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USS Excalibur bridge.

The bridge is the command center of a naval vessel. The term originated on oceangoing ships, but is also commonly used to refer to the control area of a starship.

On Starfleet vessels, and many others, the bridge is traditionally located on Deck 1, or the top deck of the ship. It is from the bridge that many captains issues most of their commands.

On Starfleet vessels, the bridge is often a replaceable module. This increases the flexibility of the ship's performance. [citation needed]

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From The Vault

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The Pitt Bridge

World map: The Pitt
inside: The Pitt
map marker: The Pitt Bridge
quests: Into the Pitt

The Pitt Bridge is a replica of Pittsburgh's 10th Street Bridge, serving as the only way in or out of the city. It's about medium sized, and is inhabited by a Pitt Raider, a Mole rat, 2 Dogs, and 3 Wildmen. The river under the bridge is irradiated up to deadly levels. Jumping down there is not recommended.



The Pitt Raiders placed mines and other traps to stop slaves from escaping across the bridge. A lone sniper effectively eliminates any the mines miss.

If the wrecked vehicles scattered about on the bridge are an indication, it seems that shortly after the war National Guard troops attempted to enter Pittsburgh via the bridge but were stalled by heavy traffic as survivors attempted to flee the city.


At the south end of the bridge there is a Wildmen camp. Also, not far from this end there is a Pitt Raider with a sniper rifle on a jury-rigged walkway. The northern end of the bridge serves as the entrance to Downtown.

Related Quests


  • The shoreline and water are much, much, more irradiated than any body of water in the Capital Wasteland (around 350 on the river bank and around 500 in the water).
  • There is a Raider sniper at the very top of the bridge. If you kill him and climb up the scaffolding on the pedestrian walkway on the you can get his Sniper Rifle and loot several boxes of ammunition. Even if you sign on with Ashur, this Pitt Raider is always hostile.
  • Even if the player has disarmed the mines that kill the runaway slaves, they will still be killed by hidden, scripted explosions.
  • The Pitt Bridge appears to be modeled after the South 10th Street Bridge of Pittsburgh, which in itself takes styling cues from San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge. Ironically, the 10th Street Bridge rarely carries any significant traffic, yet The Pitt Bridge is the primary way (if not the only way) into the Pitt.


The Pitt Bridge appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

The Pitt (add-on)

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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UNSC Bridge floor sign

The Bridge[1] is a UNSC term for the command center of a ship. Normally, this is where the officers reside while doing weapons, navigational work, etc and to get a clear view of the area surrounding the ship via viewscreens. The parallel Covenant term is Control Room. According to Halo literature, the bridge of UNSC spacecraft is usually located at the ship's bow. A ship's bridge is usually represented by a red star.


Halcyon-class Cruisers

The Pillar of Autumn 's bridge with Captain Jacob Keyes in the foreground.

The bridge of the Pillar of Autumn consists of several consoles devoted to various functions. There is a large domed viewport at the front of the room which looks out into space. This was evidently meant to be armored before the Autumn 's mission but there hadn't been time. The navigation and helm control officers are suspended in this dome. There are six consoles which line the sides of the room, and two in the center. The captain or commander of the ship stands before a large tactical map which can provide a series of important pieces of information. The holotank for the ship's AI is also located near the captain's station. At the time of its arrival in the Threshold system, the Autumn 's bridge was manned by fourteen officers.

Helm Control

The Pillar of Autumn is piloted by two helm control officers which sit suspended in the ship's domed viewport. These officers are presumably responsible for steering the ship at sublight speeds and executing slipspace transitions.

Lifepod Control

There is a console located at the front-left side of the Bridge marked 'LPOD'. The ship's lifepod operations are coordinated from this station.


The Pillar of Autumn has three tactical stations located in various positions. These consoles are responsible for controlling and maintaining the ship's weapon systems. Auto-cannons, Archer Missile Pods, the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon and Shiva nukes are launched and controlled by the two tactical officers.


