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Star Trek: Swiftfire

This page lists people from Star Trek: Swiftfire. Each of the following entries is specific to Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity.


Starfleet personnel

see Star Trek: Swiftfire: Starfleet personnel for more information.



Caleb Banner

Caleb Banner was a civilian engineer who served as the chief engineer on the Fairstar during 2374 to early-2375. He was an experienced engineer serving on half a dozen vessels, two as chief engineer. He managed to keep the Fairstar operational for a longer period over the recommended maintenance schedule with few crew that was was normally required. After the ship was disabled he received help from a team from the USS Swiftfire-A. ("Waiting for the Sun")


Breena was a Cardassian woman who worked as the secretary to Peclyar Viscot in his main office on Cardassia Prime. Gil Corat Damar considered her an attractive woman and invited her out to have a few drinks with him. Tarat later told Damar to cancel any plans he had to meet with her as she was going to be "tied up" with the Obsidian Order during their investigations into Viscot's business. ("...and the Consequences We Reap")

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell was a chief technician on the Federation colony Nathan's Gap. In 2374, he helped repair the damaged SC-193 while Terri Letac and Nikki Whitechapel were stranded on the planet. ("Moral Actions")

Jasmine Carter

Jasmine Carter was a reporter for the Federation News Service during the latter half of the 24th century. She was assigned to the department that handled news related to Starfleet and in particular was concerned with the Fifth Fleet during the Dominion War. ("Task Force 59")

Grace Celcho

Grace Celcho was the married name of a woman who was briefly married to Pavlo Celcho. She later remarried and had children. Eleven years after she divorced Pavlo she was killed when the shuttle she was travelling in was destroyed by a subspace tremor. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Stanislav Celcho

Stanislav Celcho was the younger brother of Pavlo Celcho and the second child of their parents. When his father stepped down from running the family business he took over due to Pavlo choosing a career in Starfleet instead. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

Austin Core

Austin Core was the younger brother of Susan Core as well as the middle child in the family. Austin worked as a policy advisor in the United Earth government. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Emily Core

Emily Core was the younger sister of Susan Core as well as the youngest child in the family. In 2374, at the age of sixteen she was causing some concern for her mother as Emily was just starting to date. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Hilary Core

Hilary Core was a human civilian. She was married to George Core and had three children, Susan, Austin and Emily. She was widowed in 2367 when her husband was killed during the Battle of Wolf 359. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Bianca Dawn/DarkStar

Bianca Dawn also known by the pseudonym DarkStar was an Australian artist from the 24th century. She was known for her sculptures that made heavy use of holography that included a signature "dark star" that radiates out light over the rest of her sculpture. She and Jonathan Masters attended the same high school. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Maxwell Dirit

Maxwell Dirit was a Human scientist who specialised in the study of pre-warp civilisations. In the 2360s he undertook a Federation sponsored mission to Lanzling and was altered to appear as the native inhabitants. ("The Horseman of the Apocalypse")

Dyson (symbiont)

Dyson (formerly Xym) was a Trill symbiont born in 2290 and by the late-24th century had been joined to three times. ("Crossfire")

The hosts of Dyson/Xym
Seltac - Quar - Paul

Luke Dyson

Luke Dyson was a human from Vega IX. In 2306, he was the first on the scene following Seltac Xym's hovercar accident. He was instructed on how to keep the the Xym symbiont alive and how to contact the proper authorities to retreive the symbiont. Out of respect for Dyson Xym changed its same to Dyson. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Quar Dyson

Quar Dyson was the second host of the Xym/Dyson symbiont. He was joined to symbiont for 62 years before passing away. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

The hosts of Dyson/Xym
Seltac - Quar - Paul

Hunter Gerardo

Hunter Gerardo was the head of the military forces on Nathan's Gap. ("Moral Actions")

Professor Howard

Professor Howard was the identity the Dominion used when they contacted Terri Letac to lure her off the USS Swiftfire-A in 2375. Howard was represented as running a subspace anomaly conference on Casperia Prime and appeared to be human-like. ("Always on My Mind")


