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[[Image:|200px|center|Raymond Gibson (New Earth)]]
Real Name
Raymond Gibson
Current Alias






Government agent

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Raymond Gibson was a combat engineer for the United States Army. Later in life, he was recruited to become part of a special top-secret government agency called the Last Line. Led by Amanda Waller, the Last Line's primary function was to protect humanity in the event that Superman should ever turn against the United States. Gibson and his peers were headquartered in a secret underground annex in Kansas. Gibson wears a giant, armored battle suit powered by Kryptonite. He first encountered the Man of Steel when he (along with Batman) discovered the Last Line's headquarters during their quest to rid the world of Kryptonite.

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Bruiser model cel from Dog City

Bruiser is a member of Bugsy Vile's gang on Dog City. Bruiser is Bugsy's nephew, but nepotism is not the sole reason for keeping him around. The hulking Bruiser is the muscle of the gang, but this is often mitigated by his child-like outlook and kind streak. He invariably addresses his boss as "Uncle Bugsy" and Ace Hart as "Mr. Hart."

Bruiser is loosely based on the Muppet character Mad Dog from the Jim Henson Hour version of Dog City. The Mad Dog puppet was reused as Bowser, Bruiser's Muppet counterpart, in the series proper.

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Class Information for Bruiser
Type: Brawler (Fighter) image:Bruiser_Icon.jpg
City: Freeport, Neriak, Gorowyn
Primary Power Stat: Strength
Armor: Leather Armor
Weapons: Fists, Fists(Equipment), Hammers, Staffs, Great Hammers, Thrown; may dual-wield
Shields: None
Expert Spells: Combat Arts (Rare Loam)

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Spells Brawler AAs Bruiser AAs Shadows AAs


The Bruiser profession is ideal for those who want to pummel their enemies hand-to-hand. The Bruiser is a juggernaut of physical pain, having transformed their body into a vicious tool for inflicting suffering on their foes. The honing of the Bruiser's physical body conveys offensive as well as defensive advantages. The Bruiser is most effective on the front lines of combat.

Class Hat

Class Armor

Epic Weapon

See also



Combat Arts By Category

The first combat art in each category is listed. See the detailed description for the full upgrade line.

Combat Art Description Level
Basic Damage
Pummel Instant Damage 1
Meteor Fist Instant Heat Damage; costs Health 2
Roundhouse Crushing Damage 5
Blaze Kick Crushing Damage plus Heat Damage-over-Time 11
One Hundred Hand Punch Chain of up to 8 Hits 19
Devastation Fist Massive damage with long recovery time 35
Damage with Detrimental Effect
Merciless Stomp Damage plus Knockdown 10
Shoulder Charge Damage plus Knockdown 13
Eye Gouge Piercing Damage plus Accuracy Debuff 28
Uppercut Damage plus Knockdown with long recovery time 30
Sucker Punch Flank only, Damage plus Daze 32
Sonic Fists Teleport to target, damage & interrupt 55
Multiple-Target Damage
Beatdown Direct Damage to all in area 7
Savage Assault Chain of up to 4 hits, on all in area 50
Intimidate Mesmerize target for a short time 24
Instill Panic Fears target (same reuse timer as Intimidate) 30
Slurred Insult Increase threat, even if stifled or stunned 1
Abuse Interrupt and increase threat to entire encounter 8
Rescue Take a group member's threat value & position 25
Divide and Conquer Rise to top of threat list on half of encounter 80
Combat Art Description Level
Ignore Pain Heal self 3
Indomitable Will Cure self trauma/mental, even if stifled/stunned 13
Temporary Self-Buffs
Lightning Fists Add heat damage to next 3 melee hits 15
Bruising Spirit Increased mitigation; costs Health 26
Rock Skin Strong mitigation; stuns self 40
Stone Deaf Ignore next 3 strong nonphysical hits 52
Close Mind Ignore control effects 58
Knockout Combination Direct damage & stun all Combat Art targets 65
Maintained Self-Buffs
Bodyguard Defensive stance 4
Smoldering Fists Offensive stance 4
Bob and Weave Increased Strength and Agility 12
Feign Death Play dead (zero hate while active) 14
Manhandle Increased threat on each melee hit 22
Bruising Balanced stance 44
Shared Buffs
Intercept Take hits for an ally 6
Brutality Raid combat art damage & taunts & detaunts 9
Shrug Off Take hits for ally using own avoidance 18
Fighting Chance Start a Heroic Opportunity 5
Master's Rage Lore and Legend mastery ability -
Dreadnaught Kata Fluff spell 20

Combat Arts By Level

Tier 1 Level 1 - 9 Tier 2 Level 10 - 19 Tier 3 Level 20 - 29 Tier 4 Level 30 - 39

1: Pummel
1: Slurred Insult
2: Meteor Fist
3: Ignore Pain
4: Bodyguard
4: Smoldering Fists
5: Fighting Chance
5: Roundhouse
6: Intercept
7: Beatdown
8: Abuse
9: Slurred Insult II ¥
9: Brutality

10: Ignore Pain II
10: Merciless Stomp
11: Blaze Kick ¥
12: Bob and Weave ¥
13: Indomitable Will
13: Shoulder Charge ¥
14: Feign Death
15: Pummel II
15: Lightning Fists
16: Bodyguard II
17: Meteor Fist II
17: Slurred Insult III
18: Shrug Off
19: Roundhouse II
19: One Hundred Hand Punch

20: Dreadnaught Kata *
20: Ignore Pain III
20: Intercept II
20: Goading Gesture ***
21: Smoldering Fists II
21: Beatdown II ¥
22: Abuse II ¥
22: Manhandle ¥
23: Brutality II
24: Merciless Stomp II ¥
24: Intimidate
25: Blaze Kick II
25: Rescue
26: Bob and Weave II
26: Bruising Spirit
27: Indomitable Will II
27: Shoulder Charge II
28: Eye Gouge
28: Feign Death II
29: Pummel III
29: Lightning Fists II

