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Image:Quote1.png I have come from Japan to learn teamwork. To be a Titan. Image:Quote2.png
-- Bushido



Ryuku Orsono was a Japanese teenager who became a bushidoka upon his mother's death, which fulfilled a long family line of honorary heroes. Ryuku swore to avenge his mother by slaying the demon Tengu responsible for her death. He armed himself with a cadre of ancient weaponry -- each piece infused with the spirit of one of his ancestors, including his mother. He encountered the Tengu in the streets of Japan where he also met the former Teen Titans known as Beast Boy and Flamebird. The Tengu, who was possessing a civilian at the time, relinquished his hold over the boy and took possession of Beast Boy instead. Ryuko knew that the only way to destroy the Tengu was through decapitation and so he attempted to cut off Beast Boy's head. Flamebird contacted her allies in the Titans who arrived on the scene just as the Tengu took a hold of Beast Boy. When they learned of Ryuku's intent to decapitate him, they tried to stop him. Ryuku managed to elude their grasp and the battle tides turned when the Tengu brought more of his goblin brethren into the Earth realm. While the Titans battled the lesser Tengu, Bushido attacked the possessed Beast Boy. He sliced open his throat, forcing the Tengu to take his leave of him. Beast Boy survived and the Titans ran to his aid. Bushido went off into the night. [1]

Bushido never forgot his encounter with the Titans, and later traveled to Los Angeles for an impromptu Titans West recruitment drive. [2]

Bushido later joined an improvised Titans group in battling the rampaging Superboy-Prime. He was one of the three fatalities of the battle. After Pantha and Baby Wildebeest were killed, Bushido attacked Superboy and was blasted in half by Superboy's heat vision. [3]

Powers and Abilities


Swordsmanship: Bushido was an expert martial artist and was proficient in the art of swordsmanship.



Bushido's primary weapons were the naginata and the jitte, as well as the kama yari, shuriken, hachiwara and a flintlock pistol. Each weapon was imbued with the soul of the warrior who wielded it, and these spirits guided Ryuko in battle.


  • Bushido was introduced as part of the year 2000 "Planet DC" event.

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Final Fantasy

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Bushido, also known as SwordTech, is a recurring skillset for Samurais in the Final Fantasy series. It is first seen used by Cyan in Final Fantasy VI, then later seen as Auron's Overdrive set in Final Fantasy X. It also appears as the skillset to the Samurai (Final Fantasy X-2) dressphere



Final Fantasy VI

Cyan using Dispatch
Bushido (必殺剣 hissatsu ken), originally known as SwordTech, is Cyan Garamonde's special ability in Final Fantasy VI. Bushido abilities are used by waiting for a numbered gauge to fill up to a number from one to six. The longer the wait, the stronger the Bushido attack will be. Cyan can only use Bushido if he equips a weapon that is Bushido compatible (but since all of Cyan's weapons are Bushido-compatible, this is never an issue; only when Gogo uses Bushido does one have to worry about equipping the right weapon). He learns new skills as he increases in level, and he automatically learns all of them if he sleeps in Doma Castle in the World of Ruin. Contrary to popular belief, none of the Bushido gain or lose power depending upon which weapon Cyan has equipped; they all have a set Battle Power or Spell Power.

