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Rowlf recites "The Butterfly".

Butterflies have been featured in several sketches on The Muppet Show, including:

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Catching a butterfly
A player catching a butterfly with his bare hands.
A player releasing a butterfly

Butterflies are caught using the Hunter skill. All players need to catch a butterfly is to have a butterfly jar and to wield a butterfly net. A butterfly can be netted by only one player, the one who started first.

The butterfly may be released from the jar immediately, allowing players to hunt another (butterfly jars are reusable). They are low experience, and are best combined with some form of trapping.

Some butterflies can be used to boost combat skills in other players in multi-combat areas. Used many times in Castle Wars to boost stats of other players.

With high Hunter and Agility levels, players can catch butterflies with their bare hands. This offers much more Hunter experience than usual, and also gives a small amount of Agility experience. However, players will not be able to keep the butterflies, since they are released after they are caught.

When examined it says; These look much better in the wild!

Level Image Creature Location Experience Effect
15 / 80 (and 75 Agility) Ruby harvest Ruby harvest Woodland 24 / 300 Raises another player's Attack by 20%
25 / 85 (and 80 Agility) Sapphire Glacialis Sapphire Glacialis Snow 34 / 400 Raises another player's Defence by 20%
35 / 90 (and 85 Agility) Snowy Knight Snowy Knight Snow 44 / 500 Restores another player's Hitpoints by 20%
45 / 95 (and 90 Agility) Black Warlock Black Warlock Jungle 54 / 650 Raises another player's Strength by 20%


  • The Forge regent summoning familiar is also classified as a butterfly. Its tertiary ingredient is a Ruby harvest butterfly (in a jar).
  • It has been suggested by some players that releasing a butterfly from its jar resembles healing in the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda not just visually, but also in that both situations result in a player being enhanced in some way.
  • Interestingly, if you click anywhere directly underneath the butterfly, your character will still attempt to chase and capture it.
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