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Brightmoon Tor is an optional set of dungeons in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Some of the strongest enemies in the game reside in these dungeons, and some have a secondary Turning ability. At the top of each Brightmoon Tor location is a watch. These watches have enemies at level 90 and above. Clearing a watch will add a new rumor to the rumor list, whichs allow the player to access Brightmoon Tor's next location when checked. There are three locations in total, the first residing in Graszton, the second located in Aisenfield, and the third in Zellea, the Forbidden Land.

In order to advance through Brightmoon Tor, the player must have their units touch the crystals in the rooms. If you surround the stone and have one unit press it, you can have up to 3 players leave the floor at once. These crystals can start in the area, but there are instances where a crystal can only be revealed when defeating every enemy in the room.

Brightmoon Tor's first location features level 45-50 enemies and its watch contains a level 50 Fury, level 50 Humbaba, and two level 90 Nemeshes. Hidden in this location of Brightmoon Tor is the Crimson Tear, which raises attack by 20

Brightmoon Tor's second location features level 59-60 enemies and its watch contains four level 99 Evil Eyes and one Orthros. Hidden in this location of Brightmoon Tor is the Snowy Tear, which raises magic by 20.

Brightmoon Tor's third location features level 69-76 enemies and it holds two watches. The "third watch" contains three Blackwinds, two Pavilsags, and one Keeper, all at level 99. The "final watch" contains two Blackwinds and one Cerayn, all at level 99. Hidden in this location of Brightmoon Tor is the Azure Tear, which raises evasion by 20 and speed by 10. Furthermore, after completing the final watch, the player is rewarded with a Moon Maiden, which raises all stats by 5.


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