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Bremondt Freitberg
Sprite(s) Bremondt's in-game sprite Bremondt's Dark Dragon manifestation sprite.
Japanese ブレモンダ・フリートベルク
Romaji Buremonda Furītoberuku
Age ?
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Celebrant
Affiliation Lionel Castle
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"Denied earthly pleasure, surely Paradise as well...But vengeance I shall know!"
—Bremondt Freitberg

Celebrant Bremondt Freitberg is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. While he does not appear in the original game, he is the secret boss at the end of a side quest in The War of the Lions.


He is the antagonist in the side story of Beowulf Cadmus. He comes off as an extremely possessive, delusional, undoubtedly lustful but weak-willed man, judging from his lines. However, he is by no means stupid as he graduated from the Royal Magick Akademy in Gariland, which earned him the title to Lionel Castle following the death of Cardinal Delacroix at the hands of Ramza Beoulve, Beowulf and Reis' ally. Despite his magical prowess, he still cowers behind the mercenaries he recruits to halt Beowulf and Ramza from rescuing Reis. Throughout the battle, he continuously claims and convinces himself that he is Reis's true love and Beowulf has tricked her.

Once his recruits fall, he transforms himself into a Dark Dragon, but he is still beaten. Even unto his last breath, he claims that "Reis... is... mine..." to which Beowulf reveals the depth of his pure love and selflessness, replies "Reis belongs to no one."


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