Jack was a human colonist on a distant Federation colony. ("...and the Consequences We Reap")


Jimmy was the nickname for a Ktarian holo-cameraman working for the Federation News Service. He was sent along with reporter Jasmine Carter to the USS Swiftfire-A to do a PR story on the ship following Operation Return. ("Task Force 59")

Letac Gigi

Letac Gigi was a Bajoran married to Letac Marrus. She had a child in 2344, Letac Vari. Her family attempted to flee from Bajor two weeks after she gave birth. The freighter they were escaping on was attacked by a Cardassian patrol ship, which resulted in the death or her and her husband. ("Deployment", "What Little Girls are Made Of")

Letac Marrus

Letac Marrus was a Bajoran married to Letac Gigi. They had a child in 2344, Letac Vari. They attempted to flee from Bajor two weeks after the birth of his daughter. The freighter they were escaping on was attacked by a Cardassian patrol ship, which resulted in the death of both him and his wife. ("Deployment", "What Little Girls are Made Of")

Britta Lindström

Britta Lindström was the daughter of Emma and Tomas Lindström. In mid-2374, she was seven years old. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Emma Lindström

Emma Lindström (nee Murphy) was the younger sister of Carol Murphy. At some point she married Tomas Lindström. She had two children with Tomas, Mats and Britta. She live in Utopia Planitia on Mars with her family where she also worked as a secretary in a ship construction company. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Mats Lindström

Mats Lindström was the son of Emma and Tomas Lindström. In mid-2374, he was nine years old. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Tomas Lindström

Tomas Lindström was the husband of Emma Lindström. He considered himself a stay-at-home dad and shouldered most of the responsibility of looking after their young children and the household. Prior to that he worked as a marine biologist in Sweden. He had a volunteer job at the city's information centre a few days a week. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Jacob Octago

Jacob Octago was the son of Madeline Octago. ("Moral Actions")

Madeline Octago

Madeline Octago was the First Minister of the Nathan's Gap colony in the years preceding and during 2374. ("Moral Actions")


Rema was the youngest daughter of Karak and T'Vel. She was born in 2348. By 2374, she had a successful career. ("For the Federation")

Edward Smith

Edward Smith was the captain of the civilian vessel, Fairstar. An El Aurian he had taken the name Smith a "long time ago" when he lived on a human colony so to avoid unnecessary attention. ("Waiting for the Sun")


Solin was a Bajoran vedek and was Jonathan Masters guide when Masters spent some time on Bajor prior to the First Battle of Chin'toka. Solin allowed Masters to look into the Orb of Time after feeling his pagh. ("Into the Fire")


T'Vel was a Vulcan woman married to Karak. She married Karak prior to him joining Starfleet and the pair had two daughters. ("For the Federation")

Deborah Tait

Deborah Tait was the ex-wife of Dylan Whitechapel. During her marriage to Dylan she had two children, Nikki and Jane. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Aashi Tiki

Aashi Tiki was the wife of David Tiki and the mother of his three children. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Christina Tiki

Christina Tiki (Chrissy) was the middle child of David and Aashi Tiki. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Pranav Tiki

Pranav Tiki was the oldest child of David and Aashi Tiki. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Samantha Tiki

Samantha Tiki was the youngest child of David and Aashi Tiki. ("No Rest for the Wicked")


Vela was the eldest daughter of Karak and T'Vel. She was born in 2334. By 2374, she had a successful career and a family of her own. ("For the Federation")

Chase Veles

Chase Veles was the chief advise to Madeline Octago, the head of Nathan's Gap's government. ("Moral Actions")

Bruce Wessling

Bruce Wessling was the husband of Julie Wessling. They had two children, Gary and Aimee. When Aimee made it known she wanted to join Starfleet Bruce was opposed due to the lose of their son a few years earlier. Aimee joined anyway and the relationship between him and his daughter became strained. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Julie Wessling

