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Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 24 + 2 for 5s effect
DPS: 192 + 2 effect
attacks/sec: 8
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 0.5
crit dmg: 1
crit chance: x 0.5 (unmodified: 4)
ammo type: Flamer Fuel
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 60
shots/reload: 60
skill: Big Guns
AP: 50
item HP: 200
repair: Flamers
weight: 15
value: 500
base id: 000C80BD

The Burnmaster is a unique Flamer with a higher critical chance than a normal Flamer, found in Fallout 3.



This weapon can be found in Franklin Metro Utility, a tunnel system beneath Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro. It is advisable to bring the Ghoul Mask if you have obtained it as the Metro is overwhelmed with Feral Ghouls, which depending on your level and installed add-ons may mostly consist of Glowing Ones and Feral Ghoul Reavers.

When you managed to find Franklin Metro Utility in Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro (it's all the way in the back, down the tracks past the mezzanine), follow that until you get to where the tunnel goes down into the water. Go into the water and then make a left through a broken passage in the tunnel (if you do not have a Radiation Suit, carry on past the broken passage and keep going straight down into the water, there is a box with a Mini-Nuke on top and in the box is a Radiation Suit). Swim to the right until you find a ramp that goes up. Continue down a hallway filled with radioactive barrels. It's advised to bring along a bottle of Rad-X, some Rad-Away packs, or a Radiation Suit, as the area has moderately high levels of radiation along with numerous Glowing Ones. At the end of the tunnel are five ammo boxes filled with flamer ammo and the Burnmaster.


  • The Burnmaster doesn't benefit from the Pyromaniac perk, and it does the same damage as a regular Flamer if you have the perk.
  • The Flamer with the Pyromaniac perk does a little more damage because the -2(5s) is boosted to -3(5s).
  • If you are above level 20 with Broken Steel, the Glowing Ones in the area will be replaced with a lot of Feral Ghoul Reavers. (Confirmed on PC and 360, lvl 28. Confirmed on PC, lvl 15.)
  • This Weapon is useful in the hands of followers since they can't have the Pyromaniac perk and therefore it inflicts far more damage than a regular flamer in their hands.


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