30: Bodyguard III
30: Uppercut
30: Instill Panic
31: Meteor Fist III
31: Slurred Insult IV ¥
32: Shrug Off II ¥
32: Sucker Punch ¥
33: One Hundred Hand Punch II ¥
33: Roundhouse III
34: Ignore Pain IV
34: Intercept III
35: Beatdown III
35: Corpsecrush **
35: Devastation Fist **
35: Smoldering Fists III
36: Abuse III
36: Manhandle II
37: Brutality III
38: Merciless Stomp III
38: Intimidate II
39: Blaze Kick III

Tier 5 Level 40 - 49 Tier 6 Level 50 - 59 Tier 7 Level 60 - 69 Tier 8 Level 70 - 79

40: Bob and Weave III ¥
40: Rock Skin
40: Bruising Spirit II
40: Wooden Skin Style *
41: Indomitable Will III ¥
41: Shoulder Charge III
42: Eye Gouge II
42: Feign Death III
43: Pummel IV
43: Lightning Fists III ¥
44: Uppercut II ¥
44: Bruising
44: Bodyguard IV
45: Slurred Insult V
45: Meteor Fist IV
46: Sucker Punch II
46: Shrug Off III
47: One Hundred Hand Punch III
47: Roundhouse IV
48: Ignore Pain V
49: Beatdown IV
49: Devastation Fist II
49: Smoldering Fists IV

50: Abuse IV ¥
50: Instill Panic II
50: Iron Skin Style *
50: Manhandle III ¥
50: Savage Assault
51: Brutality IV
52: Merciless Stomp IV
52: Stone Deaf (DoF)
52: Intimidate III
53: Blaze Kick IV ¥
54: Bob and Weave IV ¥
54: Rock Skin II
54: Bruising Spirit III
55: Shoulder Charge IV
55: Indomitable Will IV
55: Sonic Punch (DoF)
56: Eye Gouge III
56: Feign Death IV
57: Pummel V
57: Lightning Fists IV
58: Close Mind (DoF)
58: Bruising II
58: Bodyguard V
58: Uppercut III
59: Meteor Fist V
59: Slurred Insult VI

60: Sucker Punch III
60: Shrug Off IV
61: Roundhouse V
62: One Hundred Hand Punch IV ¥
63: Devastation Fist III
63: Smoldering Fists V
63: Beatdown V ¥
64: Abuse V ¥
64: Manhandle IV ¥
65: Knockout Combination (KoS)
65: Brutality V
66: Merciless Stomp V
66: Intimidate IV
67: Blaze Kick V
68: Bob and Weave V
68: Rock Skin III
68: Bruising Spirit IV
69: Shoulder Charge V
69: Indomitable Will V

70: Eye Gouge IV
70: Feign Death V
70: Savage Assault II
71: Pummel VI
71: Lightning Fists V
71: Bruising III
72: Slurred Insult VII
72: Uppercut IV
72: Bodyguard VI
73: Meteor Fist VI
73: Devastation Fist IV
73: Sucker Punch IV
74: Roundhouse VI
74: One Hundred Hand Punch V
74: Sonic Punch II
75: Beatdown VI
75: Smoldering Fists VI
76: Brutality VI
76: Manhandle V
76: Abuse VI
77: Blaze Kick VI
77: Merciless Stomp VI
77: Intimidate V
78: Knockout Combination II
78: Bruising Spirit V
78: Rock Skin IV
79: Shoulder Charge VI
79: Bob and Weave VI
79: Indomitable Will VI

Tier 9 Level 80 - 89

80: Eye Gouge V
80: Divide and Conquer (RoK)
80: Savage Assault III

¥ - Available as a Grandmaster choice. See below.
* - Fun Spell, can be bought from the Bruiser trainer in Freeport Militia House in West Freeport, or the Bruiser trainer at the Spires of Innoruuk in Neriak, City of Hate
** - from Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack
*** - from Splitpaw Saga Adventure Pack, improves with level up to 50, sharing the same timer with the Slurred Insult combat art line
† - Ancient Teachings spell (only available in Adept I, Adept III and Master 1)

DoF - Desert of Flames featured spell
KoS - Kingdom of Sky featured spell
RoK - Rise of Kunark featured spell

Grandmaster Training Choices

Tier 2 - Level 14 Tier 3 - Level 24 Tier 4 - Level 34 Tier 5 - Level 44
Tier 6 - Level 54 Tier 7 - Level 64 Tier 8 - Level 75


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From The Vault

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
benefit: +2 Strength
penalty: -2 Action Points
J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG
benefit: +2 Melee Damage, +2 Unarmed Damage
penalty: -4 Combat Sequence
Van Buren
benefit:  ?
penalty:  ?

Bruiser is a Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics Trait.

Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

  • A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Your total action points are lowered, but your ST is increased. Your Strength is +2, but you lose 2 action points.

J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG

  • A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Your combat sequence is -4, but your damage with melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 2.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Bruiser disambiguation page.

A = Appearances · I = Images · G = Gallery · F = Fan Art · Q = Quotes

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Physical description




Hair color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Bruiser was a Human male criminal who lived during the final years of the Galactic Republic.


A prisoner exiled to Kiffex, he was hired by Gorto Zaga to defend the local settlement's walls against the attacking Anzati. His standing orders were to shoot anyone who tried to enter at night; as a result, he attempted to kill the Devaronian Vilmarh Grahrk and his Jedi companions. After entering the city, Tholme used a mind trick, causing Bruiser to forget the affair entirely.


  • Star Wars Republic: Darkness (First appearance)

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