Julie Wessling was the wife of Bruce Wessling. They had two children, Gary and Aimee. When Aimee made it known she wanted to join Starfleet she was opposed due to the lose of their son a few years earlier. Aimee joined anyway and the relationship between her and his daughter became strained. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Dylan Whitechapel

Dylan Whitechapel was a Federation ambassador who served during the 24th century. He was also the father of Jane and Nikki Whitechapel. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Jane Whitechapel

Jane Whitechapel was the sister of Nikki Whitechapel. She lived in London, England and worked as a performer in West End. In mid-2374, she was very busy due to her role in a popular production. ("No Rest for the Wicked") In 2375, she was still involved in the same production. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Cathy Whiting

Cathy Whiting was a human from the Federation colony of Belis IV. At some point prior to 2369 she married Alexander Whiting and would have two daughters prior to 2373. In that year Cathy was killed along with her children during a Klingon attack on the colony. She was just one of over 12,000 to be killed during the attack. ("Vengeance")

Seltac Xym

Seltac Xym was the first host of the Xym symbiont. She had only been joined to Xym for twelve years when she had a fatal hovercar accident on Vega IX. Before she died she instructed Luke Dyson, the first person on the scene, on how to remove and care for the symbiont until representatives from Trill could arrive. She died from trauma caused by the accident not long after Xym was removed. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

The hosts of Dyson/Xym
Seltac - Quar - Paul


Yinchiaz was an Echlan woman who worked as an aide to a Totality minister. She was the fiancée of Groa Ilata. She was reported killed in the terrorist attack against the Totaltiy Capitol building where she worked. ("The Only Thing Necessary")



Ad'mar was a former Starfleet warrant officer who joined the Rough Necks pirate group in 2372. ("A Rough Time")


Aral'hartra was a Jem'Hadar First who served with the Vorta Jasis for his six years of life. ("Section 214C", "Crossfire")

Steven Brooks

Steven Brooks was a member of the pirate group, the Rough Necks. He was a relatively young man, though he was far from physically fit with a body shape similar to a Pakled. ("A Rough Time")


Buddy was a dog owned by Bruce and Julie Wessling. When they were visited by their daughter in 2374 Bruce said he was surprised that Buddy appeared to recognise her given the two years that had past since Buddy last saw Aimee. ("No Rest for the Wicked")


VenQe' Che'va was the executive officer of the Vendoth battle cruiser Pri'tak and a member of the Mer'jat Vendoth. ("The True")


Corhan'ital was a Jem'Hadar fourth who served during the Dominion War. ("To Delight in the Inhuman Word")

Tugg Darcy

Tugg Darcy was a Human member of the Maquis and was part of Brendan Patol's cell. Of Irish heritage Darcy was from the Demilitarized Zone, otherwise known as a 'Zoner'. ("There's No Angels Here")


Gul Deerjal was the Cardassian commander of the Eighth Shodar. She led the Cardassian contingent during the Battle of Guyra. The Starfleet commanders suspected that she had transferred her flag to the Hutet when it appeared as part of the attack fleet but still prioritised the Turath'ir, which was her last reported flagship. ("Over the Horizon")


Glinn Emar was a Cardassian officer who served at the Val'toka II shipyards in 2374. ("A Dreadful Operation")


G'tor was a Klingon General who served in the 24th century. He was the leader of the House of G'tor. ("Vengeance")


Gar was a Klingon General who served in the 24th century. ("Pressure Points")


Finith was a female Vorta who served in the Alpha Quadrant during the Dominion War. ("For the Federation")


The Guardian was an alien artificial intelligence that was encountered a a Starfleet Marine company on an ancient warship hidden on one of the planets in the Chin'toka system. The Guardian interacted with the Marines through a hologram and was able to control all functions on the ship, through seemed to be independent of the ship's power and computer systems. ("Semper Fidelis")


Hasalt was a Klingon serving on the IKS Brakt in 2373 in the Pendragon universe. He was killed in a Maquis ambush by Jonathan Masters. (Other Knights: Star Trek: Swiftfire: "There's No Angels Here")

