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Butch Harris
race: Human
affiliation: Far Go Traders
role: Manager
location: Hub
appearances: Fallout
quests: Find the missing caravans
dialogue file: BUTCH.MSG
actor: Ron Perlman

Butch Harris ran the Far Go Traders in the Hub around 2161. He is a Talking Head voiced by Ron Perlman.



Butch has run the Far Go Traders for many years. He is a rather grumpy sort, probably due to many years of stress in his years of management. Butch also thinks that he is the sheriff around these parts, and will ask you to give information to him, rather than Sheriff Greene. One day, something mysterious starts taking his caravans and hires a special man. He believes the source of these murders/kidnaps, are a mythical being from before the war, the Deathclaw. This is not true however...

Interactions with the player character

Butch will give you the Find the missing caravans quest, in which you must find the source of the death of the caravans - Mutants.


Apparel Weapon Other item
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Tell Me About

You can ask Butch about the following words:

Adytum, All, All-In-One, Angel's, Angels, Apocalypse, Beth, Bob's, Bobs, Boneyard, Brotherhood, Butch, Caravan, Caravans, Cathedral, Claw, Crimson, Daren, Darkwater, Death, Deathclaw, Decker, Demetre, Elder, Falcon, Followers, Glow, Greene, Guns, Harold, Harris, Heights, Hightower, Hot, Iguana, Jain, Jon, Junk, Junktown, Justin, Killian, Maltese, Market, Master, Maxson, Merchant, Merchants, Missing, Morpheus, Nightclub, Old, Oldtown, Romara, Rutger, Steel, Store, Thieves, Tower, Town, Trader, Traders, Underground, Water, Weapon, Weapons, Zimmerman

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