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3,956 BBY, Taris

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Old Republic era

"I am the wave of the future!"

Brejik was a member of the Hidden Beks swoop gang on Taris until he had a falling-out with his mentor and leader, Gadon Thek.




Mandalorian resistance

Brejik in 3,963 BBY.

In the days leading up to the Mandalorian attack on Taris, Brejik kidnapped the children of Sector Constable Noana Sowrs, planning to hold them for ransom and gain a profit as Gadon had taught him. Before he could make any demands, however, riots broke out on the planet. Rather than letting the children go, Brejik chose to hold them until the opportunity to contact the constable presented itself. He enlisted to the help of fellow gang member Griff Vao to help him take care of the kids and keep his secret. When the Mandalorians invaded, Brejik fought with the rest of the Beks in resisting them.

Soon, Griff's sister Mission discovered her brother's covert activities, and shortly after the arrival of Zayne Carrick, she followed him with Zayne and his companion Marn Hierogryph. Not wanting his secret discovered, Brejik attacked Zayne with a vibrosword, but was stopped by Del Moomo before he could kill the former Padawan.

Though Gadon was furious that Brejik had not only kidnapped the children, but kept them secret, he recognized that they were a good opportunity to convince the Taris Resistance to ally with their gang. Brejik accompanied the rest of the Beks to the Resistance headquarters where the temporary alliance was forged. Brejik was later part of the mission to destroy the Jedi Tower, where he helped rig explosives in its foundation to bring the building down in hopes of killing Mandalorian military leader Cassus Fett. The mission was a failure, however, as Fett had already vacated the building and the Mandalorians had discovered and attacked the Resistance headquarters. Always eager to use his blaster, Brejik led Del Moomo back to the compound to fight the Mandalorians and return to the Beks' fallout point, the Pit.


When Gadon did not step down as leader of the Beks after being blinded in a swoop crash, Brejik was outraged and broke off to take over another gang: the Black Vulkars—although Gadon's bodyguard, Zaerdra, speculated that if Gadon had stepped down, Brejik would have led the Beks against the Vulkars instead. Unlike the Beks, the Vulkars openly engaged in trades such as illicit drugs and slavery, and attacked swoop gang members and civilians alike when out on the streets. Many disgruntled Beks followed Brejik to become Vulkars, and Brejik soon became leader of the gang.

The Tarisian Season Opener

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When Revan landed on Taris, he raced for the Beks in the annual swoop race to win the freedom of Bastila Shan, whom Brejik had captured and enslaved. Furious at his loss, Brejik refused to hand over Bastila, saying that Revan cheated by using a prototype accelerator. When the organizer refused to allow withdrawal because tradition not permitting a prize to be taken out after a champion had been decided, he attacked Revan. Bastila broke free of the neural disruptor used to sedate her. She killed the guard watching her and proceeded to take his vibro double-blade to fight alongside Revan against Brejik. Brejik and his cronies did not survive. Among the spoils of the battle were his gloves, belt, and arm band.

Despite their enmity, Gadon mourned his loss.

Behind the scenes

If the player chooses the dark side option, Revan accepts Kandon Ark's proposal of racing for the Vulkars and kills Gadon Thek. Regardless, Brejik is still killed by Revan after the crimelord discovers that Bastila is a Jedi and withdraws her as the prize.


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