Groa Ilata

Groa Ilata was a Echlan test pilot and the first Echlan to break the light barrier. ("The Only Thing Necessary")


Jasis was a Vorta commander in service with the Dominion. Jasis had been cloned at least fourteen times by early-2375 and thanks to this cloning she has existed for centuries. She was one of the many Vorta to be sent to the Alpha Quadrant after the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion. ("Section 214C")


Juicy was a member of Brendan Patol's Maquis cell. She was responsible for the mechanical maintenance of the group's vessel, the Virtuous. After ordering a drink from one of the ship's replicators Patol noted that he would have to get her to have a look at the replicators due to the poor quality of the drink. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "There's No Angels Here")


Kel'Tarna was a Jem'Hadar that fought during the Dominion War. In mid-2374, he was the First on a Jem'Hadar strike cruiser that had been equipped with a cloaking device. ("Q, Time and Again")


Learoyd was a member of Section 31. In 2374, he was dispatched to covertly infiltrate the planet Echla with the task of gaining information on the Echlan's multiphasic tachyon scanner. ("The Only Thing Necessary")


Commander Leh'tar was a Romulan officer in the Romulan Star Navy. He was the commanding officer of the IRW Imperial Fist during the Liberation of Nthony C. ("For the Federation")

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis was a Human member of the Maquis and was part of Brendan Patol's cell. A 'Zoner', Lewis was from the Demilitarized Zone. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "There's No Angels Here")

Stephanie Luckhurst

Stephanie Luckhurst was the founder and leader of the pirate group, the Rough Necks. A ruthless individual she led her band in raids against Federation convoys near to the Federation-Breen border. ("A Rough Time")


Mon'kor was a Klingon who served in the Klingon Defence Forces during the 24th century. He was assigned to the IKS MalbeB in 2375. ("To Delight in the Inhuman Word")

Muir (Changeling)

Ensign Muir was a Starfleet engineer who was assigned to the Guyra IV moonbase in the 2370s. At some point prior to the Battle of Guyra Muir was replaced by a Changeling. The changeling used the guise of Muir to gain intelligence on the moonbase in preparations for a Dominion attack on the Guyra system. ("Regression")


Pri'tak was a Vendoth warrior who lead the Vendoth to victory in the purification of Ooria IV. A Vendoth battle cruiser would be named in his honour and its last commander would be VenQa' Var'tak, one of his descendants. ("The True")


Sadok'toran Pulnon was the Vorta commander of the Jem'Hadar Thirteenth Division. Pulnon led the Dominion fleet during the Battle of Guyra and was killed early in the battle when his battle cruiser was destroyed by the Guyra IV moonbase. ("Over the Horizon")

Eli Qual

High General Eli Qual was the defence chief of the Echlan Totality. ("The Only Thing Necessary")


Renek was a Romulan flag officer in the Romulan Star Navy during the 24th century. ("Always on My Mind")


Skipler was a male Caprian and the leader of his village. ("Crossfire")


Gul Srejac was the commanding officer of the Cardassian Bel'shan-class, Klaa-tar. He was the CO of Gil Corat Damar and informed Damar of his transfer off the Klaa-tar onto a freighter, effectively retarding Damar's promising career. ("...and the Consequences We Reap")


Tarat was an agent of the Obsidian Order. He approached Gil Corat Damar to recruit him in his mission to expose Peclyar Viscot as a dissident. Following the capture of Viscot, Tarat visited Damar to thank him for his help in the operation. ("...and the Consequences We Reap")


Var'tak was a Vendoth and the VenQa' of the Vendoth battle cruiser, Pri'tak. ("United We Stand")

Peclyar Viscot

Peclyar Viscot was a Cardassian industrialist. A bright and gifted person at a relatively young age he became a very rich and powerful individual on Cardassia Prime due to owning and operating a highly successful communications company. ("...and the Consequences We Reap")


Zadic was a deity from Echlan religion and was described as the head god. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

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