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A player using an anti-poison potion on a Green Broodoo victim.

Broodoo victims are undead creatures which appear during the Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup minigame. Their attack is capable of draining the player's combat stats. Certain items can be used on them to damage them:

  • The blue/white victims are weak against food. A quick source of food is buying cooked meat at the general store north-west of Tai Bwo Wannai, though some money is needed. Using food on a broodoo victim gives Cooking experience. You can also kill the chickens located in the village and cook them on a nearby fire.
  • The green victims are weak against antipoison. Using an antipoison on a broodoo victim gives Herblore experience. (Also sold in the general store.) You only use one dose of antipoison each time.
  • The yellow victims are weak against Relicym's balm (requires Zogre Flesh Eaters to make)

"Use" the item with the proper victim, and they will suffer heavy damage (usually around 25 and the max is about 36-37). Melee attacks are inaccurate against them and only inflict up to 25% of your normal max hit (for example, if you had a max hit of 28, you could only hit up to 7 against a Broodoo victim), but these monsters can be poisoned as usual, so it's possible to fight them without the items listed above with a poisoned weapon and prayer.

  • When fighting green broodoo victims, they appear to be casting snare, along with the white spiral, however it does not bind you in one place.
A player using food on a White Broodoo victim.

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