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For the superhero in GTA IV, see The Brown Streak.
A Brown Streak in GTA San Andreas, at Cranberry Station, San Fierro.

The Brown Streak is a fully interactive passenger train featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is only available in gray, and runs on the Brown Streak Railroad. In addition to the locomotive itself, the Brown Streak comes with two to four passenger coaches.


The Brown Streak bears a striking physical resemblance to the EMD F40PH. The player can either ride in the train as a passenger (free of charge) by entering through one of the passenger entrances on the rear coaches. The player can also jack the train by entering at the front, and can control the train themselves. When riding as a passenger, the player may de-train at any stop (or during travel, if so desired). When driving the Brown Streak, the player has the option of engaging in cargo delivery missions (after unlocking the entire state), which require reaching each station in San Andreas within certain time limits. Small cash rewards are given for each successful stop, and a large reward is given at the end of the mission (after a complete loop of the state).

A derailed Brown Streak.

The train has some realistic effects, particularly the ability to derail it at high speeds. The train begins to shake above 47 m/s (~170 kph), at which speed it will derail upon turning (higher speeds are possible while travelling in reverse). Trains are immune to all forms of damage, including weapon damage, fire and any physical obstruction, however derailment will render them useless.

There are no 1st/3rd person views when driving or traveling in the train, and the cinematic view mode is the only view available. Some 3rd-party trainers can offer different viewpoints.


  • If the train's engine happens to end up in water, it will stay afloat indefinitely, with the sound of the engine audible above and below water. The player can climb atop the unsinkable engine as if it were a stationary platform, a testament to the train's indestructibility.
  • Starting the Freight mission will clear the player's Wanted level.
  • Strangely, although the train cannot be damaged (or even moved) by other objects when on the tracks, it becomes as light as a feather once it derails, and can be pushed by the character easily.
  • If one were run over by train at a station and the train parks on them to let passengers out, they can see that the passengers just sit in the middle of the train (it is possible to see "inside" it if one is stuck underneath it) as if they were the passengers of a car.

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