There are two consoles in the Autumn's bridge marked "ENG". They are probably the equivalent of Operations consoles. The ship's nuclear fusion reactors and other engineering functions are maintained here.


There exist two consoles marked "COM." Obviously, the ship's communications systems are operated here.

Halcyon-class Cruiser Locations
Airlock - Armory - Bridge - Cryo B - Engineering
Launch Bay 7 - Lifepods - Maintenance - Mess Hall

UNSC Frigates

Miranda Keyes in the In Amber Clad's bridge

The bridge of the In Amber Clad was considerable smaller than that of the Pillar of Autumn, possibly indicative of it's smaller size. It is physically located at the top of the ship and also has a viewport which looks into space. The commanding officer sits in a chair, in front of which are the tactical and navigation consoles. There are several other stations behind these three, but they were not manned at the time of its arrival at Delta Halo.

Orbital Defense Platforms

The Bridge of Cairo Station with John-117, Sergeant Johnson and Admiral Hood in the foreground.

The bridge of the Cairo orbital defense platform dwarfs the other two encountered. It's ceiling is covered by large windows allowing an unobstructed view of space. There are two raised platforms on either side which overlook the many consoles below. Like the Pillar of Autumn, there is a tactical map located at one side where the station's CO stands. Its large size is presumably because it was designed not only to control the station's systems, but also to coordinate large-scale operations.

Orbital Defense Platform Locations
Armory A-01 - Bridge - Commons B-01
Commons R-01 - Firing Control - Habitat Alpha - Habitat Delta
Hangar A-01 - Hangar A-02 - Hangar C-01 - MAC Storage
Recreation R-01 - Security B-01 - Security R-01 - Security Station One
Security Station Four - Terminal Two - Tram Station - Umbilicals

Covenant Battlecruisers

Orna 'Fulsamee on station in the Truth and Reconciliation's control room.

The control room of the Covenant cruiser Truth and Reconciliation is far more cavernous than it's human analogues and appears to require far less controlling crew. It consists of a large room, within which is an "aesthetically barren" raised platform which is surrounded by transparent holographic displays and two larger displays mounted on one of the walls. Only the Ship Master was present on the platform when the Master Chief's incursion happened. Physically, it was located deep within the ship; a far more logical placement than the exposed bridges of UNSC ships.


  1. Pillar of Autumn, Captain Keyes: Bridge to Cryo 2, this is Captain Keyes. Send the Master Chief to the bridge immediately.

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From Lostpedia

Rope Bridge
[[{{{Video}}}|Orientation Video]]
First seen
Last seen
Constructed by
Controlled by
No one, collapsed
Discovered by

The rope bridge was discovered by Jack, Sayid, Hurley and Charlie during their search for Rousseau. The bridge seems to be used for crossing a gorge that appeared to be 50-70 feet in depth with a rocky bottom. The bridge was barely able to hold Hurley's weight as he crossed it, and finally collapsed during Charlie's attempt to cross. ("Numbers")


  • The producers have stated that they will never give story time to reveal the construction of this bridge. [1]

Unanswered questions

For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Rope_bridge/Theories

  • Who built this bridge, why, and when?

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ST Expanded

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  1. REDIRECTmemoryalpha:Bridge

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A bridge was a common structure found on worlds throughout the galaxy. There were several notable bridges built over the millennia, including:

At least one rock formation was called "bridge":

Bridge could also refer to a planet's planetary ring:

Other uses included:

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki


Power level (also Powerlevel, PL)

  1. A tactic of trying to gain as much experience as quickly as possible with the goal of quickly attaining a high level. Power leveling is generally frowned upon by the City of Heroes and City of Villains communities, as the term typically has a connotation of undeserved reward.

External links

  • Influence/Infamy Farming Guide
  • Powerleveling Guide
  • R_M's Comprehensive XP Gain/Debt Loss Guide v6.0 - A guide that looks at the pros and cons of power leveling, and the methods involved.

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