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Bulletin board in the Vault 101 Cafeteria

The Bulletin Board is a stationary item used for visually communicating a written message in a public meeting area. Examples of messages include advertising a service, announcing an event, and requesting the return of an item. These messages are communicated on a piece of paper posted to a board's posting surface. Bulletin boards are plywood boards framed by a metal frame. Bulletin boards are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.

Vault 101 bulletin board

On July 13, 2268, the bulletin board in the Cafeteria is posted with many messages. Here is a listing of the more readable messages:

Behind the scenes

  • The bingo night advertisement has a ball with "13" written on it. This may be a reference to Vault 13, the Vault in which the original Fallout began.

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The Bulletin Board on the Autumn's bridge.

On the first and last of the Halo: Combat Evolved levels, a bulletin board can be found just outside the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn.[1]


Some of the seven messages on the bulletin boards look plausible, some are just silly, while others are hidden Easter Eggs.

There are actually more bulletin boards on the Pillar of Autumn, one being found on the mission, The Maw, there is a shattered board right through the cafeteria alongside two medical packs and an empty shotgun.

One says: "Missing: Calico Cat: Answers to Jonesy" This is a reference to Alien and Aliens, two movies that Halo draws inspiration from, to include the banter of a Marine soldier. Jonesy was a Calico cat in the series and, along with Ripley, was the sole survivor of the first movie.

There is a picture of Earth from the Moon with the caption "Fight for her" on it. This is likely propaganda within the UNSC. It also shows Africa, and may be a reference or foreshadowing to where the Ark's portal is hidden.

There is also a note reading:

For Sale:
Pentium XI 33 GF
Chicago Office
Colony Ship
*7 Speed Manual transmission.
Hyde Park Condo

This is a reference to Bungie being bought by Microsoft. It mentions the location of Bungie's old office, as well as referencing a stage in Marathon, entitled Colony Ship for Sale: Cheap.

There is a sign that says: "Marines keep it clean! Clean your area, toss your filth, put away your trash." The term "Keep it Clean" has lately become the catchphrase of a Halo 3: ODST character, the Superintendent, and is the name of a trailer for the game.

Another says: "Duty roster Pillar Of Autumn" with some illegible writing which is supposedly the duty roster.

One says: "Marines scooters are for squirts, no scooters on deck."

Another reads: "Attention marines, callbacks for South Pacific" and the rest is cut off by a keyboardish item. It is likely that this is a reference to the musical, South Pacific.


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