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Business As Usual
Series: Doctor Who -
Back-up Comic Strip Stories
Main Character:
Enemy: Nestene, Autons
Author: Alan Moore
Editor: Dez Skinn
Artist: Dave Lloyd
Lettering: no credit given
Published In: Doctor Who Magazine Issues 40
Publication: 17th July 1980
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: B&W 4 parts / 8 pages
Previous Story: Black Legacy
Following Story: Star Death



In 1989, ex-plumber Winston Blunt finds a sphere that’s one of six fallen from the sky. Winston soon patents a new method of bonding carbon atoms and sets up Galaxy Plastics Inc. Before shooting himself, he appoints a Mr. Dolman to run the company. When industrial spy Max Fisher breaks into the factory, he is attacked by plastic action figures before being caught by Dolman and the Nestene Intelligence. Max throws a spanner that damages the Nestene tank and causes an explosion, but Max is pursued by the remains of the Dolman Auton. Max Fisher dies in a car accident whilst fighting miniature dolls but in the August of 1990 one Max Fisher invests money in a plastics factory and leaves behind flowers on a shallow grave — plastic flowers of course!


  • Winston Blunt
  • Mr Dolman
  • Max Fisher

Original Print Details
(Publication with page count and closing captions)

  1. DWM Issue 40 (2) … To be Continued
  2. DWM Issue 41 (2) To be Continued ...
  3. DWM Issue 42 (2)
  4. DWM Issue 43 (2) The End



  • This is one of five collaborations between writer Alan Moore and illustrator David Lloyd, who would go on to create the graphic novel V for Vendetta.
  • This back up strip story was introduced and tailed by the Fourth Doctor as if recounting a story.
  • For the DWM Issue 184 reprint the opening frame sees the Fourth Doctor replaced with the Seventh Doctor.


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This is the first of two quests that players need to complete to earn the badge of Kerritamba: Blood Hunter.

To be able to start this quest, you must first have completed all of the quests from the three villagers.
Speak to Ardon (-189, -125) in Kkowir Forest, Kashyyyk, to start this quest.

Level: 39


Recommended combat levels: 40 and higher

The following article contains "spoiler" information and may interfere with your game enjoyment.
Do not read this article if you wish to figure out its subject on your own.

Ardon: Ah , yes. I have heard your name whispered on the low voices of the Kerritamba people. Let's do business.
PC: Wait a second. Who are you?
Ardon: (Ardon chuckles darkly.) I am Ardon Da'mora, servant of Chief Kerritamba. I handle... worldly affairs for him.
PC: What... worldly affairs?
Ardon: I have no doubt that you have heard of the Outcasts; the pitful insects of the world that thrive within the cave just beyond our sight. Together, you and I will rid the village of those meddlesome pests. I think--
PC: What if I don't want any part of this?
Ardon: (Ardon scoffs.) Then you'll be banished from the Kerritamba village and marked as a traitor.
PC: Fair enough. When do we start?
Ardon: Now. (Ardon smiles.) First, we want to send a message to the Outcasts that the Kerritamba mean business. You'll do this by bumping off 5 Outcast members. You'll find them in the dreaded Webweaver Cave just behind the waterfall. So, you Kerritamba, what do you say?
PC: I'll get right on it.
Ardon: Good. (Ardon smiles smuggly.) Now get to it.

Ardon Da'mora, a rather shady individual, needs you to send a 'message' to the Outcast community by defeating 5 Outcast members. Ardon mentioned a Webweaver cave near a waterfall.

This is fairly straight-forward. Just head to the Webweaver Cave and defeat 5 Outcasts (CL 38 Elite). After defeating the Outcasts, you need to return to Ardon (-186, -126) in the Kerritamba Village.

Ardon: (Ardon arches a brow.) Back so soon? Tell me you haven't completed your task already.
PC: I have. Does that suprise you?
Ardon: (Ardon smirks.) I have underestimated you, is all. Nonetheless...I must brood over out next attack. Come back in a moment, won't you?"
PC: (You nod.)
Ardon: (Ardon returns to his thoughts.)

This completes this quest. If you talk to Ardon again, he gives you the Exemplar Zheus quest.

This article uses material from the "Business As Usual" article on the SWG Wiki wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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