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effects: + 1 HP
addiction: none
weight: 1
value: 1
base id: 0008C560

Bubblegum is a food item found in Fallout 3.


It restores a single health point without adding to your radiation count. Bubblegum has identical effects and weight to that of Blood Packs (provided the player doesn't have the Hematophage perk).


Bubblegum is rarer than many other food items such as Cram or Dandy Boy Apples. It is normally found on shelves or in containers, as opposed to refrigerators. It can also be found by pickpocketing most children.

  • One pack can be found lying on a shelf in the Yao Guai Tunnels. The area is reached by taking the eastern path at the first intersection.
  • Three packs can be stolen from the shelves in Lydia Montenegro's shop in Tenpenny Tower.
  • Another two packs are on the shelves in Craterside Supply.
  • One pack can be found on a shelf in the A-Ring in The Citadel.
  • One pack can be stolen from a shelf in Lucy West's House.
  • James Hargrave in Rivet City has a glitched bubblegum when you pickpocket him, you have to take it several times before you get it from his inventory.
  • One pack can be found in Old Olney S. Wilson Building on the very bottom floor in the southeastern corner.
  • If you have the pre-war or vault theme for your Megaton home, you can find it on the shelves along with more food.
  • In a wooden box in the Sacred Bog of Point Lookout.
  • One pack can be found in a lean-to underneath the southernmost bridge, on the east riverbed. Follow the river south from Dukov's Place - past the Raider "fort" - to reach the bridge.
  • Tulip in Underworld may sell some.
  • One pack can be found in the moving garbaxe box on the Maintenance Level that dumps you out into the waste disposal. Only in Mothership Zeta (add-on).
  • One pack can be found in the storeroom of The Temple of the Union. Its on a shelf to the right when you enter.
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