jefferson is offline for maintenance (due to someone replacing its voice software with a radio broadcast as described in the maintenance logs), the personality can be transferred over to the backup. If activated, it will wander around and start broadcasting Galaxy News Radio, though it cannot be interacted with. The Recall signal does not function, but activating the Shutdown causes it to explode. Unusually, the activation of this robot doesn't seem to bother Gwinnett and doesn't open any additional dialogue options. Considering the admiration Gwinnett holds for Jefferson, the designers likely intended the robot to serve as an alternative solution for convincing Gwinnett into handing over the declaration; obviously, it was never fully implemented.


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