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Burning Desire
Denise Robinson in the building Carl Johnson sets on fire
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
For: C.R.A.S.H.
Location: Los Santos
Target: Los Santos Vagos gang house
Conditions of mission failure: Death of CJ, Death of Denise
Reward: Molotov Cocktails, Fire Extinguisher, Denise Robinson as a girlfriend
Unlocks: Doberman

Burning Desire is the first mission given to Carl Johnson by C.R.A.S.H. in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



CJ torches a Los Santos Vagos Gang House for C.R.A.S.H., and meets a love interest as he rescues her from the fire he started.


  • The map marker leads to an alley in Downtown Los Santos, and a supply of Molotov Cocktails. The Vagos house is in East Los Santos. At the building, with several Vagos around who won't be happy about it, there are five windows that serve as targets for CJ's Molotovs. If needed, two more Molotov spawn locations appear around the building.
  • As the building begins burning, a scene plays showing a woman trapped inside. The map marker points to the woman inside the building. With a limited amount of time, and the woman's health being tracked, CJ finds her upstairs at the back of the house, down the hallway in the last room on the left, blocked from him by a wall of fire. He backtracks to the kitchen downstairs to retrieve the fire extinguisher, then returns to extinguish the fires trapping the woman. Also it helps if the player does the Firefighter missions and become fireproof.
  • As the building collapses from fire damage, CJ douses fires to clear the way out of the apartments for the pair. Outside, Denise Robinson introduces herself, and CJ drives her to her home in Ganton. She suggests CJ call her. An on-screen message informs the player that Denise is now a girlfriend, and her house is now marked by a red heart on the in-game map.


The player doesn't really get a currency reward from Officer Tenpenny but when they are in the house they can find money in two locations. One is on the first floor beside a bed, not too far from the kitchen. The second location is in the room Denise is in, beside the bed.


The gang house is one of the Vagos houses, and is quite large with two stories, two big living rooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and Denise's room. After the mission, damage can be seen in the interior but not the exterior. No Vagos are ever seen again in the house, but they still hang around it. The house cannot be burned down again, nor can the house be entered by the player. However, it is still accessible through the Hidden Interiors Universe.

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