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Brentaal IV

Core Worlds


Bormea sector


Brentaal system


1: Brenta

Orbital position




Grid coordinates


Rotation period

23 standard hours

Orbital period

342 standard days




11,242 kilometers

Primary terrain
  • Urban
  • Ocean
  • Mountains
  • Volcanoes
  • Plateaus
Points of interest
Native species

Humans (88%)

Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard




65 billion

  • 88% Humans
  • 12% Other
Major cities
Major imports
  • Trade goods
  • Foodstuffs
Major exports
  • Trade goods
  • Financial services

Brentaal IV, or simply Brentaal, was the fourth planet in the Brentaal system of the Bormea sector of the Core Worlds. It was orbited by the Sel Zonn Station.



Another view of Brentaal IV.

It sat at the strategic intersection of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way. Brentaal was a small, dry planet whose eight continents were separated by small, salty oceans, and that had a diameter of 6,985 miles (11,242 kilometers). Most available land on the wealthy world was covered with starports, industrial facilities, and thriving trade markets. Most of its 65 billion citizens were crowded into the valleys and deltas on the planet, as the rest of the planet consisted of high, rugged mountain chains, dormant volcanoes, and plateaus. This resulted in major overpopulation. The planet also once endured high levels of pollution, though this was largely alleviated in later years. The original settlers of the planet had little care for the native species of the planet, and most species died off and were replaced by non-native species. The hardiest native species were kundrils, enormous flying insects living in the mountains and along the shore.

Life on Brentaal revolved around commerce, and the planet was efficiently run by the Brentaal Houses—noble families who controlled various guilds and aspects of commerce and trade. Sports also played a part in Brentaal culture, and it featured a distinct cuisine. Representatives from the Houses met daily in the capital city's Trade Hall to plan economic policy. Most of Brentaal's citizens were involved in some manner with the trade and shipping business, and many megacorporations were based on the planet. Brentaal was the headquarters of Travis Motors.

Architecture on Brentaal is functional and stark though organic looking styled buildings were favored.

A young Platt Okeefe on Brentaal.

Brentaal joined the Galactic Republic by 22,000 BBY. For thousands of years, Brentaal was the major rendezvous point for those heading to and returning from the Colonies region, and its markets were naturally the first to receive exotic goods from these expeditions. During the Republic's early Manderon Period, a set of antique pistols later owned by the jatz musician Fitz Roi were created on Brentaal. In c. 4,000 BBY, the agricultural planet Muzara was colonized by the Brentaal League. Approximately 1,000 years later, the legendary pioneer woman Freia Kallea helped explore Brentaal space and single-handedly blazed the Hydian Way. Near the end of the New Sith Wars, the world was captured by the Brotherhood of Darkness.

The smuggler Platt Okeefe, a native of Brentaal, spent a great deal of time in the Brentaal spaceport as a child.

Brentaal was liberated from the Confederacy of Independent Systems leader Shogar Tok by Shaak Ti in 22 BBY. Under the New Order, the Houses were overseen by the wealthy Imperial Governor Jerrod Maclain, and the planet was represented in the Imperial Senate by Arcel Mosbree. During the Galactic Civil War, the Hutt Puullo dominated the Brentaal black market and "used" starship markets. In 4.5 ABY Rogue Squadron liberated the planet from the Galactic Empire during the Battle of Brentaal.

In the midst of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Brentaal fell to the extra-galactic invaders. It was noted that, unlike the people of Corulag, who capitulated to spare their world damage, worlds like Brentaal, Chandrila, and others along that key region of space chose to fight. It was presumably liberated by Alliance forces in the lead up to the Liberation of Coruscant, during which other worlds along that stretch of space were freed to serve as launch points for the attack.

Behind the scenes

The Far Orbit Project claims Brentaal has no moons, and says that the planet is the fourth in the system, hence the planet is named Brentaal IV. The later Wizards of the Coast sourcebook Coruscant and the Core Worlds claimed Brentaal had two moons.


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