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The Bridge

inside: Mothership Zeta
connects to: Alien Homing Beacon
Engineering Core
quests: This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

The Bridge is a location on board Mothership Zeta.



Mothership Zeta's Bridge consists of a viewport, the Captain's chair and assorted controls to regulate the spaceship's various functions such as energy distribution. Toward the back is the Captain's Quarters with a workbench, a Healing Arch, and a teleporter back to the Capital Wasteland.

Related quest: This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

The bridge is the last level in the Mothership, where the player fights the Alien Captain and a hostile Alien Ship.

Notable loot


  • The Death Ray can still be fired and the shields adjusted after the completion of the add-on storyline.
  • When looking out the window on the bridge you will notice 3 buttons to the left of the main button that fires the Death Ray in the quest This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough.... The further to the left you go, the higher the shield power goes up, but this also lowers the power of the Death Ray, and vice versa. The best strategy to destroy the enemy alien ship is to push the button on the right (powering up the Death Ray as high as it will go) to shoot.Then push the button on the left (powering up the shield to max), wait for the enemy ship to fire, then switch back to the right switch to fire again. That should make short work of the enemy ship, and thus end the final quest of the expansion.
  • Items on The Bridge will never disappear, neither will the alien corpses, so if the player chooses, he/she can make this into a base or sort of home. On the console version of the game, the only way to remove the alien corpses is to completely disintegrate them with a weapon, including the torso. The game will eventually automatically clear the pieces left over.
  • The Bridge is one of the few places (including Engineering Core and Steamworks) on Mothership Zeta that can be accessed after the main (This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...) quest has been completed.
  • There are several interesting objects outside the playable area of the Bridge (which can be found by using the "tcl" command -PC version) including: Two intercoms (one under the captains chair and one about centered on the bridge map). Both of these when activated by the player say nothing and the dialogue window immediately closes after three seconds. There is also an odd rectangular prism with the texture of the Bridge's floor on the top of it and Alien computer and light textures on the sides. There are "secondary" teleporters under each of the visible ones. These are labeled with different locations but can only be activated via console commands as the message ".... has no power" shows up. Lastly, there is a corridor behind (that is considering where the workbench is located as the back of the Bridge) the Bridge which appears to be an unfinished part of the area, or something that was removed. There are two possible doorways and the corridor does use the ship textures. It is not possible to walk to it, even when non-clipped, as the player is immediately transported back the character's original zoned position.
  • The Stasis Chamber located in the room with a teleporter to the capital wasteland can be opened and this allows you to put items inside for display. Once they are placed inside the s.c. it can be closed and you could see any items placed through the glass.


The Bridge appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.


After completing the Zeta quests, going to the Bridge can cause the game to crash upon loading (like the Shalebridge loading glitch). (Xbox 360)

Once you reach the bridge and all of the other characters teleport there, Elliot Tercorien may have his forehead/sideburns gone (invisible).

  • The alien corpses might move towards the left of the ship and even if trying to pick them up, they will twitch and continue to move (this has no effect on gameplay).
  • When going to the bridge after completing "This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough", you sometimes will not be able to go back to the Capital Wasteland(Xbox 360)


Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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