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Sherman Fine (New Earth)
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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

For a categorical listing of all broker-related articles, please see Category:Broker.

The Broker NPCs, found in all major cities and the courts of Maj'Dul, acts as one of the two interfaces to the Broker system in Everquest II — that is, the market. To avoid ambiguities, we refer to the market system as Market below.

The other interface is the market bulletin board that you can buy and use from your home. The broker NPCs are the only place where you can both buy and sell items; from the market bulletin board, you can only place items for sale and find prices.

You can sell any and all items on the Market, with the following exceptions:

  • You can only ever have one LORE item at a time. Items in your inventory, bags, bank and Sales Display will all count towards that one.
  • Items that are NO-TRADE

In specific, you can sell things that are NO-VALUE, on brokers to other players. Some of the most notable and most wanted NO-VALUE items include some collection items and harvestables, especially rare harvestables. (Common Roots and clusters from ores also often sell at high prices if you've got big stacks.)

Selling stuff on the Market

To sell anything through on the Market, there are two options:

  1. Use any kind of bag, and place it on your "Vendor Slot". After this, you can place any items to the bag for sale. These items will only be buyable through the Broker NPCs, and there will be a 20—40 % broker fee to the buyers.
  2. Craft or buy a Sales Display. First of all, you can use these items as any other bag. However, you can also place the Display in your home to allow people to buy stuff directly from your home, thus avoiding the broker fee. To place the sales display in your home:
    1. Enter your home.
    2. Use your market bulletin board to open the Market Window.
    3. Place the Sales Display to one of your Vendor Slots.
    4. Right-click on the Sales Display when it is on the Vendor Slot, and choose "Place".
    5. Place the display anywhere in your house (somewhere near the entrance to your home, where visitors can easily spot it, is a typical choice). The display, like any house item, is placeable to any spot where it has a green tint to it, and unplaceable where it has a red tint.
    6. If you succeeded in placing the display, guest visiting rights will automatically be set for your home for everyone.
    7. To check if people can now use your Sales Display:
      1. Open the Market Window from your market bulletin board.
      2. Place an item in the Display by left-clicking on the item and dragging it to the display window (either targetting the bag or the list of items for sale after you left-click on a bag).
      3. Left-click on the item on your Sales Display list, and use the "Search Broker" button.
      4. A list of items for sale under that name will appear. If the item is for sale from your home, you will see on the "Seller Name" column "Visit <your name> at <your home location>.

Note: after you've placed the Sales Display in your house, you can place and remove items on it from any Broker NPC. Any items you place through the Broker NPC will also be available from your home. In other words: even if you don't visit your house often, but sell a lot of items, it's still often worthwhile to obtain a Sales Display and place it in your house.

Buying stuff from people's houses

To buy something from a Sales Display,

  1. Find the name, home zone and, possibly, street name and number of the seller by searching the broker. (Villages or districts don't have street names for the houses, since they only hold one house per zone.)
  2. Travel to the zone and find the street name and number you're looking for. To find the house within a zone, you may either use the EQ2MAP User Interface modification or use the signposts that are scattered around the city zones.
  3. At the door of the house, right-click on the door, and choose Visit.
  4. Type in the name of the person you're looking for, and click Enter. (Sometimes you can't enter people's homes because they haven't paid their rent — this means you will have to use the broker.)
  5. Within the house, search the Sales Display. This is a clickable crate, case or rack within the house. Click it.
  6. Search for the item you're looking for, click on it and click on the button "Buy". (You may also choose to right-click and examine it before buying.) Note that if an item isn't available in one display, there may be several others scattered around the seller's house.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

The Broker Bridge, passing over part of the borough of Broker

Broker is one of the five boroughs in Grand Theft Auto IV's version of Liberty City. It contains 12 out of the city's 65 neighbourhoods, while its population is the second highest, estimated at 1,568,198. Its real-life archetype is Brooklyn. It is situated to the south of the borough of Dukes and connected to Algonquin by the Broker and Algonquin bridges. Streets in Broker are named after Western-era cowboys and cowboy-related words (Cassidy Street, Deadwood Street, Earp Street, Hickock Street, and Kid Street are some examples). Avenues in Broker are primarily named after Indian tribes (Iroquois Avenue, Mohawk Avenue, Onandaga Avenue, Seneca Avenue are some examples).

This is the borough in which the player begins GTA IV, in which Niko meets his cousin Roman.

Broker is a very poor borough; around the BOABO area there are many hobos. However, near Niko's safehouse in Hove Beach, there are many thugs with weapons hanging around. If Niko exits his safehouse in Hove and shoots the sky, these thugs will be notified and start blasting Niko.

Broker and Dukes are the only boroughs in the metropolitan area that share an island. All other boroughs are separated by waters.



Broker has a very large diversity in the characters of various districts. The western districts (East Hook, BOABO) are gritty, run down and industrial, however in some cases gentrification is common. In other districts, like Outlook, Rotterdam Hill and South Slopes, a diverse, middle-class population of yuppies, immigrants, businesspeople and hipsters resides. There are also districts with their own individual, ethnic minority identities, these include; Eastern European: Hove Beach, African American: Firefly Projects and Jamaican/Caribbean: Schottler & Beechwood City. The borough also offers areas with important uses, such as a business district and urban centre: Downtown Broker, Entertainment and Tourism: Firefly Island and an affluent, gated, residential area for Liberty City's wealthiest: Beachgate.

Places of Interest in Broker

Notable Residents

Businesses in Broker


The Screamer roller coaster, in Firefly Island

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki


A broker is a contact in City of Villains that interacts with a character based on missions he or she has completed in the Rogue Isle Protector newspaper.

When a villain visits a broker for the first time in Port Oakes, he or she can then read the newspaper to get schemes, or short missions. Once the villain has completed enough schemes, the newspaper will have a coded message to visit the broker to complete a Mayhem Mission. Successful completion of a mayhem mission will possibly result in other contacts being introduced.

Schemes are level-specific, and once a character reaches a high enough level, checking the newspaper will result in getting a message that says, "Nothing here catches your interest," and no further schemes will be available in that zone and no further contacts may be introduced by the broker of that zone.

Each zone has two brokers except Grandville which only has one.

This article uses material from the "Broker" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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