SNES Name GBA Name Japanese Name Learned at Effect Additional Information
Dispatch Fang 必殺剣 牙 Hissatsuken Kiba Level 1 Deals physical damage to one opponent. 120 Battle Power; Unblockable, ignores defense
Retort Sky 必殺剣 空 Hissatsuken Sora Level 6 Retort Waits until the next time Cyan is physically attacked to activate. When that happens, Cyan counterattacks with a non-elemental magic attack. 56 Spell Power; Unblockable, ignores defense
the root of the Psycho Cyan Bug.
Slash Tiger 必殺剣 虎 Hissatsuken Tora Level 12 Halves the HP of one opponent and gives it Seizure status. Unblockable; Fails upon targets immune to Instant Death
Quadra Slam Flurry 必殺剣 舞 Hissatsuken Mai Level 15 Consists of four physical attacks against random opponents. 72 Battle Power (each hit); Unblockable (each hit)
Empowerer Dragon 必殺剣 龍 Hissatsuken Ryū Level 24 Absorbs HP and MP from one opponent. It has two Spell Powers: one for draining HP (49) and one for draining MP (12). Invert against zombie-typed enemies.
Stunner Eclipse 必殺剣 月 Hissatsuken Tsuki Level 34 Deals non-elemental magic damage and casts Stop on all opponents. 97 Spell Power; Damage unblockable and ignores Split Damage, status ailment has a Hit Rate of 140.
Quadra Slice Tempest 必殺剣 烈 Hissatsuken Retsu Level 44 Consists of four physical attacks against random opponents. 70 Battle Power (each hit), unblockable (each hit), and ignores defense
Cleave Oblivion 必殺剣 断 Hissatsuken Dan Level 70 Causes Instant Death to all opponents. 182 Hit Rate; works against undead, but fails upon targets immune to Instant Death; stalls an enemy's final attack one turn.


Final Fantasy X

Example of button sequence
For videos of the various Bushido, go here

Bushido (武士道,Way of the Warrior) is the name of Auron's Overdrive in Final Fantasy X. Each overdrive has a standard and enhanced mode which is determined by inputting a button sequence within a certain time limit. If the sequence is unsuccessful, Auron will perform the standard move. A successful input will cause additional attack power and status effects to be added to the move. Also, the faster the button sequence is entered, the more damage the Overdrive will cause. To obtain the four Overdrives, a total of 10 special Movie Spheres, named "Jecht Spheres" due to their content, need to be collected all over Spira.

The name of his Overdrive is taken from "Bushido": the code of conduct and way of life of the Japanese warriors, the Samurai, which is Auron's primary class.

  • Dragon Fang(ドラゴンの牙 Ryuga) - Auron leaps up into the air and releases fiery energy with his sword at all enemies as it touches the ground. If the inputting of the button sequence was successful, the enemies would take heavier damage. Auron starts with this Overdrive.
  • Shooting Star(シューティングスター Nagareboshi) - Auron begins a strong sword attack at one enemy. If the inputting of the button sequence is successful, there is a chance to Eject the enemy, which would almost always be an overkill, even if it had HP left after the attack. The Eject addition does not work on bosses. Auron gains this Overdrive after defeating Spherimorph and watching the Jecht Sphere afterwards.
  • Banishing Blade(追放ブレード Tsuihoo no Ken) - Auron takes a swig from his sake jug and swings at the enemy - releasing the energy in his blade. If the inputting of the button sequence is successful, Auron spits the liquid onto his blade before building up the energy, and the attack will also cause Full Break. Auron gains this Overdrive after collecting 3 Jecht Spheres.
  • Tornado(竜巻 Torune-do) - Auron starts swirling and makes a tornado, which he launches at all enemies. If the inputting of the button sequence is successful, he will throw his jug at the tornado, igniting it, causing an additional attack. Auron gains this Overdrive after collecting all 10 Jecht Spheres.


Final Fantasy X-2

Bushido is the skillset for the Samurai Dressphere. It has many attacks and support abilities, but use is difficult because of the Samurai's low MP.

Other appearances

Kingdom Hearts II

Bushido is also Auron's Limit in Kingdom Hearts II. Auron attacks the enemies around Sora using Shooting Star and Banishing Blade, and finishes with Spiral, which resembles Tornado (minus the flames).

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Bushido is a member of G.I. Joe from the Generation One continuity family.
Laugh all you want, but ninja bar mitzvahs are awesome.

Bushido is Lloyd S. Goldfine, a snow ninja from Queens who wears his father's samurai helmet into battle.

No, really.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers comics continuity

Bushido was part of a G.I. Joe strike force sent to the Himalayas of Tibet in order to prevent Cobra-La from using Unicron to destroy the human race. Once there, they were attacked by the malicious Monstructor, who slaughtered the Joes until he was incapacitated by the G.I. Joe Laser Squad. Later, Bushido assisted in capturing members of the Cobra-La Royal Guard. Black Horizon #2

External links

  • Bushido at

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