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Brute Landmine
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Very High

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Very fast




Halo 3


Though not an official name, the Brute Landmine can be seen on the multiplayer level Sandtrap. If the player moves outside of the map's border, these mines will automatically eject themselves from a buried position, rise vertically about two-three meters above the ground and detonate in a manner similar to a UNSC fragmentation grenade.

These mines are located on Sandtrap and have a dual function of keeping people from entering and exiting the temple area. The mine itself looks very similar to a larger version of the Brute Spike Grenade, without the handle or the three main spikes on the top edges, and is extremely effective against vehicles and infantry.

Since the mine is designed to explode above a target, it can shower the crews of vehicles like the Mongoose or Prowler, or regular infantry that are foolish to venture into the minefield, with explosive debris. The mine is less effective against aerial targets (because it will explode only a relatively short height above the ground) unless the player is flying relatively low to the ground. The mines can hurt players even if Invincibility is turned on, if they are in a Bubble Shield or behind a Deployable Cover, similar to the Automated Plasma Turrets in Snowbound.


  • The landmine bears similarities to the WWII-era S-mine, more commonly known as the "Bouncing Betty".

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