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Located in the midst of the North Western Mountain range is this beautifal avian research centre. Currently out of action while imperials and rebels fight for control over the views it provides of nearby valleys.

Bunker Assault is a battlefield located on Endor. This battlefield involves one central bunker on a steep plateau. The base can be controlled by either side and swapped between them at will. No smaller bunkers or side objectives, this is probably the most straightforward king of the hill style map added. The reward is only 100 GCW per flip.

Galactic Civil War
Faction Galactic Empire (items, missions)  ·  Rebel Alliance (items, missions)
Points Base  ·  Base destruction  ·  Planetary control  ·  Rank
Battlefields Bunker Assault  ·  Data Runner  ·  Jungle Warfare  ·  Massassi Isle
Instances Battle of Echo Base  ·  Lost Star Destroyer
POIs Restuss  ·  Tactical Training Facility  ·  Talus Weapons Depot  ·  Weapons Development Facility
Space Deep Space  ·  Kessel System
Galactic Civil War Update Bestine Invasion  ·  Dearic Invasion  ·  Keren Invasion

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