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Bruck Chun
Biographical information

Telos IV[1]


57 BBY,[2] Telos IV[1]


44 BBY, Coruscant[1]

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Ice blue[2]

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[2]

Known masters


"That's right, Obi-Wan. Bant is dying. I won't have to do a thing. I'll just make you watch."
―Bruck to Obi-Wan

Bruck Chun was a youngling at the Jedi Temple two months younger than Obi-Wan Kenobi.



"I was always better than you. Now I am even stronger."
―Bruck Chun, taunting Obi-Wan

A Human male with ice-blue eyes and white hair, Bruck was native to Telos IV, the son of Vox Chun and brother of Kad Chun. He was close friends with Aalto. The two boys liked to pick on Kenobi, whom they called "Oafy-Wan."

After Obi-Wan beat Bruck in a training lightsaber contest, Bruck deliberately picked a fight with Obi-Wan, and used his own bruises to blame Obi-Wan for attacking him. Bruck and Obi-Wan competed to be chosen as Padawan by Qui-Gon Jinn, who chose neither at the time (but later did choose Obi-Wan). When Obi-Wan temporarily turned his back on the Jedi Order to fight with the Young on Melida/Daan, Bruck once again tried to get Qui-Gon to take him on as Padawan, but Kenobi and Jinn were soon reconciled.

The Dark Jedi Xanatos, a business partner of Vox Chun, corrupted Bruck to the dark side and used him as a pawn. On Xanatos' behalf, Bruck stole many artifacts within the Jedi Temple, including the Healing Crystals of Fire. Bruck and Xanatos were caught by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan when they attempted to steal the vertex in the Jedi Temple. Xanatos also hid a transmitter inside the hilt of Bruck's red lightsaber to spy on conversations in the Jedi Temple. Bruck attempted to cover Xanatos' flight from Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Bruck and Obi-Wan became locked in combat in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. Bruck was told by Xanatos to come to the Room of a Thousand Fountains to make sure the young Jedi friend of Obi-Wan, who was tied to the bottom of the pool, was dead. Obi-Wan pushed Bruck back leading to Bruck accidentally falling off a slippery cliff and breaking his neck. Obi-Wan had tried to help him up but could not reach Bruck's hand. Obi-Wan frequently would see Bruck falling off the cliff and him being too slow to save him.

To an extent, Obi-Wan blamed himself for Bruck's death. Bruck's family absolutely blamed Obi-Wan, and brought him to a hearing before a committee of Senators, employing Sano Sauro as prosecutor. Qui-Gon eventually revealed the transmitter in the lightsaber hilt, which had recorded the dialogue between Bruck and Obi-Wan during their duel: the evidence proved Obi-Wan innocent, although it would be many years before Kad Chun would forgive Obi-Wan and before Obi-Wan could forgive himself.

Behind the scenes

Bruck Chun was created by the author Dave Wolverton for the first young readers novel Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force in the Jedi Apprentice series. He was used later by fellow author Jude Watson who wrote the rest of the series and he would appear in the novel The Uncertain Path before his death in The Captive Temple.


  • Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force (First appearance)
  • Jedi Apprentice: The Uncertain Path
  • Jedi Apprentice: The Captive Temple
  • Jedi Apprentice Special Editions 1: Deceptions (Mentioned only)
  • Jedi Quest: The Master of Disguise (Mentioned only)
  • Precipice (Indirect mention only)


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