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Brutal green dragons are a much stronger relative to the Green dragons residing in the Wilderness. Access to brutal green dragons requires sufficient levels in Barbarian Training. Brutal green dragons use a melee and a magic attack that both can hit up to 18, and they are immune to poison. Brutal green dragons may be part of a slayer assignment if the player has to kill Green dragons. The Ancient Caverns And Kuradal's Dungeon are the only known location of these dragons.

It has been thought that brutal green dragons (like Mithril dragons) drop Chewed bones; which are necessary for completing barbarian training or getting a Dragon full helm gift from a barbarian spirit. However, brutal green dragons do not drop these bones, only their less-prized "mangled" counterparts. A Jagex Moderator has confirmed that only mithril dragons drop chewed bones. The Brutal Green Dragon shares the same combat level with the Black Dragon.


Combat strategy

Like all chromatic dragons, Brutal Green Dragons are weak against stab and ranged attacks. These dragons can be effectively fought using a Rune crossbow, the Protect from Magic prayer and dragonfire protection (such as an Anti-dragon shield, Antifire potions/mixes, or a Dragonfire shield). Their magic attack is far more accurate than those of Mithril dragons. Prayer potions, Antifire potions and Ranging potions can help to increase kill speed and trip lengths. These dragons will NOT attempt to move towards their opponent to melee. They will stay in place and attack using their dragonfire and magic attacks unless their opponent is within one space of them, in which case they will attack using dragonfire, magic, and melee.

When standing more than one space away from these dragons with the Protect from Magic prayer on and dragonfire protection, most damage is negated. A Beast of Burden is recommended to help retain more drops (mostly Green dragonhide and Dragon bones).

Lastly, magic can be used against these dragons, with Claws of Guthix being the ideal spell due to its defence lowering secondary effect, and the high max hit(20). The max hit of this spell can be increased from 20 to 30 using the charge spell if a god cape is worn, and while wielding the Void Knight Mace the max hit of this spell is 33.


Other drops



Projectiles and Runes


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